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  1. Galaxy_Stranger

    More goodies from Romero (DoomEd source, maps, graphics)

    FINALLY, I can use my NEXSTEP machine for something!!!!
  2. Galaxy_Stranger

    Doom Builder on Linux - How to

    Doom Builder works fine, but I'm trying to configure it to test w/ skulltag.exe, which I've also installed. The problem I'm having is that I need to browse to the .wine directory not "wine". Is there any way of doing that, or do I have to install skulltag into a no-hidden location? -=[EDIT]=- Nevermind - I guess I had DoomBuilder on when I installed Skulltag and it hadn't refreshed everything yet.
  3. Galaxy_Stranger

    The reason why I am not fixing Doom Builder 1 anymore

    Since .NET has its claws in DoomBuilder, is there any hope that WINE can take care of this? Or at least MONO?
  4. Galaxy_Stranger

    XWE error

    Before I left for the weekend, XWE was working fine. When I came back tonight, I started up XWE and get this error message: failed to create key VisualStudio.pal.9.0.The program then starts up and I try to open something, and I get: List index out of bounds (3)And an hour glass pops up and doesn't stop. When I try to "close" or load any other .wads I get the above error again. I rebooted and used a fresh install of XWE and get the same errors. What could be causing this?
  5. Galaxy_Stranger

    After-level Text

    No, you create an ascii text file called "mapinfo.txt". Notepad works, though technically it's not ascii. You fill out the mapinfo.txt file with the info you want, then use a tool such as XWE or DeePsea to inject that text file into your desired .wad file.
  6. Galaxy_Stranger

    After-level Text

    The MapInfo lump is a text file with all those things defined in it. When the documentation is too confusing, It's best to find an example .wad with the working feature you want in it. I don't have anything at my fingertips because I never really needed to use MapInfo. But poke around and I'm sure you'll come across a project or set of maps that use it. Then you can look at the MapInfo and see what a working one looks like.
  7. Galaxy_Stranger

    After-level Text

    I don't recall ever seeing anything new as far as doing those text pages after a map or mission. If there is, it's probably associated with the MapInfo lump. But you can just as easily write a script that prints the text you want and how you want it and then end the level - and even make it real cool and cinematic looking. Ah - check this out: exittext <message> <message> is a message to be displayed when the player has just finished a level in a different cluster from the next one. If the next level's cluster has an entertext defined, then it will be shown instead of this cluster's exittext. This is found under "Cluster Definitions": http://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO
  8. Galaxy_Stranger

    doom builder configuration

    Those are variables for specific things like the executable you want to use. Remove a variable, it won't use it when you run it.
  9. Galaxy_Stranger

    Required lumps

    just because
  10. Galaxy_Stranger

    Required lumps

    Thank you.
  11. Galaxy_Stranger

    Doombuilder and ACS

    That's weird. But I commented everything out and left just ZCommon and that fixed it. Thanks.
  12. Galaxy_Stranger

    Doombuilder and ACS

    yes, as a matter of fact, the sector in question was build while I was using auto-snap. Now, I have another ACS problem: " Line 8 in file "zspecial.acs" ... zspecial.acs:8: Invalid identifier. > 80:ACS_Execute( > ^ The ACS compiler did not compile your script." I made sure that all the .acs files in the directory were included. I just downloaded the newest version of ACS. What's causing this?
  13. Galaxy_Stranger

    Doombuilder and ACS

    Perfect - that did it. I could find no uninstall info in control panel. I guess it was a leftover from before my last reformatted. When i get a "sector not closed" error - is that usually because the lines aren't referencing the correct sectors? Or is it because the line is not somehow actually completed?
  14. Galaxy_Stranger

    Doombuilder and ACS

    I've not edited and compiled scripts in Doombuilder yet. When I go to SCRIPTS>EDIT BEHAVIOR LUMP, it gives me an error message and kills the program: "Run-time error '339': Compnonent 'cmcs21.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid" What do I do to fix this? I've got Doombuilder 1.68
  15. Galaxy_Stranger

    ZDoom ACS help (marine suit color)

    Color translation doesn't affect .png's?!?