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  1. Will give this one a look. if you want I can trow up a server with it @MrPred. Also @spwnSH4Rk picked Blackrose ctf for a wadazine flag fest. Maybe we can do Brutal CTF next week
  2. Looks nice. Maybe @spwnSH4Rk can run it for a WFF or @Krawa for a ZDS to be testplayed.
  3. Flambeau

    Wadazine Flag Fest #03: Jad's CTF

    Start is at 6:00 PM CDT @Endless ;)
  4. Flambeau

    gothic deathmatch

    good point there Doomkid
  5. This week we are going to play the prequel to NSExl_b called Halo_gen. A 10 map wad that will bring some nice FFA action. Lil_Ruff won't be joining you guys the coming weeks, he is on a much deserved break. But don't worry, he will be back! Load up your weapons, press spawn and frag away! Wednesday Night Deathmatch is the flagship weekly event of the United States Doom and Quake Community. Join us on Discord to engage in ridiculous voice chats during the events. Everyone is welcome. Date: July 7, 2021 Time: 8:00PM CDT Skill: Nightmare Fraglimit: 40 Timelimit: 8 IWAD: doom2 PWADs: halo_gen.wad Maps: MAP01-MAP10 Players: 16/32 To keep up with The US Doom & Quake Community, join the USDQC Discord
  6. Flambeau

    Liberosis (WIP)

    looking forward to this
  7. Flambeau

    zdaemon status

    Im eating your food. I just got into multiplayer DOOM since yesterday and I enjoyed it every single day since then!
  8. @Keyboard_Doomer is present in the session, so there is always the live coop block fixing with the TNS scripts, but thanks for already notifying about it!
  9. Flambeau

    ZDaemon 1.10.17 has been released!

    could. Also, you are late this time Edward.
  10. Flambeau

    ZDaemon 1.10.17 has been released!

    Now I can finally make a map of my mother-in-law her butt!
  11. Flambeau

    Odamex 10.4.0 - Quakecon 2023 Edition!

    Back on topic. Nice release.
  12. Flambeau

    Not many people playing Deathmatch in Australia

    Amen Doomkid
  13. Flambeau

    [wip] ESP3 - Eternal Slumber Party 3 (8 maps)

    Thanks to @NationwideMoose for providing the US server for that ;)
  14. Flambeau

    ZDaemon 1.10.15 Released - Happy New Year!

    Happy new year!!!