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  1. CommiePuncher


    You should go and tell your friends about Doom! That's how I got into it; another student met me and talked to me about Doom II.
  2. CommiePuncher

    Place crazy weapon ideas here

    A gun that with every successful hit place adds an additional barrel.
  3. CommiePuncher

    So, where are you from?

    I'm from Los Angeles, California.
  4. CommiePuncher

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I've been shot at whilst on vacation.
  5. CommiePuncher

    Your Vision of Hell?

    I've always thought it would be interesting if someone made a Hell map where you genuinely felt alone. It's pitch black, and only the occasional enemy would appear, and you felt no sense of direction. You'd always be low on health and ammunition, and you'd always hear sounds and footsteps but never figure out where they lead. Sure it may not be the best gameplay, but it's interesting take on Hell.