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  1. Dreamskull

    Was Doom Meant to be Harder?

    I remember being scolded by my parents for "building up static electricty" on the computer.
  2. Dreamskull

    Was Doom Meant to be Harder?

    There wasnt much difference in the old style ball and mouse variety, but they were just annoying to keep clean. If you didnt keep it clean your mouse would snag. It would become increasing uncooperative until you were forced to clean it and cleaning it after it got bad wouldnt guarantee a fix unless you did deep cleaning and that was something else all together and even after, maybe you didnt get it all. There were purist players who played exclusively all keyboard or all mouse without the ability to mouslook and back then there was a popular style to move around using the mouse. I hated it, but there were many around me that liked it for some reason. I used to do all keyboard. For those not in the know, you held another button to activate strafing. Circlestrafing wasnt common either. The experience was more harrowing than it is now. I dislike the horror bros, but I imagine thats where it comes from. Doom 1 was somewhat spooky before everyone adapted more advanced styles to control the character better.
  3. Okay since no one is answering you Ill get involved. Basically youll note that there are texture pairings. You just add onto them. That might sound plain, but think of them as asset packs. You just put in the style of, but instead of what you normally get, there will be yours in addition alongside that match. -Wood -Metal -Green Marble -Orange Tech Base -White Tech Base -Flesh -Tomb -Rock Wood has various wood panels Metal has rivets that have various levels of damage or rust Green marble has those statue heads (A white marble would be excellent) Orange and White Tech base has machine panels. Flesh has spines and eyes Tomb has torches Rock has gradient and color of rock There are tons other, but youll have to make it work in your own way. These are assets that fits nicely to accent outcroppings. You do stuff like that, small to big. Pretty soon you can recreate something big and replace, but itll still match the pairing style. A lot of the smaller stuff is interchangeable. Youll probably want your floors and ceilings to blend into everything so they get max use. Its not one of my strong suits, but youll note that its easier once things are categorized. Try to sort them all out into pairings and see what each might need. Disrepair or overgrowth might be an angle you could go. Gore versions could work. You could go a few ways once its all known. A big one - recolorings a small one - one or two hybrid pairings specifically made so you can place or combine pairings closer together so they dont clash as hard. (Wood is a low tier hybrid pairing between tech base and green marble as an example.) No, I dont know them all. Im a tad lazy, but a key component is blending things together and then have maybe a few contrast colors in setting. Once you have something of a setting, you need to blend it into the church youre building. It isnt even about the stained glass. You just dont want your eyeballs to doubt the blend youre building into. Dont go wild with it. Just approach it slowly. Once you have enough assets, itll come together. tldr: categorize every texture into pairings and get a far off setting built, then texture something that isnt even close to the church and work your way there using something familiar. Blend it well and youll go places. Its gotta be in style of what already exists, small to big, as soon as youre comfortable enough with a fully done custom in that style that blends well, its not hard to build into something wholly new - which is your stained glass window.
  4. Dreamskull

    Should I replay ALL cacoawards

    Okay, so thats settled then. Youll need to come back here after youve played a few and give us your ratings; should be fun to see.
  5. Dreamskull

    Should I replay ALL cacoawards

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/psykoplex22 You wanted something, here ya go, but I bet you didnt expect me to fire back with anything.
  6. Dreamskull

    Should I replay ALL cacoawards

    I originally agreed with Bloo because I dont care about pretty maps. Im all in on that gameplay and I dont want to be a tourist about it.
  7. Dreamskull

    Should I replay ALL cacoawards

    Bloo is right, but you can still play them. The real question is why do you have to ask us all beforehand for permission? You know plenty well someone was going to tell you "no" and whatever else. Also, its not subjective thing. Thats a copout. The awards were given for serious reason. Its not floofy as you want to make it. It happened. What are you going to do?
  8. Dreamskull

    How do you do secrets the "right" way?

    I used to be pro secret until I realized its more secret not to mark secrets. Good arguements exist for marked secrets benefitting continuous play through multiple levels though, say you give the player a weapon earlier than normal or something like that. Whatever it is has got to justify.
  9. Dreamskull

    Fellow insomniacs?

    Typically, theres a small window where your body can sleep as it should. The key is to recognize this and just go sleep. If you miss this window, your body will refuse to sleep at all other times and will go go go until it crashes. You dont need the full 8 hours, but you do need a workable schedule. All professional insomniacs are secret morning people.
  10. Dreamskull

    Best monster design in a DooM game.

    The Pinky is fantastic.
  11. Dreamskull

    Share some oddball fight concepts

    Okay, imagine a large encounter room that has a boundary wall around it. This room is large enough to house an empty space of pinkies and these pinkies exist in large swarms that are then placed behind a bunch of invisible block monster linedefs, enough to create walls made of pinkies that try to chomp at the player in very close proximity. With enough "pinky walls" you create a fully functional maze that does not ever block the player. The player must navigate through this pinky wall maze, but since the linedefs do not block the player, the player can travel through whichever pinky wall IF he has ammo enough to create the space to cross over. For this reason the ammo should be kept to a minimum. They follow the player as the player travels to and fro and there are tricks and traps to allow the pinkies to cross into the maze OR shift the maze around so the layout is different as the player progresses through the maze. Limit any teleportation. The idea is certain linedefs do not block the pinkies; you can pull some wizard stuff to time it. ...or something along the line! I relinquish this idea so no harm, no foul.
  12. Dreamskull

    What makes a good city level?

    Ive got to bump this to hear what other people have to say about this topic because I want to see more of this type of map, if you dont mind.
  13. Dreamskull

    Rate That Custom Enemy!

    The Evil Marine, especially the plasma gun variant, is hands down GOAT 11/10 cannot be beat. Im a big fan of custom monsters, but I can only go so far. I will only vote on the original three you wanted to talk, but it just so happens that the Evil Marine is an EASY All-Star pick deserving of top billing. Afrit is decent, but only out of uniqueness. Hes too tanky to be used as a swarm monster, which is what flying monsters are good for. Theres one other thing. If you want my personal opinion. the HAEDEXEBUS is a better example of a meaty ground enemy remade to fly.
  14. Dreamskull

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    I saw that just 3 days back! I highly recommend you go check it out.
  15. They only keep to the various interpretations model because they want to eventually be able to shoehorn bad element back into things. The horror element needs to be striken down and removed from Doom entirely. I have been awakened to the truth. Its not a horror element, its SUSPENSE.