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  1. Clay

    Laz Rojas - an old Doomer in trouble.

    This is clear, simple injustice. Even is he sues, he cannot get everything back. All the money could provide is basic securities. Personally I’d want to see arrests on top of restitution. I have told a client of mine(divine frequency developer) to pay to laz instead of me as I do not have a cent to send atm. 100 isn’t much but it’s what we can shake. We are doing what we can with what we have and I can see many are. Best wishes to you Laz. If you are somehow able to read this, please know that your story has touched the hearts of many and we are here for you.
  2. I fixed it I think. It runs in PrBoom+
  3. Hello all! I am back with another Boom format map. This is my second one. This time its pretty much a speed map made in less than 8 hours. The midi is the same one as my previous map. I was coming at the time limit too quickly to look into making/looking for a different one. -Doom2.wad -Map01 -no jumping/crouching(durr) -mouselook - who cares? REQUIRES OTEX I didn't work crazy hard on on difficulty settings and mostly focused on Med and Hard. I can barely beat it on UV but I am also not so good at doom...so there is that... Being that the whole point was to be done so quickly it is naturally going to be not the best map ever and is prone to being too hard or too easy... maybe a soft-lcock or something. I was testing in zandronum out of habit and didn't test in PrBoom however I didn't do anything fancy or much different from my last boom map. I want to give a special thanks to LeoDoom for testing it out for me! I hope you enjoy it! Caverns Keep.rar Screenshots:
  4. Thanks!I will try to address the compatibility issue!
  5. Nothing special at all. Its a small map. No texture set or anything like that needed. After so long of using UDMF, I just wanted to see if I could live with the limitations of older style(ish) mapping. MIDI is also by me. Not a perfect loop atm. Not QUITE a slaughter map but also not very easy. Some things can be cheesed. Was mostly just an exercise using boom. Built in under 3 days(~18 hours build time) Hope you enjoy it! Tested in zandro and by others in PrBoom. Decoration blocking and a few minor issues FIXED!!! -Doom2.Wad -Map01 -Mouselook - IDC -Jumping- NO DOWNLOAD: Wood and Stone.rar
  6. Clay

    Just my first Boom map.

    Yeah the cyber fight is hard but fun. This will be the third time setting the bars to impassable. Finger crossed. The door should work but just incase I re did the whole thing. Thanks for playing mate!
  7. Clay

    Just my first Boom map.

    I didnt make hurt. That was @elend But thats still flattering LMAO!! Dang. I thought I fixed that already! Thanks! Going to look into your other feedback as well. First "Boom" map. I have quite bit more experience these days. I did make a 7-map Wad called "Bloody Sunday" when when starting out with this stuff but I trashed it.
  8. Clay

    Just my first Boom map.

    Yeah thanks for that. My browser crashed and I forgot to re-add the images.
  9. Things like drawing ellipses, stair builder, bisecting lines, curving linedefs, etc. Anything that doesn't have you drawing FROM a grid point.
  10. Clay

    Unloved II [BETA1 released]

    Ah. Well that explains a few things. Thanks mate. I should finish my coffee before posting. I read that last post as 2019....not 2018...which still makes no sense. Nov 23
  11. Clay

    Unloved II [BETA1 released]

    Looking forward to playing this upon release! I didnt even know about the first one until a few months ago. A few of the screen in the first post reminded me of these that I made. There are all yours if you want then. They are also in doom palette.
  12. @Steve D A kindred spirit!!! I know how you feel. I refuse to play on anything below HMP and I usually suffer as a result! Long live doom!
  13. Funny. Pretty much everyone is better than me at doom but I played on UV without dying even once. 100% on everything except items(99%). I did not mind the block bushes very much but I can see how they would be annoying to many others.
  14. Took my sweet time playing it but I reallly enjoyed it. Nice relaxing map with some hard moments for a not so great player such as myself. Very very pretty and great use the the bushes and trees. Thanks for making and sharing this!!
  15. Clay

    Share Your Sprites!

    I should share these somewhere with a bit less mortality than a discord server. Clay_Veg.rar
  16. Clay

    Share Your Sprites!

  17. Just find the IWADS(Doom2.wad) and use that. even steam version uses the classic wad.
  18. Clay

    The DWIronman League dies to: SIGIL

  19. Clay

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    I feel Like that is enough RR discussion. Phade, try not not make any assumptions and lets leave some room for feedback on the actual WAD this topic is about.
  20. Clay

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    It's about fucking time man! Thanks for the shout. Hope all is bug free and I am still here to do everything I can to increase those precious frames!! CONGRATZ!!!
  21. Clay

    A Tricks and Traps Remake.

    Streamed this map last night. Was pretty good fun. Enjoy these highlights. WARNING: There is much cursing here. Viewer discretion is advised.
  22. Haha. Thanks for the kind words Bauul! This whole team is just great and I am honored to be working with you guys!