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  1. killerkouhai


    Have a very early concept for the final map
  2. killerkouhai


    Finally able to replace the crystal midtexts with sprites! Here's the results:
  3. killerkouhai


    That's awesome dude! I'd love that! Add me on discord and we can talk more about it: killerkouhai#5383
  4. killerkouhai


    More progress peeps :D
  5. killerkouhai


    I found the loose PNG's (the purple in the first post) on the ZDoom Forums custom textures thread, posted by abbuw (will be credited accordingly) I had to align them and do the GLdefs myself, but it wasn't too hard, then I did a bunch of recolors :)
  6. killerkouhai


    UPDATE!: I've begun working on another level, working with more of an indigo color scheme this time instead of purple/fireblu Here are some bad screenshots for you guys:
  7. killerkouhai


    Hey guys! I'm relatively new to Doom mapping, I only started in May 2017. I'm working on a small project right now, with the theme being gothic/hellish outposts floating in space/ some sort of void realm. Right now I'm using INFINITE VOID as a placeholder since I hope to come up with a name that's more creative and unique to the theme. I'm aiming for ~10 maps, perhaps more if anyone is interested in collaborating, which I am fully open to. This will be for GZDoom and will require the latest version since I plan on taking full advantage of the various effects that it supports. One map is finished playable, although I'm in the still in the process of touching it up, changing some things around and bug fixing. -requires the latest build of GZDoom -requires jumping (freelook encouraged) -Hardware rendering (OpenGL) required -Enabling dynamic lights heavily suggested -Uses DOOM2.wad Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ooUCZEnNzX9ABWrZk77mMMHzshGicdjC
  8. killerkouhai

    BFG Division MIDI

    I'd like to use this in a map when it's finished, if that's okay with you? If so, how would you like me to credit?
  9. killerkouhai

    Codename: DOOM

    This sounds interesting, I'd love to see the end result :)
  10. killerkouhai

    Adding SFX (Special Effects) to Doom Builder

    I'm using the rain spawner from Realm667 under the assumption that it's classified as a thing, yet I can't find it anywhere when I load it as a resource?? I'm new to this, so I wouldn't be surprised if I'm doing something wrong, any help is appreciated :)