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  1. @HAK3180 Thanks for taking the time to play all 18 of my maps, your opinions and views on everything I hope will help me become a better mapper, and I plan on creating more WADS in the future, which will hopefully be better! Before I do that, I'm gonna make this WAD as good as it can be!
  2. I'm reworking all the levels right now, this specific level has undergone a very large over hall. I'm not sure if you'd like to keep playing this one, or wait for my WAD update. Though, perhaps it would be better to do these because there could be other things I've overlooked in the future levels as well.
  3. R2card

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    @Austinado I just wanted to go over these, and talk about what I did wrong here, or my thought processes. The MAP04 problem, I was working to add more to MAP04 and I moved onto another map and forgot to finish this before uploading the updated WAD file.. This is incomplete, I'm sorry about that. And the other problem on MAP04 problem with the lift was completely overlooked and it never really was something I looked into while testing, thank you for pointing that out. In regards to MAP11, I never ran into the issue, but there's not supposed to be evil marines there at all! They're meant to be former Humans and Former sergeants, so that's something I'll look into fixing. For MAP15, defeating the Spider Mastermind lowers the bars, but for some reason she never spawned! Probably due to a demon getting on the platform preventing her from teleporting in. Something else to fix. And for MAP16, I wanted to revisit old areas as if the whole trip had been a sort of illusion in a way, the Devil keeping you away from her womb. And one last fight through some of the previous maps with the SFLR6_4 texture kind of pointing to that, as if hell is overtaking the areas slowly. I will either revamp the areas or just ditch the idea entirely focusing more on the buildup to the womb itself. And lastly on MAP16, I think the best thing to do would of been to keep the bars down so the player doesn't run out of the room thinking they have to do something else. An oversight on my part, clearly. Thank you so much for playing my WAD! I'm happy with the feedback you provided and I will be releasing an updated version with all the fixes and some new additions in a few weeks. THANKS ONCE AGAIN!
  4. @HAK3180 I'm really pleased with the feedback you've given so far on the most recent 3 maps, I did make these maps in order, and I guess I got a bit sloppy with the maps here. Most of my time in the maps went into the few few and the last few, but I'm going through now making changes accordingly. A lot of the points you've made didn't really come to mind beforehand mostly due to my bias. Thank you!
  5. @HAK3180 The big secret you missed lead to the secret level, in case you want to come back to that, if you want to skip the secret level that's okay too. The first secret level is MAP031. Also, the ammo is setup for both a continuous run and a pistol start run. Very nice feedback so far, thanks!
  6. @HAK3180 You mentioned whether if it was meant to be played as continuous or not, it's intended for both ways, if you'd like a bit more of a challenge a pistol start is possible for all maps. All down to preference really.
  7. R2card

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    Hi! This is my first WAD, and I'd love some feedback on it! It's a few hours of gameplay and if you want a challenge Ultra-Violence is the way to go! If you want to get the full experience without a ton of extra monster fluff Hurt me Plenty would be suitable as well!
  8. Hi! I've been trying to get some external input on my WAD, but my initial post here didn't get much response, mostly due to poor planning on my part. This is my MEGAWAD with 18 levels, two of which are secret and can be difficult to find. This WAD uses GZDoom. The playtime is a few hours, there are a lot of secrets so if you're secret hunting it can increase the playtime a lot. I wouldn't consider this perfect yet, and there still may be some problems, but I'd love for some feedback or what could be improved. If you're looking for a hard challenge Ultra-Violence is the way to go, if you're looking for a moderate challenge Hurt me Plenty would be preferred, anything below that can be pretty boring in some places.
  9. R2card

    My First Wad: Infestation (MegaWad)

    Try using the cheat MAP MAP001, I changed the default map numbers to avoid the scripts on some levels that are default. I tested the WAD just dragging it onto GZDoom.exe and loading doom 2 and using the MAP MAP001 command it worked fine. As a third and final update, I changed the WAD just to boot into the first level properly, avoiding using commands, I should of done this from the get-go, but I wanted to keep the consistency of MAPxxx.
  10. R2card

    My First Wad: Infestation (MegaWad)

    Thanks, I didn't really consider that, but I've updated it after looking into a tutorial! (I'm pretty new to SLADE and it's capabilities.)
  11. Hi, this is my first contribution to the DOOM community. I've been working on this MegaWad on and off for about 8 months, it's made with a lot of love! PORTS: I only tested two Ports: GZDoom and Zandronum. (Some of the scripts don't work as intended on Zandronum, but don't break the game. I wouldn't recommended it though.) I also have a lot of scripting that is reliant on Zdoom, so keep that in mind when using an untested port! Additional notes: This WAD does have 3D Floors and Deep Water in a few places. Freelook is recommended, but not completely required(Except for level 32), and I'm not sure about rendering, but I use Open-GL Accelerated. Some of the levels can get a bit dark, so if you have a hard time seeing in the dark, you might want to adjust your lighting to make it easier. I also enjoy playing this WAD with Brutal Doom, but it isn't required. All levels were tested and can be beat from a pistol start! IWAD: Doom2 Additional WADS: This WAD has extra textures, Doom Textures for Doom II, which I've imported into the WAD. Levels: This WAD has 18 levels. 16 Normal Levels, and 2 Secret Levels. Difficulty: This WAD is setup for all difficulties, and ramps up in difficulty from similar to the start of Ultimate Doom to the end of Doom2 On Ultra-Violence. (Because it's much shorter than full 32 map WAD the difficulty ramps up much faster!) Themes: The maps feature a variety of styles, ranging from: puzzle oriented, tight halls, opened outdoor, and slaughter maps! A portion of the time put into the maps was finding and fixing bugs and texture errors, if you see any please let me know, I would appreciate hearing your opinions as well! Infestation.zip STORY: Demons have begun to infest earth spawned by the Devil's Womb, even the military has been defeated! As a last stand Doom Guy is dropped off on a helipad in front of a small military outpost next to a barrel production facility. Experience the quest of taking back earth by killing all the demons and defeating the Devil herself! Travel from earth to Mars' Moons and the depth of Hell itself!
  12. It is now working flawlessly! Thanks for all the help!
  13. @Gez Thank you for this, this is quite helpful! I've been over-complicating this for myself it seems.
  14. The only problem I seem to be facing now is how to detect when the player pushes the first switch. Script 2 (int id) { SetLineActivation(8, "SPAC_Use") if (GetLineActivation(8) & "SPAC_Use") { Floor_LowerToLowest(19, 32); SetLineSpecial(1, 21, 20, 32, 0, 0, 0) } } This is what I have right now, but it seems like it won't do what I want because it would perform the action as soon as the player enters(or would it?). (It's also throwing errors up on the if line and I'm not sure why. I forgot semi-colons!) I'm still also not sure if I'm to replace the int id part next to the script with anything. (P.S. I'm sorry for my stupidity, this is probably super simple)
  15. @EarthQuake In this case it seems I might be using the wrong function here, I want to check when the player presses a switch, and something I didn't ask because I think I have the proper code for it is setting a generic line to a switch. I have 8 switches that are activated in a clock-wise pattern, and as each switch is pressed the wall in front of the next is lowered. Currently I can press the switch though the wall, so I wanted to get around that by removing the switch until it's needed and adding it back in with code. This whole coding thing goes a lot deeper than I expected!