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  1. mypetrobot

    [Boom/Doom 2] Techbase 69666 (Feedback/Criticism Please!)

    Will do! Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. mypetrobot

    [Boom/Doom 2] Techbase 69666 (Feedback/Criticism Please!)

    Yes! I put some spawns in for coop, but you may still find the balance is off. Multiplayer is completely untested.
  3. mypetrobot

    [Boom/Doom 2] Techbase 69666 (Feedback/Criticism Please!)

    I was able to watch this demo. For the most part you progressed through the level in the way I had intended, which is awesome! I don't think you were as lost as you felt that you were. There were 3 spots where you appeared a little more lost than I was comfortable with, I'll summarize them in the spoiler tag below. Don't feel obligated, the demo itself is already extremely invaluable, but any suggestions to make these points clearer would be super helpful. Awkward spots: I also noticed that half of my dehacked patch was not working, I fixed it and updated the link in my original post. It was minor stuff (incorrect text displayed when items were picked up, and the new weapon is supposed to be way more powerful than what you were dealt. Props for completing the level regardless). I also noticed a missing monster or 2, since my testing on UV has not been as rigorous as HMP. I re-added them, but watching your playthrough has given me a few more ideas to beef up one of the level sections. I hope to get to that done over the next few days. Again, thank you for recording this! SUPER HELPFUL!
  4. mypetrobot

    [Boom/Doom 2] Techbase 69666 (Feedback/Criticism Please!)

    I appreciate this in-depth analysis, I think you are describing what I wanted the player to get out of playing this map. I wanted a large, sprawling (but logical), diverse environment that evokes a bit of exploration, paired with interesting enemy encounters. I may need to work on the "logical" part to minimize the amount of time the player feels lost, but I'm glad that you felt that it wasn't too hard to get back on track. Ramping up the difficulty is tough for me to balance, I'm pretty bad at Doom. I tried to create something that was beatable for a player like me, but right at the edge of my skill level. I tested everything primarily on HMP difficulty, any suggestions for making the map more difficult to a seasoned player on UV would be super helpful. Haha, the 35 minute mark was the fastest I was able to get through the thing without collecting any secrets or sneaking through one of the secret shortcut paths. Most of my runs were ~39-45 minutes, but I know where everything is. Yeah, you're speaking to one of my concerns here. I was finding it difficult to balance a bleak/concrete research facility environment with more diversity in texturing/color on the walls. I tried to spruce it up with beams, posters, signage, etc. on the walls, but really, 60% of the map may be overly built out of slabs of concrete. This is something I want to dig into and see if I can come up with some kind of solution in the coming weeks. Mixing in some more dark metal is a great suggestion, thank you! In terms of the Hell environment, I was initially planning on building it out into an "exploreable" section, but after dumping hours into this thing every day for the last month and a half, I kind of just ran out of steam. What I've got there does look cool though, huh? Haha. Watching this demo is very illuminating, I can start to parse out what progression paths need a little extra highlighting to point the player where to go next. Unfortunately my crappy computer decided to lock up 1/3rd of the way through and I couldn't watch the entire thing. I'll have to make other arrangements to finish the demo. Thank you so much for recording it though, this is extremely helpful! Thanks for the generous rating! While this isn't actually my first map, it's my first map in many years so I have a bit of a leg up on other newcomers. Hopefully with some further tweaks, I can get this thing closer to a 5/5. Thanks for giving this map a spin!
  5. mypetrobot

    [Boom/Doom 2] Techbase 69666 (Feedback/Criticism Please!)

    My understanding of source port terminology is spotty. Here's what I can tell you: - I used boom stuff: SWITCHES/ANIMATED lumps - The map contains over 36,000 linedefs (for example), so I think whatever port used needs to be limit removing. If I am being confusing/redundant, I apologize. What would be a better way to explain compatibility in this situation? Edit: I did a little more reading and I believe that this would be considered just "boom compatible." Sorry for the confusion Thanks and done.
  6. mypetrobot

    [Boom/Doom 2] Techbase 69666 (Feedback/Criticism Please!)

    The screenshots in the post above show the 24bit textures in action (running in GZDoom specifically, but glboom+ would look similar). I figured I'd share what the map looks like in other ports too. Doom Palette Screenshots (prboom+):
  7. WAD Title: Techbase 69666 Intro: I haven't made anything Doom-related in at least 15 years. Although I only ever shared my creations within my gaming circle, WADs/Mods used to be a huge creative outlet for me. I love the limitations of the Doom engine, I find them inspiring. So here I am, I'm back at it and made a Doom thing. While fully playable, this is a work in progress. With your help, I hope to polish this thing off into a decent finished WAD soon. Any feedback and/or criticism on my comeback WAD would be great. Don't hold back, I can take it. Quick Overview/Features: Doom 2 IWAD (MAP01) Built from scratch (including assets) Compatible/tested with GZDoom (g3.1.0), prboom+/glboom+ ( Boom-compatible source ports should be OK. Mouselook and jumping are not required (but won't break anything either, I like mouselook) 1 huge map containing a minimum of 35 minutes of single player, vanilla-flavored gameplay (as well as 35 secrets) ~200 brand new custom/hand-made textures/flats (in both 24bit PNG and Doom-Paletted 8bit formats) A few new sprites (and a new weapon with embedded dehacked patch and sfx) Previously unheard/"official" MIDI versions of songs off of progressive/instrumental metal band Divinex's latest album, "Create. Affect. Repeat." Logline: Screenshots (I had ketchup on for these, oops): Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pzdhmqjj05syr4w/TB69666.wad?dl=1
  8. "This file is currently set to private." on the GZDoom Version download link
  9. mypetrobot

    Did Doomworld grow recently?

    Recently joined. I dabbled a ton in Doom modding back in the late 90s and early 00s. The itch to mod resurfaced over the summer, I'm assuming prompted by the subtle pop-culture awareness caused by the release of Doom 2016 (although I've never played it myself). I've also consistently returned to watching Doom Mod/Wad videos on YouTube over the years, so the return to Doom might've been inevitable. Either way, here I am. I'll be around for a little while until my hobbies/creative outlets shift again.
  10. mypetrobot

    Post your Doom textures!

    I really appreciate the kind words! All of the textures used in the current map I am working on are handmade. I hope they all end up awesome as well!
  11. mypetrobot

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Although I am using it flipped around, here's an in-game example of it tiled at 256px:
  12. mypetrobot

    Post your Doom textures!

    Here's a texture that I made earlier this month. I've actually been using it to represent lifts of varying lengths, but I think it would work nicely for doors: I'm not sure what you mean by "side details," but here are examples of the texture tiling at various lengths:
  13. mypetrobot

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Gotta share the mini-victories! After a ton of tweaking, I just got the Doom Palette versions of my custom textures to look reasonably close to their true color counterparts. Now my level will play on any Boom-compatible source port (and give ports which support 'em, prettier 24bit textures)! Note to future newbs (like me) who want to create their own textures using the Doom Palette: Use dithering sparingly when converting your color space from 24bit to Doom's 256 indexed colors. Doom makes most dithered things look extremely muddy (especially in low brightness areas). It may be that I used a lot of noise when creating my true color textures for "realism" / subtle color variation, but I dunno man ... As soon as I started converting things without dithering, it was like night/day.
  14. mypetrobot

    +10 brightness to all sectors?

    Never mind, it looks like selecting all sectors and using ctrl + scrollwheel did what I needed to do. Should've googled, my bad.
  15. mypetrobot

    +10 brightness to all sectors?

    I think my current map is too dark overall. Is there an easy way to add an arbitrary amount of brightness to all sectors in a map without having to do this manually (sector by sector)? For example, adding 10 to the brightness level of 3 sectors simultaneously: Sector 1: 100 --> 110 Sector 2: 90 --> 100 Sector 3: 120 --> 130 I'm currently using GZDoombuilder, but I'd be comfortable using a different tool to perform this task. Thanks in advance!