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  1. CyberMutant

    Battle Royale (Floor 1)

    @rdwpa This was just a test to see if people liked my concept and yes for my next floor, im definitely going to spend more time on it.
  2. CyberMutant

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Looks really good
  3. This is a little fun wad i did in 30 mins i hope you enjoy. Floor 1 contains: 10 rooms, 1 including a boss make sure to leave feedback if you want another floor, maybe give me a theme for the next one? Battle Royale (Floor 1).zip Battle Royale (Floor 1) Screenshots
  4. CyberMutant

    What is your favorite doom wad of all time?

    oh yh sorry lol
  5. mine is tnt.wad evilution its one of my favorite wads of all time but its also a challenge