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    Thanks for the feedback its definitely made a massive improvement to my doom project



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    2. Phade102


      My pleasure. I love making my maps with a feeling of natural light. If you're ever going to use a sky texture, make sure the sectors that the sky texture are using are a little bit lighter. otherwise it looks a bit unrealistic.

    3. Memfis


      Eh, I think it's kind of neat how these bright parts surround the darker center. Another light source might be too much. It's like, the more bright sectors you put in, kind of the less valuable they become.

    4. rdwpa


      Better than the previous version, but not a huge fan of using the computer panel textures that way, arbitrarily cut off both at the bottom and at the sides. I'd try to fit them more elegantly: lower the ceiling of those two sectors, adjust the linedef lengths and x-alignments so they fit as complete panels.