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  1. Terminals

    Hi @StormCatcher.77, Thanks for the great critique. Yes, map04 was one of my serious concerns during testing, and it gets quite confusing, however, I released it anyway as was, cause my tester said it was a pain but overall a good level once you figure out the gameplay. As for map03, Im glad you chose the words minimal chance, since these are all one key levels : ) Would you say it would be worth it to release version 2? With some simpler gameplay on Map04, do you have some time to possibly re-work some stuff with me? Thanks again!
  2. Terminals

    Yes, it gets tough, although I thought the sludge pit was a good twist, to make it more of a labyrinth, instead of just killing monsters, thanks for the input though!! I plan on making another mini-episode soon, with less ambient challenges.
  3. Terminals

    Thanks for the input, yes, OpenGL is a must for this one!! I just assumed thats openGL is a standard nowadays. I did not get mirrors with OpenGL, although I didnt test in hardware mode!! I tried to avoid jumping, but crouching seems like classic stuff. Im glad it played OK overall though in GZDoom, I mostly play on Zandronum.
  4. Terminals

    Main influences: Simplicity/Earth/AAliens Yet I attempted to make it my own tech set, definitely accomplished something in the later levels : )
  5. Terminals

  6. Terminals

    //Doom Terminals// Available in the id database, 7 industrial-tech maps for you to enjoy and playthrough! All original score by @8Bit Shocker and maps for Doom 2 by @zerolizer. Hope you can play through it, there is a division in the menu to jump to the last map, for a quick demo, it is more of a bonus, have fun level!! Enter the Terminals!
  7. I don't understand the uploading process

    Makes sense @Edward850 since these are most likely already in the Doom 2 wad, if im not mistaken. This level was my first stab at doom modding, so I will not attempt to upload again, and as I mentioned, I have a 10 map wad I will publish next year, I will calmly look over the textures and so forth, so as to not have this issue!! Thanks!
  8. I don't understand the uploading process

    FTP is pretty user friendly @Memfis, try using fetch that has a less overwhelming view than filezilla
  9. I don't understand the uploading process

    @bonnie thanks for the quick response, here is the exact wad I uploaded : ) there is a cover song that I included in the wad, but it was completely recreated from scratch and am in no manner distributing for cash. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JWmLdf1eMmcDc9FSKIkKLVChLSvk2rKc/view?usp=sharing
  10. I don't understand the uploading process

    while this topic is open, my 1 map replacement was rejected, as shown in this screenshot. I dont plan on submitting it again, but I have a 10 map replacement that I plan on releasing next year. I dont really understand why this was rejected, as the map is an original work, the music is original and it is not a bad design/level. Thanks in advance!
  11. Set up an infighting? [vanilla/boom]

    you could do this in the mapinfo, however it would affect the entire level and im not sure if mapinfo works with vanilla, i work mostly in UDMF and whats really cool is that monsters will fight even if they are the same species!!
  12. I just finished ancient aliens and plutonia, Im looking for a wad to play through. All I have for play is ¨violence¨that im playing with a friend : ) message me if you want!
  13. what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I created this single map replacement this summer and I will be releasing V2 in december, after a few edits, mostly on ammo distribution and some very minor gameplay changes, if anyone is interested in running through it for additional comments before I re-edit it is appreciated : ) You can download the wad on my website zerolizer.net
  14. Terminals Title Illustration

    Hey, Looking for an illustrator to do an original titlepic for the 10 map wad I am close to finishing. Aesthetic is Tech/Industrial style maps. I have more screenshots available if anyone is interested : )
  15. Terminals - Title Pic Needed!

    well, the interpic above comes without text, its an in game screenshot, hence the text, sure its not bad, but i need a title pic with more quality and if someone is up for it, why not do a couple!! Thanks for your input!