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  1. Just sent my map Joshy's way! Meant to be in episode 1, here is a picture of the last fight : )
  2. zerolizer

    Oh Those Lost Souls

    A Plutonia based map I am currently trying to finish up!
  3. zerolizer

    Is there still any demand for vanilla maps?

    Yes, Boom is what I like for building maps, cause it has that original feel but still feels modern. I was editing in UDMF but Boom Compatible is so much fun and limitations work with creativity as well
  4. zerolizer

    Rojo - Map in testing stage!

    Hey there! Zero here currently working a single map that is a sandbox style map saturated in red. After a few weeks of building I have it at a very playable level, I have attached a few screenshots and am looking for a few people interested in testing (will give credit in the credits lump) and playing through the map. The map is called Rojo for obvious reasons and is meant to be boom compatible and running with Plutonia Experiment. I have been playing it using Zandro3 and PrBoom+ on my PSVita. More chocolate than vanilla is kinda the goal i guess.. Since I am in the testing/completed stage I am going to add 2 tiny maps to encompass the "red nightmare" scenario. I guess what I want is to get feeback on this map, correct the gameplay and resend it to the testers once the tiny maps, menu design and custom graphics are good to go! Greeting from Ciudad de Mexico dooomers!
  5. zerolizer


    Actually, Im just gonna leave it as is, I really want to work on a new map set, maybe 3 maps, will look you up later on in the year!
  6. zerolizer


    Sure, send me the group page and I will join : )
  7. zerolizer


    Thanks, yes, the sludge corridor was very fun, some of the better parts of the little episode!! Thanks for playing!!!
  8. zerolizer


    Hi @StormCatcher.77, Thanks for the great critique. Yes, map04 was one of my serious concerns during testing, and it gets quite confusing, however, I released it anyway as was, cause my tester said it was a pain but overall a good level once you figure out the gameplay. As for map03, Im glad you chose the words minimal chance, since these are all one key levels : ) Would you say it would be worth it to release version 2? With some simpler gameplay on Map04, do you have some time to possibly re-work some stuff with me? Thanks again!
  9. zerolizer


    Yes, it gets tough, although I thought the sludge pit was a good twist, to make it more of a labyrinth, instead of just killing monsters, thanks for the input though!! I plan on making another mini-episode soon, with less ambient challenges.
  10. zerolizer


    Thanks for the input, yes, OpenGL is a must for this one!! I just assumed thats openGL is a standard nowadays. I did not get mirrors with OpenGL, although I didnt test in hardware mode!! I tried to avoid jumping, but crouching seems like classic stuff. Im glad it played OK overall though in GZDoom, I mostly play on Zandronum.
  11. zerolizer


    Main influences: Simplicity/Earth/AAliens Yet I attempted to make it my own tech set, definitely accomplished something in the later levels : )
  12. zerolizer


  13. zerolizer


    //Doom Terminals// Available in the id database, 7 industrial-tech maps for you to enjoy and playthrough! All original score by @8Bit Shocker and maps for Doom 2 by @zerolizer. Hope you can play through it, there is a division in the menu to jump to the last map, for a quick demo, it is more of a bonus, have fun level!! Enter the Terminals!
  14. zerolizer

    I don't understand the uploading process

    Makes sense @Edward850 since these are most likely already in the Doom 2 wad, if im not mistaken. This level was my first stab at doom modding, so I will not attempt to upload again, and as I mentioned, I have a 10 map wad I will publish next year, I will calmly look over the textures and so forth, so as to not have this issue!! Thanks!
  15. zerolizer

    I don't understand the uploading process

    FTP is pretty user friendly @Memfis, try using fetch that has a less overwhelming view than filezilla