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  1. Hi folks, Has anybody had this problem? On a long jump to a lower destination, I press "X" to jump, wait until I've gone as far outwards as I'm going to go, then press the "X" button again for the boost..... and absolutely nothing happens, other than me falling to a messy death. I've got two DualShock controllers, and they're both doing it. I'm absolutely stuck in the game until I can get past this problem. I'm in the Argent D'Nur level. I'm at the point where I've made a fairly long downward jump to a small landing area (usually, though sometimes the double-jump fails here, too), immediately killed two of those big-mouthed meatball demons (whatever they're called), hopped up to a slightly higher level... and then am facing a LONG jump, both in terms of distance and height... its way down there.I've successfully made the jump once, only to be killed almost immediately because of arriving with extremely low health. Have been unable to duplicate this in probably two dozen tries. Getting REALLY tired of playing the same somewhat lengthy sequence over and over and over.... Hoping somebody has an answer to this extremely annoying problem.