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    What Happened to Arch-Viles?

    I know this is probably an "old" topic by now, but why weren't Arch-Viles included in DOOM 4? It seems that the new Summoners would be way more straining on a game because of it's powers. (Creating new beasties instead of resurrecting them) My best guess (without researching the subject) would be that A. It would be difficult to reverse the beautiful little giblets that you turn the demons into via Glory Kills, B. Bethesda didn't like Arch-Viles because let's be honest, they're assholes, or, C. They didn't want the entire game to be identical to the originals. That being said, I'm probably completely off on these guesses because I know barely anything about game coding and shit, and am not on the up-and-up on with the inner workings of Bethesda and modern ID, except that Bethesda wants DLC money.