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  1. yes, actually. F6 worked before, but it doesn't seem to quicksave anymore just recenyly. Maybe I broke my f6 key?
  2. Thanks! F2 Didn't work, but the bind autosave command did.
  3. For some reason, my F6 key suddenly stopped showing the quicksave screen. I know that it's the correct button, but the screen doesn't seem to pop up anymore. - I checked the settings, and you can't rebind the quicksave key, so I couldn't check that. - I tried a different keyboard. Same results. - I reinstalled GZDoom. Same results. I apologize if this isn't editing related or not, because I want to edit the quicksave key to something more accessible if possible. If that doesn't count, then I'm sorry. Any pointers on how to fix this? (I'm using GZDoom)
  4. So, my weapon is a rapid fire chaingun, but the sounds seem to play late. The spinup and spindown sopunds are fine, but whenever I fire the weapon, it ceases to make any sounds at all, but whenever I stop firing, all of the sound effects layer over each other, sounding like an explosion. eg. I fire 37 times before stopping, and I can hear at least 30 or so firesounds played over each other AFTER I finish firing the weapon. Is this a bug in my programming? Because I honestly don't know what's wrong. I've uploaded the file so you can try it out for yourselves.
  5. Oh, that's great. I already have a pistol replacer mod, so all I have to do is make a chaingun replacer, set up the custom ammo type, and I should be fine. Thanks!
  6. Okay, I'll clarify it a bit more. 1. I want the weapon to hold 400 ammo, and increase the bullet cap to 200. 2. I'm using them in conjunction with the vanilla pistol and chaingun, not replacing any of them. 3. I'd like it if i could just break the 200 ammo cap. A 800 ammo cap would be great.
  7. I'm making a weapon that's supposed to give 400 ammo upon pickup, but by default(without backpack), doom caps the bullets to 200 at maximum. - I've tried giving a backpack upon pickup, then removing everything else except the bullets, but it didn't work, and I only want the bullets cap to be doubled. - I also tried using ACS, but to be honest, I don't really know how to implement ACS from a DECORATE script. Does anyone know any ways to break the cap WITHOUT increasing the cap for any other weapons?
  8. Thanks! Originally, i was considering cutting frames out of the process to "simulate" faster firing, but this looks better.
  9. If so, can you please tell me how to implement it, I'm having a hard time figuring it out. What I mean is, can you set the fire rate of a gun faster than 1 tic per frame? I'm trying to get a rapid-fire system in place. Code: Fire: SPIN A 1 A_Firebullets(random(1, 5), random(1, 5), 2, 5) SPIN BCD 1 A_Refire Is this the absolute fastest that I can make the weapon fire and animate at? or is there a workaround to allow higher speeds?
  10. the "Boom" could be a rocket, or an ssg. the "Pa pa ka ka ka" sounds kinda like the chaingun (as MrD!zone mentioned) the "Skrrra" might sound similar to the chainsaw. These are just a few that I can name off the top of my head.
  11. Oh. Major lapse in judgment there. Thanks for pointing that out.
  12. I've made a custom health pickup, but once i spawn it in-game, it's invisible. I can still pick it up by walking into it, but it has no sprites. Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Things I checked: - The sprites are in between the SS_START and SS_END files like they should be - There are no filename typos - It functions normally, except for the sprites not appearing
  13. My problem is that I have a custom projectile, but if I aim anywhere above my eye-level (eg. the first imp in E1M1) it only fires straight ahead. How do I allow my custom projectile to fire higher? Projectile Code: ACTOR LaserRed { Radius 8 Height 6 Speed 750 Damage 120 Projectile +NOGRAVITY +NOTELEPORT +RANDOMIZE RenderStyle Add Alpha 0.75 DeathSound "weapons/plasmax" States { Spawn: LSER A 1 Bright Loop Death: LAZR ABCDE 2 Bright Stop } }
  14. Thanks! It's quite an ambitious first weapon mod, but I got it done thanks to your help!
  15. So, I'm making a shotgun-type weapon that has a more powerful altfire, but at the cost of more ammo. What I want to do is during the normal firing animation, it only uses 1 shell per shot, but when it uses it's altfire, there's kickback and it uses 4 shells per shot. How would I go about doing this?