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  1. The "stupid mod idea" thread

    I actually originally thought of the Extreme Weapons Pack, but even more "extreme" as well as some non-weapon "features".
  2. The "stupid mod idea" thread

    What about a mod where doomguy is clumsy and sometimes incompetant but still relatively playable? He should randomly make mistakes with his weapons, such as: - When reloading the SSG, he sometimes misses the hole and drops one of the shells on the floor, leading him to only have a shot the strength of a normal shotgun. - Or sometimes, he can drop both shells by accident, which can be a rare event. - Chance to accidentally drop the shells is increased when moving. - His aim quivers with the pistol, instead of the typical pinpoint accuracy. - With the chaingun, he doesn't know how to withstand the recoil, so he gets flung backwards a lot, as well as a lot of aim shaking. - He finds it hard carrying the BFG, so the player has to constantly look up while using it, or else he will shoot the floor. - Same goes for the rocket launcher, but not as much. - The normal shotgun sometimes jams, and he has to unjam it by forcibly pumping it before he can continue firing. - He trips and has to regain his balance if he misses a punch. - With the chainsaw, he has to restart it every once in a while with a string-pulling animation. Chunkier monsters (Revenants, Cyberdemons) make it jam more often. - He covers his eyes whenever he uses the plasma gun, so the screen has to turn black every time he fires it. Or he could be clumsy with other things, such as: - Sometimes he accidentally puts the key in the slot backwards, so there has to be a short period of time where he re-aligns it. - Sometimes trips when running up stairs. Causes him to stutter and also interrupts him from shooting or reloading. - He could also slip sometimes when treading on liquids. - Maybe as an optional thing, but he can also trip on fallen enemies sometimes. - When putting on armour, it takes a long time to put it on, and he sometimes puts it on backwards, so he has to do it again. - Sometimes, when the level starts, he could be looking the other way, and the player has to turn around. - Takes some time to pat the flames off of him when he's hit by an imp fireball, or a mancubus missile (whatever you call those) - Hesitates before getting on high elevators, and refuses to go on unless the player presses the forward key a second time. - Around corners, he can sometimes stub his toe on the edge, which makes him flinch and subtracts 1 health. - He walks slower, and also has more view bob the more ammo and weapons he has. - Sometimes has trouble with doors and switches, causing them to need a second press in order to function. - Accidentally kicks over singular rockets, causing an explosion, harming himself in the process. - Lite Amplification goggles are sometimes put on at a weird angle, and need to be corrected. Those are just a couple I could name off the top of my head. Terrible ideas, but also could be doable.
  3. Random Image Thread

    This was my profile pic for a while. This also Isn't me by the way.
  4. Doom Builder 2 Glitchy Level Panning

    @anotak It could possibly be my mouse. I'm using a Logitech G502, so maybe the Built-in DPI switching might mess with it. I'll check again with a normal mouse once I get the chance, as I'm away from my house right now. @alowe I've tried turning off the touchpad, and it didn't change anything. I've yet to try turning off the extra buttons on my mouse. Hopefully we can find the problem soon. I think we're getting close to figuring it out.
  5. How did you react when you first used upon the SSG?

    So, upon seeing it, I was like "OOH! A new gun!" And then, after realizing how it killed anything short of a pinky demon with practically one shot: So yeah. That's roughly how it went. Credit goes to Sr Pelo for the images.
  6. Doom Builder 2 Glitchy Level Panning

    Well, it always jumps to the general lower-right corner of the screen, but I'm not sure if it's the same distance every time. I've checked the settings, and the spacebar isn't bound to anything else other than pan view, which looks normal. Until this problem is fixed, arrow keys it is.
  7. Doom Builder 2 Glitchy Level Panning

    I've tried both. The problem persists. I'm not sure how to show the problem to you guys how I see it, I'm explaining it the best I can.
  8. Script for rate of fire

    If you want something in between, I've made an akimbo pistols mod, but it replaces the pistol. I'm just going to ask if it's okay with you before I upload it. Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot. The akimbo pistols are bundled with a combat knife as a starter weapon. I can remove the knife upon request though.
  9. Doom Builder 2 Glitchy Level Panning

    @Dragonfly Okay, I'm going to try DBX and GZDoom Builder to see if the bug still happens.
  10. Sometimes, whenever I move around my map in Doom Builder 2 (holding down spacebar while moving mouse), the level suddenly "jumps" around to a random blank space within my level. The zoom level also changes too, and I've found this to make it almost impossible to create maps properly, because i have to zoom out all the way and relocate where my map went. Maybe it's an issue with my computer, I don't know. I've already tried reinstalling doom builder, so it's something else causing the problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem before? And if so, could I receive any help in fixing it? (If you've fixed it yourself, that is)
  11. Which Instrument Should I use in my MIDI?

    Sure thing. I'm still working on making it sound better, but here's what i have at the moment. musicV2.zip Any more suggestions other than the ones stated?
  12. Play NUTS with Russian Overkill?

    Found anyone who got a decent framerate on this wad? Or do you need a NASA computer or something?
  13. Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Well, I've played Russian Overkill along with Sunder a couple months back. It was an experimental video, and it didn't gain many views.
  14. Play NUTS with Russian Overkill?

    A couple other things that gave me a blue screen: - Searching up "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" on google - Booting up (once or twice) - Breaking something with regedit (this one was my fault) I'm going to go get my hardware and drivers checked. Thanks for the advice.
  15. Play NUTS with Russian Overkill?

    I'd recommend against this, as It gave my computer a bluescreen one time. I'm not lying.