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  1. Screenshot_Doom_20170830_124859.png.efc3b99f5844ee3c1c1b39fe8c1a3699.png

    how do i make bridges like these? I have a tutorial for it, but i dont know what it means by "referencing" lines to sectors

    1. SOSU


      Open up scythe 2 with doombuilder,there you may find your answer

    2. 42PercentHealth


      "Referencing" lines to sectors: You will notice that each sector has a unique sector number, right? You will also notice that any linedefs between sectors have a front and back side, and that these sides are assigned to the sectors they face by default.


      However, you can change which sector a side belongs to! That's right, a side can reference any sector you want it to. (Usually, we want the default behavior, because messing with side-to-sector references can cause graphical glitches; but in the case of effects like 3D bridges, we will use the glitch to our advantage.)