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  1. yes, fixed the aspect ratio today, silly dimension settings!
  2. Created a Skybox out of R-Type for SNES, looks pretty good, Neptune is in the backside. R-Type is an awesome game, so in a way its a tribute, might put the r-type schematics in some monitors, jeje, prob not.
  3. Here are a few screenshots for the map I made for ZANZONE. ZANZONE is a Community Project started by the UAC Janitor, the intention is to make a 10-12 Map Wad ideal for co-op and online gameplay. There are still many map spots open, if you want to contribute, here are the specs: IWAD: Doom 2 Map format: Zandronum Doom 2 in UDMF Format Difficulty Focus: Ultra Violence Map list: ZAN01 "Asteroid Station" - UAC-Janitor - ZAN02 "Gardens of Phobos" - UAC-Janitor ZAN03 - "The Grays" - Zerolizer ZAN04 - Nobody ZAN05 - Nobody ZAN06 - Nobody ZAN07 - "Flesh Hive" - UAC-Janitor ZAN08 - Undecided - konamikode ZAN09 - Nobody ZAN10 - Nobody (Optional) ZAN11 - Nobody (Optional) ZAN12 - Nobody ZANSEC - "Depot of the Krieg" - UAC-Janitor (Optional) ZANSEC2 - Nobody -Any map can take anyplace anywhere, however ther order of maps in the later stage if given a hell theme and a tech-base will come possibly earlier if I feel it goes better.) -Custom music is allowed! Midis only for the moment, Mp3's will probably go in a separate pk3 file for those who want some more butt kicking action packed music for they're map -Custom skies are allowed! only through MAPINFO lumps though. -Look at DBZone or even TNT's Multiplayer for inspiration, all of them tend to lean towards being really action packed with some unique things involved into the mix as well! Contact me or UAC Janitor if you want a map spot, the maps we have so far are fairly fun and well built!!
  4. Lets battle on one of these?
  5. That outdoor sector looks really cool!
  6. Might just name him Shadow Baron instead of Tech-Knight, it actually suits him very well, is that ok?
  7. Added an alternative link and changed the font colors around to the website, thanks for the advice!!
  8. Downloading Zandronum 3.0 - guess i'll be playing some doom today >> In all seriousness, we could use skulltag or put together a customWAD, also, it seems that we need more of an incentive, a compiled texture pack and perhaps 3 or 4 maps in the testing stage to present to the community, just saying cause of the lack of activity.
  9. ZAN01 looks good from the screenshots, I just think there should be more of a direction. This could be a fairly open direction (wether its just aesthetically bound by a texture pack or a progression in difficulty) One thing that concerns me is if the levels are meant to be for 8 players, they should be fairly large? Some of the areas in ZAN01 look fairly compact. Is there anyway we can playtest ZAN01. I am interested in collaborating with at least one map : )
  10. I could possibly fine tune a map for this project, its (2,400x5,300) in size, and im not using it for anything although it is quite presentable and could work really well in co-op. It was just meant to be a 4 player deathmatch. Im with konamikode though, if you could get ZAN01 presentable that would help out a lot to decide as well as the direction to take.
  11. OH NO!! Do you mean you could not download?? Seems strange, I have a public link on google drive!! Works fine on my computer and my dads as well : (
  12. On another note, I did not mean to sound too aggressive on the realm667 customs, most of the work on there is amazing, just some of the monsters seem like overkill, I plan on submitting the Tech-Knight once all the details are edged out!
  13. Great! Is google drive ok for sending the testing ground? Gonna start setting it up now, also figured out a simple name 'Tech-Knight'
  14. Thats a good thing, right? : )
  15. Worked up a mod with the Baron of Hell, I know there are a few on realm667 yet they all seemed either too generic or too extreme in graphics. I think the monster is ready for testing, I would appreciate some feedback as I want to create an original demon down the road. This is not my first custom monster, yet the one I've put more effort into. I call him the CyberBaron (could probably use a better name). I can send a small map with the monster included and some minor gameplay for a warm up. This way you can just fire up zandro or gzdoom and have fun. I appreciate your support in advance : )