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  1. Valgilton

    Who made this sprite?

    Thanks again. It's a welcome bump. Now I can finally give credit.
  2. What I'm trying to do is prevent the palette from changing to a painful white-and-grey whenever I pick up an invulsphere, and replaces it with an indicator or something that tells me that the invulnerability is activated, such as a white borders around the screen instead of the palette swap, or something along those lines. Does anyone know how I would go about coding this? Or at least knows an addon that I can sideload to prevent this?
  3. Valgilton

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A mod that replaces the level's music with looped audio clips from doom's weapons, and it also replaces the fire sounds of weapons with the level's music. Imagine using the chaingun.
  4. Valgilton

    Anyone create music?

    If you want anything darksynth or synthwave inspired, I'm here. I've just started out, but I have a few songs that might suit your tastes.
  5. Valgilton

    Leftover Music From a Scrapped WAD Project

    Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
  6. I only started making music recently, with my first song being about a month ago. Originally, I was aiming to create a soundtrack for a wad that I was working on, but I eventually quit the project altogether. The level music for the project however, is still here. Maybe if I'm lucky, one of my songs could get included in SynthDoom Mk2. Otherwise, I'll leave these for those who like crunchy bass and a fast BPM. If anyone wants to use these songs, just contact me. (I apologize for any volume issues in the song "Dissection Chamber" because this was before I replaced my cheap earphones with better ones) I fixed up the volume issues and re-uploaded the track, so there's no longer any need to lower your volume by 50 or so notches.
  7. Valgilton

    Making a Gate-Style Door?

    Thanks! That did just the trick.
  8. Valgilton

    Making a Gate-Style Door?

    I'm trying to get the gate-style door effect. An example of this kind of door is is the "caged" shotgun dude area in MAP02 of Doom 2. I apologize for the low quality image, but I hope you guys can tell which kind of door I'm talking about. Can anyone give me pointers on how to make all of the bars come up at once? As whenever I try to implement it, only one bat goes up at a time.
  9. Valgilton

    Anyone got some revolver reload sprites?

    Thanks! I'll go ask @Xaser if he's cool with it.
  10. To be completely honest, I have zero spriting knowledge, and I do what I can from sprites found in the spriting carnival and such. I'm looking for a revolver with a reload animation. (Or at least, provide a sprite for a speedloader, and I can splice some sprites together) I've considered ripping some from some mods, (such as project brutality) but I'm unsure if the artists are gonna be cool with that. So if there's anyone out there who's got sprites and is okay with me making a mod about it, please tell me. And of course, I will give credit.
  11. Valgilton

    How would you, if you would, rebalance the pistol?

    Replace it with a revolver, up the damage a bit, but add a relatively short reload animation (such as a speedloader) every 8 shots. I'd do this myself, but I'm no artist.
  12. Valgilton

    If Doom guy had a fighting game theme...

    Dang, someone should make a mod for doom that replaces the music with tracks from fighting games. I'd play that.
  13. Valgilton

    Doom WADs being detected as viruses?

    Yeah, it works pretty well. Still pretty strange at first though.
  14. Valgilton

    Doom WADs being detected as viruses?

    I've talked with a friend, he told me to get Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes to replace the AV i'm using.
  15. Valgilton

    Doom WADs being detected as viruses?

    I'll take note of that. I guess I'll be running three antiviruses then.