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  1. Started this guy today.
  2. As a puzzle lover, I DO find myself hunting for harder puzzles. Now that I look back though, I see that it was the simpler puzzles that were just hard enough to make me think that made it fun...not the difficulty in and of its self. I just felt proud to figure it out. I guess my point is that knowing the puzzle style and usual obstacles, allows the maker to introduce increasingly complicated/difficult puzzles without breaking the stride of game play. With this mechanism, you can add newer, more complicated elements to the game. To use Rubiks cubes as an example: you learn to solve the 3x3x3 and with that you gain knowledge about algorithms, permutations, etc. Now, with the general understanding of the 'tools', you are able to apply them to the more complicated 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 and so on. I do, after some thought, have to agree about the pace breaking issue. In a 'PUZZLE' game, you expect just that. In a shooter however, you wouldn't much want that as it would seem like game elements fighting each other.
  3. The wife wanted to ship in here. There is a puzzle/map in The Talos Principle just near the end that took each of us more than 2 days to solve. She heralds it as the most satisfying gaming experience she has ever had. Sorry if I am posting a lot here. I am just really passionate about puzzles as both and inventor and player. The subject is very near and dear to me. The most fun puzzle I have ever solved was:
  4. EDIT: With you on the salt over sugar thing. I wont die of obesity....just a heart attack.
  5. I was rally exited back in the day when I bought Painkiller but I grew bored very, very fast...Beginning of the third level I think. I have never and like will never be able to get into COD games. Also Killing floor became boring for me as well. I do believe there is a bias here as I do not like online games like COD, BF1, CSGO, etc.
  6. I have to say just one more thing. As far as I know, games or the idea of games started with a puzzle/strategy basis. Think of the really old games like chess and the like. Even the early Romans played a game much like chess(Latrunculi) for both pleasure and as a method of training for commanding armies.
  7. I don't play games without puzzles of some kind...even if they are simple like in Uncharted series and the newer Tomb Raiders.
  8. Wow. You took a stab at everything I love. I have met people who do not like puzzles. I have a hard time relating to anyone who avoids them. My Whole about puzzles. I play crosswords and the like almost everyday. I used to design and build a myriad of rubiks type puzzles. Portal 1&2 and The Talos Principle are my ALL TIME FAVORITE games in the world. As for pacing. I have never liked when games don't force you to take a break every so often, so puzzle fit right in. EDIT: AntiChamber anyone? EDIT EDIT: I quite literally crave or fiend for that feeling you get upon solving one....much like any other addict.
  9. Currently playing Rexaura, a Portal 2 mod. Then after I will play either The Talos Principle or Dragons Dogma: Dark arisen.
  10. Is there anyway to stream doom to a TV? I am almost finished with my mapset and the wife wants to play it. But now the only Pc that can handle it is in the office and she is a game pad person. Any suggestion? Is it simply not an option? Would I need a steam link or something?


  11. Yeah, I feel the same. I started using it when I was 16. It wasn't until after I got super used to that I learned there were others and just couldn't adjust. It has much improved since 4.1? ...I believe. But the overall work flow is basically the same.
  12. Is that what the imp in the cage (last room was for)? I always wondered about that little sliver connecting the two closets.
  13. Cross posted from zdoom forums.