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  1. I was thinking of making a weapon that had a stationary "turret" like mode similar to that one chaingun mod from Doom 2016 (siege mode iirc) and I was wondering how I could make the player stand still while the mode is activated, or at the very least slowed down by a certain amount to balance the altfire of the weapon. How should I go about doing this?
  2. Valgilton

    Dark Themes for SLADE3 and GZDoom Builder?

    Just tried it out, still light coloured for some reason :/
  3. Kinda related to doom editing but I think it's the closest category to my question. I saw a couple pics of Slade with a dark theme and was wondering if that was possible on Windows since that person seemed to be running a Linux distro. Doom Builder is already mostly dark since the node editing screen is already pitch-black but I was also thinking if there was a dark theme for it. Anybody know about how I could go about doing this in Windows? (I'm on Windows 10 if there's anything version-specific)
  4. Valgilton

    Need Help with Rapid Fire Pickup (Jazz Jackrabbit Doom Mod)

    You could spoof this with inventory flags. This should give more insight into how it could be achieved. Instead of setting the variable to have the scope zoom, you could try having the variable check for if the player has picked up the powerup of some sort, and then activating the faster firing mode. I can't really provide a decorate example, but the general idea goes like this: - Player picks up main weapon - Main weapon is default fire rate - Player picks up the powerup which gives the flag for faster fire rate to inventory - Check for if the player has picked up the specific Thing which increases fire rate - If so, set a code jump to a separate batch of code with the faster fire rate - If not, leave it be I hope this helped at least a little bit.
  5. Valgilton

    how to make a horror map?

    You could possibly try the following: - Making use of light sources and modern dynamic lighting for a different setting - Decreasing player speed - Custom monsters perhaps, ideally faster than the player, but not to the point where it becomes unfair - Make the monsters have higher HP as well so that the player can't employ punch-and-bob tactics like with pinky demons - Stamina for running - Subtle or nonexistant music to establish the vibe - Ambient sounds - Weapons have been reduced to things such as a flashlight, or simple melee weapons - Props such as corpses, blood, etc. - Even a good story can contribute to the spook factor of the map, depends on what you're going for Just a few I could name off of the top of my head, but making doom into a horror game does require a lot of tweaks to remove the badassery.
  6. Valgilton

    Monster Closet Facility (My First Doom Level)

    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I thought a couple parts were leaning towards the slightly unfair side, but It's because I thought the triple barrel shotgun was a bit overpowered and I had to up the enemy count onwards from that area to compensate. I'm glad you liked the map!
  7. Valgilton

    Chemical Facility - (My first map/.WAD)

    I liked your map! I beat in just shy of 3 minutes on UV, but I didn't find any secrets. The monster placement was pretty good in my opinion, there were some moments where I almost died (probably at my own fault) at certain points with sharp angles, but that's probably what I should expect on UV difficulty anyways. The close-quarters combat felt kinda strange with a keyboard, but with a mouse it's pretty okay. The starting area with the animated UAC texture and the yellow keycard room with the pumping machine was a nice addition, it makes the area feel almost cozy (although I was kinda confused at first why there was a ka-chunk ka-chunk sound coming from behind the door before I had the blue keycard). Design-wise, it's not too flashy-and not too bland either. Certain places felt a bit cramped, but that outdoors area helped to alleviate that feeling. In the end, I like how the player descends into the darkness to be transported into the next level. Overall, I'd give it a 8/10, looking forward to future maps!
  8. Hiya! I've finally created my first doom map after about a month of work (not every day, more like an on and off basis) and I was going for a difficulty type that would appear towards the final few levels of a campaign, but it's playable from a pistol start. I think this would be categorized as a slaughtermap, with mild running and gunning elements in it as well. It takes about 10 minutes or so to finish when I did it, but it might take a shorter time depending on how fast you go through everything. I'd say my monster placement is mediocre at times, as I'm inexperienced with monster placement in general, hence the title of this map. I tried creating an outdoors area, but it doesn't feel so outdoors-y in my opinion. Otherwise, I hope that these setbacks don't affect the gameplay feel. I made the custom weapons myself, but I had to get some of the sprites from elsewhere and edit them. If you're the owner of these sprites, just tell me so I can give credit. The custom items, however, are mostly original sprites, and the rest is from Realm667. I hope you enjoy playing my first map! MAP DETAILS: CUSTOM CONTENT OVERVIEW: Screenshots: Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QaRB1QQ_2F1qYGoFsDa_WaqE3J_mJcZe/view?usp=sharing Again, I hope you enjoy my first Doom level. Feedback is appreciated!
  9. Valgilton

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    What about a mod that adds a weapon in the melee slot that's just the regular fist but with a scope? For balance, it makes every punch slower, but you can punch enemies at a further distance. Others: - Silenced rocket launcher - Revolver with an extended magazine - Pump action chaingun - Chainsaw with a stock - A combat knife with a bayonet attached to the end of the blade, effectively creating a shortsword - A "minigun", but then it's actually just a small gun - Doomguy just throws the bullets at the enemy - Lego caltrops
  10. Valgilton

    Who made this sprite?

    Thanks again. It's a welcome bump. Now I can finally give credit.
  11. What I'm trying to do is prevent the palette from changing to a painful white-and-grey whenever I pick up an invulsphere, and replaces it with an indicator or something that tells me that the invulnerability is activated, such as a white borders around the screen instead of the palette swap, or something along those lines. Does anyone know how I would go about coding this? Or at least knows an addon that I can sideload to prevent this?
  12. Valgilton

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A mod that replaces the level's music with looped audio clips from doom's weapons, and it also replaces the fire sounds of weapons with the level's music. Imagine using the chaingun.
  13. Valgilton

    Anyone create music?

    If you want anything darksynth or synthwave inspired, I'm here. I've just started out, but I have a few songs that might suit your tastes.
  14. Valgilton

    Leftover Music From a Scrapped WAD Project

    Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
  15. I only started making music recently, with my first song being about a month ago. Originally, I was aiming to create a soundtrack for a wad that I was working on, but I eventually quit the project altogether. The level music for the project however, is still here. Maybe if I'm lucky, one of my songs could get included in SynthDoom Mk2. Otherwise, I'll leave these for those who like crunchy bass and a fast BPM. If anyone wants to use these songs, just contact me. (I apologize for any volume issues in the song "Dissection Chamber" because this was before I replaced my cheap earphones with better ones) I fixed up the volume issues and re-uploaded the track, so there's no longer any need to lower your volume by 50 or so notches.