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  1. Makes sense @Edward850 since these are most likely already in the Doom 2 wad, if im not mistaken. This level was my first stab at doom modding, so I will not attempt to upload again, and as I mentioned, I have a 10 map wad I will publish next year, I will calmly look over the textures and so forth, so as to not have this issue!! Thanks!
  2. FTP is pretty user friendly @Memfis, try using fetch that has a less overwhelming view than filezilla
  3. @bonnie thanks for the quick response, here is the exact wad I uploaded : ) there is a cover song that I included in the wad, but it was completely recreated from scratch and am in no manner distributing for cash.
  4. while this topic is open, my 1 map replacement was rejected, as shown in this screenshot. I dont plan on submitting it again, but I have a 10 map replacement that I plan on releasing next year. I dont really understand why this was rejected, as the map is an original work, the music is original and it is not a bad design/level. Thanks in advance!
  5. you could do this in the mapinfo, however it would affect the entire level and im not sure if mapinfo works with vanilla, i work mostly in UDMF and whats really cool is that monsters will fight even if they are the same species!!
  6. I just finished ancient aliens and plutonia, Im looking for a wad to play through. All I have for play is ¨violence¨that im playing with a friend : ) message me if you want!
  7. I created this single map replacement this summer and I will be releasing V2 in december, after a few edits, mostly on ammo distribution and some very minor gameplay changes, if anyone is interested in running through it for additional comments before I re-edit it is appreciated : ) You can download the wad on my website
  8. Hey, Looking for an illustrator to do an original titlepic for the 10 map wad I am close to finishing. Aesthetic is Tech/Industrial style maps. I have more screenshots available if anyone is interested : )
  9. well, the interpic above comes without text, its an in game screenshot, hence the text, sure its not bad, but i need a title pic with more quality and if someone is up for it, why not do a couple!! Thanks for your input!
  10. Hey! Looking for an Illustrator to create two or three doom style pictures to go with my 10 Level episode ¨Terminals¨ Something along the lines of this screenshot (which is the current demo intermission picture). Currently mapping the last level, so testing phase coming up shortly! I have a few demo vids and screenshots for anyone interested. Mapping and Additional Textures/Sounds: @zerolizer Music: @8Bit Shocker Testing: Galaga-Monster
  11. we all got alot on our plate zappakid ; )
  12. yes, fixed the aspect ratio today, silly dimension settings!
  13. Created a Skybox out of R-Type for SNES, looks pretty good, Neptune is in the backside. R-Type is an awesome game, so in a way its a tribute, might put the r-type schematics in some monitors, jeje, prob not.
  14. Here are a few screenshots for the map I made for ZANZONE. ZANZONE is a Community Project started by the UAC Janitor, the intention is to make a 10-12 Map Wad ideal for co-op and online gameplay. There are still many map spots open, if you want to contribute, here are the specs: IWAD: Doom 2 Map format: Zandronum Doom 2 in UDMF Format Difficulty Focus: Ultra Violence Map list: ZAN01 "Asteroid Station" - UAC-Janitor - ZAN02 "Gardens of Phobos" - UAC-Janitor ZAN03 - "The Grays" - Zerolizer ZAN04 - Nobody ZAN05 - Nobody ZAN06 - Nobody ZAN07 - "Flesh Hive" - UAC-Janitor ZAN08 - Undecided - konamikode ZAN09 - Nobody ZAN10 - Nobody (Optional) ZAN11 - Nobody (Optional) ZAN12 - Nobody ZANSEC - "Depot of the Krieg" - UAC-Janitor (Optional) ZANSEC2 - Nobody -Any map can take anyplace anywhere, however ther order of maps in the later stage if given a hell theme and a tech-base will come possibly earlier if I feel it goes better.) -Custom music is allowed! Midis only for the moment, Mp3's will probably go in a separate pk3 file for those who want some more butt kicking action packed music for they're map -Custom skies are allowed! only through MAPINFO lumps though. -Look at DBZone or even TNT's Multiplayer for inspiration, all of them tend to lean towards being really action packed with some unique things involved into the mix as well! Contact me or UAC Janitor if you want a map spot, the maps we have so far are fairly fun and well built!!
  15. Lets battle on one of these?