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  1. Will you please make a screenshot if you want?
  2. Hope I will find some answers till I'l get back from grandma.
  3. lol i wanted to say field XD
  4. Yes! I want it look like a filed. sry my english again
  5. I want to do something like... I don't know.. Oh wait! Like in hellonearthstarterpack.wad, here, let me show you, I want to put the F_SKY1 on the wall, so he looks like this:
  6. How could I change the F_SKY1 graphic, to be placeable in Doom Duilder 2 on a wall too?(sry my english :P )
  7. Wich is best to use? GZDoom, ZDoom or Zandronum?
  8. Ohh and yeah, over .pk3 files too.
  9. I recently installed Zandronum, and, I don't know why, these icons appeared over my .wads files. Can someone tell me please why?
  10. Thank you soo much ! I solved the proplem.
  11. Wait. I'm proccesing.... I have no ideea how to explain. In Zandronum you see all a little bit in pixels. In GZDoom, you still can see some of the pixels but less then Zandronum. I just want to see more clearly, I tink this is the point.
  12. Well, then, like the latest GZDoom. I don't know wich it was the latest one...