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  1. Lazorinc

    Big Chungus Arena - A Doom II Joke WAD

    You spent so much time asking if you could, you never stopped to ask if you should.
  2. Non-Boom mapping be damned Thanks for the catch, I'll make a quick fix later today.
  3. After waiting a year to see if it would get played, my patience with Joel has run out, and I would much rather see the community's reaction to my first real release themselves than through the lens of Twitch. Cerebrus is a single map for the aforementioned Vinesauce Mapping Contest II: Hellectric Boogaloo, intended for GZDoom. The idea behind it was that it would revolve around a singular mechanic that would freeze time for several seconds in order to solve puzzles and avoid dangerous scenarios. The only things that have been altered from the version that Joel should have are the initial small slime pit that was impossible to get out of if you fall in and the BOSSBACK. Any and all feedback is welcome. Credits: DoomTheRobot: ACS DustedPandemonic: V1.2 Masterspark Laser Valiant: Textures Eriance: Base Cybruiser Skelegant: Base Rocket Imp Zrrion the Insect: Tank Creature Complex Doom Invasion: Plasma Repeater, Cerebral Commander Sprites Complex Doom: Baby Sentient Sprites, lots of sounds Music: SIlvaGunner, Sunlust, PSX Doom Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!0fg3nYqa!_XCjKxmiFqBXfl7_i8jD0NoDU7fCQFp1e5-1pwOIZwA
  4. I understand the work that goes into a tc like this, and it deserves the words. I guess what I mean about the Scrap Gun is that it's a little under-oomphy with what it shoots, and this only doubles whenever it's used against the amount of health a Cyber has, like for the blue key bit in Hyper Safari. I'd honestly just suggest polling to see what people would rather have for the slot of that gun. Since it seems pretty divided, and there's no really good answer, let's just have mob rule reign over this one. It's good to hear that this is still going, I need more content so that it's possible to shill this out in a stream.
  5. Final release? Damn, I was so excited to see this keep going, that green Sunlust-y map had me hooked. Coming back after a load of updates feels like I'm playing an entirely different game. Playing through it again, my old ammo problems seemed to have disappeared. The only thing that I can't get behind is the moving of the Scrapper to slot 4. Sure it balances out the weapon numbers in each slot, but it's a shotgun, there's a pre-established norm that they go in slot 3, and it's killed me a couple of times forgetting that it's in 4 (ironically the exact opposite of why it was changed). Other than that, the arcade feel is absolutely stunning as usual, even in mechanics. Using the Diabolist's fire to clear crowds felt natural, if risky. Chainsawing a Cyber-Baron to lob of the rocket launcher has made the chainsaw an actually useful weapon for possibly the first time ever. The only misbalance I feel is that the Scraper does not mix with Cyberdemons, which is what's heavily implied in map 03. I really hope there's a way I can convince you otherwise to keep this going, because it's too good to stop with more scrap maps then finished.
  6. Lazorinc

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Broke: Understanding that you're not as good at Doom modding as many of the best in the community Woke:
  7. Quick tip, the Player 1 spawn will always spawn the player in the NEWEST one, so I suggest making a new one for the spawn point after you're done with every update. You probably already know this, but it couldn't hurt. Also I was on UV, so it makes more than enough sense that I was dry, and I could just be blind too.
  8. There are a lot of things about this that are fantastic. The custom enemies are the coolest I've seen in an actual wad since Dead.Air, the music fits great with all aspects of running through this jungle, and the maps are super detailed. https://imgur.com/a/cLqNdpC and then I got stuck in a voodoo doll sector on Map 03. It's a great wad, but it needs a few cleanups. I found myself running out of ammo near the end of Map 02, and just had to bolt past everything. I feel like this would be easily fixed if the Cyber Barons dropped a rocket or two when they died. It makes enough sense, and I feel like it would be a great help to the flow. Also I really wanna play Map 03 without cheating, so could you please fix the player start. Thanks
  9. Lazorinc


    (Goddamn accidental doublepost, my bad) We already knew that the mods were sending them to him chunks, the only problem is how those chunks were being divided up. However, he just said that he knows that filesize doesn't equal length, so that may be fixed coming up.
  10. Lazorinc


    If I were Joel, I wouldn't be having a contest "next year". After the whole debacle about THQ 2 being in his old autosaves before the contest started, I don't think that this idea could ever morally redeem itself.
  11. Lazorinc


    Hearing all the filesize comments is disappointing. My map barely got in* with only 20kb of space left, and it will most likely take Joel 15 minutes (give or take how long he gets stuck on the puzzles) to kamikaze through it like he normally does. It also kind of a shame that this thread is mostly on life support due only to there being more streams in the future. If a streamer THIS big isn't shaking up a lot of the community, then something is either really fishy or just plain sad. *I don't actually know if my map made it or not, this is just a guess
  12. Lazorinc

    Favourite Doom Monster?

    How in the sam hell are Revenants balanced? They have the strongest projectile attack, second only to a Cyberdemon rocket, which also happens to be homing. They're essentially glass cannons, and I am still baffled to this day as to why people thinks it's a good idea to spam them in maps. Personally, I believe the most well balanced monster would have to be the Hell Knight, and while sure, he might not be the most creative, he definitely fills an important gap in the enemy roster.
  13. Lazorinc

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I'm about five days late to the "make fun of the naive people" party but cursed image
  14. Lazorinc

    Doom Streams

    First time putting it here, but the continuation of my amateur Pistol-start Sunlust run continues in about 15 minutes
  15. Lazorinc


    Sorry to temporarily bring back a dead thread, but this caught my attention. Attached is a screenshot of Joel's shareware stream (with timestamp for skeptics) which has autosaves of one of the maps that was submitted to this year's contest. All the saves are on the day it was sent in (since it was one of my friends who made the map), and is clearly at the end of the map too. It could be that his mods just sent him the engine with which they were testing the submissions, but I'm too curious to leave it at that.