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  1. Woke up to only to find this ridiculous message from a customer:


    I will never understand how someone can get to 14mm(9/16") and still be unaware of the diameter of the hole in their body. How would you measure a plug with this method? It would almost be funny if this customer wasn't able to screw with my seller rating with bad feedback.



    I did order three pairs of “12mm” plugs. Also what is supposed to be equivalent to “1/2” inch plugs. I was unaware that your method of which you are measuring your products by, is different to the average gauge wearer. We do not go by the thickness of the gauge itself, but by the size of the hole (measurement wise) to accommodate the size of stretch we have. I currently wear a 1/2 inch, in any other brand of plugs, and they work fine, however the ones I purchased from you are not the same. The ones I purchased from you are on the right. The hole is a completely different size compared to the 1/2 inch I already own from another company. The ones I purchased from you will not fit in my ear the way that they should. I would like to know if I could please either return the product or exchange for another product, because they will simply not work.