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  1. Oh. Major lapse in judgment there. Thanks for pointing that out.
  2. I've made a custom health pickup, but once i spawn it in-game, it's invisible. I can still pick it up by walking into it, but it has no sprites. Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Things I checked: - The sprites are in between the SS_START and SS_END files like they should be - There are no filename typos - It functions normally, except for the sprites not appearing
  3. My problem is that I have a custom projectile, but if I aim anywhere above my eye-level (eg. the first imp in E1M1) it only fires straight ahead. How do I allow my custom projectile to fire higher? Projectile Code: ACTOR LaserRed { Radius 8 Height 6 Speed 750 Damage 120 Projectile +NOGRAVITY +NOTELEPORT +RANDOMIZE RenderStyle Add Alpha 0.75 DeathSound "weapons/plasmax" States { Spawn: LSER A 1 Bright Loop Death: LAZR ABCDE 2 Bright Stop } }
  4. Thanks! It's quite an ambitious first weapon mod, but I got it done thanks to your help!
  5. So, I'm making a shotgun-type weapon that has a more powerful altfire, but at the cost of more ammo. What I want to do is during the normal firing animation, it only uses 1 shell per shot, but when it uses it's altfire, there's kickback and it uses 4 shells per shot. How would I go about doing this?