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  1. chucky3456

    Do the Doom... Movie

    William Shatner as the doomguy: Marines log, Mars date 231763.6 rounded to the... nearest decimal. Well.... all hell.... has broken loose... on this... desolate planet. I am armed with... just a shotgun. I don't care what it takes... I am going to... rip and tear apart these demons. I've got to mister! End log.
  2. chucky3456

    Do the Doom... Movie

    But in Castaway, he had the volleyball to chat with. Maybe the DoomGuy will befeind an imp or zombie, and have long chats with it throughout the movie (LMFAO). Hey, it could be worse. they could just port the Doom Comic to a movie!
  3. chucky3456

    Doom Movie Update?

    Am I the only one that thinks that the DooM movie should be 3d? Look how good they made the cutscenes look. If they used the same models, a 3d movie would kick ass!
  4. chucky3456

    Doom 3 Review

    its the September issue, so my guess is Sept. 1, but there are scans of it all over the net (I removed mine becuase I was told it is illegal). If you REALLY want to find it before Sept., google it.
  5. chucky3456

    Doom 3 Review

    The PC Gamer review that I read said "PC Gamer was the only publication in the world to review Doom 3 a split-second after id declared it 'done.'" PC Gamer did review the gold version of the game, so THEY were the first to review it. If you want to see it, go buy the magazine. edit: thanks for the advice, didn't know it was illegal.
  6. chucky3456

    The Dreamcast Is Dead, Damnit

    Hey, I love my dreamcast and NxDoom. I don't care if its a dead system, it cost me a fraction of the price of a nex PS2 or Xbox
  7. chucky3456

    Doom books

    I will give away my creditcard info if anyone has a digital copy (e-book) of all 4 books. I want to read them no matter how bad they are. e-mail me at chucky3456@hotmail.com if you are interested in selling your e-books
  8. chucky3456

    Doom3 New Monsters?

    I thought of a really good final boss. Make the marine fight Satan himself. Make like a giant Barren of Hell. That is all fire red, with bloody horns. Make this thing really hellish and scarry. Give him the power to become invisable for like 30 seconds or so. That would be truely cool.