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  1. Dreamskull

    Which Doom Builder should I use?

    Use Doom Builder for the actual level building. Use Slade for indivdual file editing like monsters, weapons, sounds or whatever else. Alternatively, different programs can literally just be used for bug finding. Its strange how that plays out, but its of interesting note.
  2. Dreamskull

    Preparing a WAD for release?

    All I can tell you is before you actually release, have the version in ready, but in wait for a breif period of time. I had a hasty release and the final save failed and I had to do a stupid hotfix. Whatever you do, avoid that outcome because you surely do not want multiple versions floating around.
  3. Dreamskull

    Omega_297 - IDGames Standard (Official)

    The Official Hotfix is in - sorry for the issue. This new file is once again IDGames standard. Thankye to IDGames for being so nice. I could have had a poor mistake be forever. Sorry to Kalensar for not using his, I have to worry about my own version. Take note of his when you have the chance. For anyone else: Hold onto your finished ready map for a designate amount of time before release. That time will save you embarassment if youre vigilant enough to check it out multiple times prior. You do NOT want the "final" save failing you. It feels like getting stabbed. Good luck to all!
  4. Dreamskull

    Omega_297 - IDGames Standard (Official)

    Thanks guys. This reception makes me feel a lot better about things. Took me forever to get it done. Im probably gonna end it on the 1.1, though I want you guys to know Ive surrendered rights here. You can do whatever you want to/with the map. I got it where I want it to be. Coop might be fun. If you want to pick it up and modify however, feel free. Omega 297 is the map Omega Beast is for the custom monsters and stat changes to the monsters Be sure to at least check the credits of the original map. Take note of the names for sake of the people. I originally had more enemies, but the final play had to be done all the way through without saving. That was my one rule.
  5. Oh no, what you said is certainly accurate. You're on point, you get it. as for the confusion, I'm talking about the community focusing on looks. Complexity of any kind can make up for something that appears drab. I don't hate setpeices, though I hate something that eats away at the replayability of the level. A setpeice in my mind is usually something you don't want to skip out on, you'd be sorry to pass it up. The way a lot of them are done though, its almost naked in its design. There's no real choices. Its fine for the most part. I just struggle to relate to people and how they like maps done.
  6. Dreamskull

    Omega_297 - IDGames Standard (Official)

    I don't understand this community at all.
  7. Dreamskull

    Omega_297 - IDGames Standard (Official)

    I fumbled a ceiling tile. I'm embarassed. The 1.1 is available. No, I don't know what I'm gonna do about the IDGames upload.
  8. Dreamskull

    Omega 97 (Prototype)

    I would appreciate it if you guys started using the official thread instead of the prototype thread. Its served purpose, but this was for testing.
  9. Dreamskull

    Omega 97 (Prototype)

    Doomworld is full of assholes. The real problems were fixed painstakingly. Its good now, they cant even complain - Now they say nothing, which is almost worse. Its fine. I got it done and up to standard. Slaughtermap dudes will absolutely love it. Thats what matters most. Im satisfied with it. Found a ceiling tile error. I feel like punching a wall. Got 1.1
  10. Dreamskull

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo? They didnt. Halo is a weak ripoff version of Doom and Im sick of pretending its not. Worse than that, it was a complete subversion of the entire first person shooter genre. I had to endure a near decade of master chief fans bold face lie to me about the quality of their games. I played Halo 1 and Call of Duty 1 and I remember going "Neat, but I don't see it catching on." Next thing I know, I get banished to the shadow realm where all the new games started to suck. It still hasnt recovered, but we finally get something half way decent and Microsoft buys all of it out. Doom 6 might completely suck. You could try to argue against Alfanso, but only on small detail. Youve no idea the amount of hate this topic stokes up for old gamers.
  11. Dreamskull

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    It wont work because Microsoft bought them out which means comparability between the Doom Marine and Master Chief will be a thing again. We had to go through a dark age to get where we are. Let me tell you, after Doom 3 devolved Doom, it became insufferable. Before Doom 2016, people thought the Doom Marine was a total joke compared to Master Chief despite Master Chief being the rip off character designed for a fanboy console crowd that played slower games. With all iterations going forward, its going to be that again, except they'll probably be swinging it right back into an axiomatic contrivance. The difference between the two can be summed up fairly easily - Narrative Lensing. Halo Infinite Soldier vs Aliens / Doom Eternal Soldier vs Demons.
  12. Dreamskull

    Do people actually hate the DLCs?

    The first DLC was excellent and then they completely fumbled the second. The second is so bad that it drags down the first making it borderline cringe. They should have cliff hangered after first. It would have been preferable. If you completely disregard the second as if it never existed, it works well.
  13. Im all in on medium sized maps with a smidge of that experimental gimmick centerpeice fighting with scattered backways you can use to evade the madness or to haul it in for a chance to get your favorite reliable weapon.
  14. Dreamskull

    Organized Wad's

    Oh I bet. Keep me posted when you get it all done.
  15. Dreamskull

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I dont know what youre doing with that, but it would make a cool ocean side view, like the man said. I agree that you do need something outside the map other than the skybox to give good impression.