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  1. D-clone

    Vehicles in Doom 3.

    learn to research
  2. D-clone

    Vehicles in Doom 3.

    Corporal Flynn Peter Taggart aka "Fly", of the Fox Company, 15th Light Drop Infantry Regiment, United States Marine Corps, Serial # 888-23-9912.
  3. D-clone

    Which is more revolutionary?

    I agree. Without cars, somebody would have thougth of another way of quick, easy transportation for a handfull of people. Maybe that something would have been better than a car. Maybe wed have flying cars by now. Or maybe that electric one man vehicle thing would be the norm. But without computers.... youd have no Internet (aruably the most important invention ever), no digital technology (everything from cell phones to the entertainment business), no space exploration, no nanotech, no genome research, no particle physics. Oh and most importantily for you, no Doom (yes, it might be a schock, but Doom is only a COMPUTER game, its not real)
  4. D-clone

    Vehicles in Doom 3.

    Flynn Taggart
  5. D-clone

    Why games need a use key

    Youre alowed to talk about the alpha, just dont give it or information on how to get it to anybody. Oh and no screens, which by the way i just found out is F11. Yea I like the in game GUIs. Theres something weird about it though. There are some places , like next to doorways which if you look at them, your gun is put down, like you can press the button and activate something.
  6. D-clone

    Why games need a use key

    Doom 3 does have a reload key, why not have the option if having he reload key work as a use key when youre in fron of something useable? Like in NOLF2. If you wanna get simple i mean.
  7. D-clone

    Vehicles in Doom 3.

    Great! Hmm... everything can be done if its done the right way, and the way to do that is putting yourself in the game. Ok we know for a fact that there is a train and there is a mine in the game. Lets start out with that. A train. The train seems to be a transport maglev. We know it comes from another base/building in the same mars colony. Maybe you ahve to rde the train to go from one building to the other. On the way ythe train might derail. Youd see the whole scene with an in-game animation. And maybe youd have to kill some bad guys outside, get a mini maglev one person rider and get to where you needed to go. See? you dont necesaraly need to have shootings inside the vehicle, but it can integrate into the game quite nicely. Now the mine. MiNeCAtSts!!!111onetwo Umm.... no. But...... maybe whatever they use in the future to carry natural recources from the site to the factory/transporters. This could be huge conveyor belts, or those big mine bucket things that were in the Quake II Mission pack. Now it wouldnt be bad to have a killing spree in one of those. Maybe you could get inside a big huge armored robot. Not Japanese animation or Power rangers! No, something like that big gunner that was guarding the gates in Zion In Matrix Reloaded. I wouldnt mind getting in an armored tank either. Maybe the tank can be stuck in a load of rubble, but you get in just to aim the turret at a cyb or something. Not to kill him, just ot weaken him. The killing part should be done with raw manpower. Where Im getting at is that actually driving a vehicle in Doom would not fit, but vehicles themselves are part of any enviroment, so Itd be nice to see id experiment with the idea.
  8. D-clone

    Pics of WIP Doom 3 Fat Zombie bust

    Slab of metal with that industrial pattern, you know: <=> looks like that
  9. D-clone

    New BFG

    REMOVED BY JULIAN Its a trajectory intelligent BFG. We were discussing it in the BFG11K thread over at the general Doom 3 forum.
  10. D-clone

    Vehicles in Doom 3.

    What exactly you didn't get, Im not sure... Or is it a sigh of acceptance? Try googling your doubts before posting something, its safer. If you were too lazy....click Ive got no grudge against you, or anybody in this forum, so dont take stuff personally.
  11. D-clone

    Vehicles in Doom 3.

  12. D-clone

    Vehicles in Doom 3.

    Dude, you need to start READING what people post and understand where they are coming from. That was just an emphasization of the previeous sentence. [emphasizing previous sentence]I wasnt my opinion, it was a description that I made so I could get my point accross[/empasizing previous sentence] I aslo suggest you read my big ass post here so you can better understand how this shit (social skills) works. Now go take a look at my BFG11K post and look at my art, NOW! :b
  13. D-clone

    Doom3 for GBA

    Id quite like to see some screens!
  14. D-clone

    Vehicles in Doom 3.

    when did I say there wasnt gonna be one? Quite the contrary I said that there will be one (theres one in the alpha), and that I heard somewhere (i forget) that it will be ala Q3. I might be that wherever i heard that made that up though, i dunno.
  15. D-clone

    Carmack CNN talk

    Get a 4 button intellimouse or something, that way you get the use and reload key, or whatever suits you that doesnt envolve movoment, out of the way. Then, most games let you bind 2 keys to one witha simple command, simply make crouch be ctrl, walk caps lock, and bind them both to shift. Make sure you turn off toggle keys or whatever that shit option in windows is for retards.