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  1. Man, seeing mods like City of the damned, Unloved, Highnoon drifter, PB , BD, Skulldash, etc. Well it really make me see just how pitiful my little map pack is. Very humbling indeed.

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    2. Clay


      I guess maybe I came off a bit lachrymose. That was not my intent. I have only been at this for about 3 months now. Everyone has to start somewhere. I have been through this before with the rubiks cubes. Everything seemed so far from reach. Now I am considered an elite..a main voice in that community if you will.

      I was more struck in awe at the scale of some of these mods. PRODOOMER for instance is just STAGGERING.

    3. Misty


      Well, I'm mapping two years already, but I still don't consider myself as professional mapper. As you said, everything will come with time and patience. I think with mod creation is the same thing. 

    4. Clay


      In may case I would say more so. I have always been more artistic than logical in a coding sense. The crap I have shoveled out with c++ is just embarrassing.


      My wife on the other hand is fantastic with that type of logic and has already been a big help with my works, especially considering she doesn't even like doom to begin with.

      Overall I am really hoping this is something my brain lets me stick to. My biggest issue has always been direction. Who knows maybe someone sees my works one day and wishes to pull me into their project.