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  1. Dominic Tarason

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    Short, sweet, aesthetically stunning. A bit easy, but whatever. A full upload would have taken me forever, but I did capture the last few minutes of my first run through it, admittedly using a cocktail of other mods to crank up the sci-fi factor.
  2. Dominic Tarason

    Skulldash Expansion - RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED

    Excellent! Hopefully the RPS coverage will give this new version the more widespread attention it deserves. Keep an eye on rockpapershotgun.com on Sunday afternoon.
  3. Dominic Tarason

    Skulldash Expansion - RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED

    Is this still set for release on Sunday? No disasters forseen? I'm writing weekend news for Rock, Paper, Shotgun and wanted to give it a shout-out.
  4. Dominic Tarason

    ☯ Solace Dreams ☯ - (Version 1.6.4)

    Because everything else in this game is so slick, it took me a while to realise why it all looked so funky... Turns out, the game may cleverly default to 1080p, but at 4:3 aspect ratio, making everything stretched out, warped and otherwise unpleasant to look at. You definitely need to add a few basic video options to the menu. Install-and-go is all well and good, but not quite like this. I just ran Doom2.wad so I could get to the video settings to fix it, then resumed the game as normal. Edit: 'vid_aspect 1' in the console works too