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  1. 09:02[ <toxicfluff> heh, at home
    09:02[ <iori_> oh
    09:02[ <toxicfluff> Just I don't like people snooping at stuff like this.
    09:02[ <iori_> heh yeah
    09:02[ <toxicfluff> I'm very private, about well anything.
    09:02[ <toxicfluff> Not exactly private.
    09:02[ <xiO_> except your privates, ironically
    09:02[ <toxicfluff> But I don't like things spreading beyond the people they're intended for.
    09:03[ <toxicfluff> Heh, my body's open for discussion 8 days a week.
    09:03[ <iori_> exactly
    09:03[ <iori_> ...
    09:03[ <iori_> :P
    09:05[ <toxicfluff> hehe
    09:05[ <toxicfluff> I hold a sort of distaste for the shell I am constantly encased in, but it's functions amuse me.
    09:05[ <toxicfluff> Like attracting gay witches.
    09:06[ <iori_> gay witches eh?
    09:06[ <toxicfluff> Yeah
    09:06[ <toxicfluff> seriously.
    09:06[ <iori_> ...care to elaborate?
    09:06[ <iori_> because I dont follow
    09:06[ <toxicfluff> I used to go for these long walks through the woods really late at night/early in the morning.
    09:07[ <xiO_> hehe gay witches
    09:08[ <toxicfluff> hehe
    09:08[ <toxicfluff> Seriously though
    09:08[ <toxicfluff> And he was out with his dogs.
    09:08[ <toxicfluff> About 2am
    09:08[ <toxicfluff> and I met a fucking gay witch, in the woods.
    09:08[ <toxicfluff> And so, I said I'd take a walk with him
    09:08[ <iori_> ...can you define witch?
    09:09[ <toxicfluff> you know, I figured it might be kind of interesting. It's unusual for a person to walk out in the woods late at night.
    09:09[ <iori_> like...a hermit?
    09:09[ <toxicfluff> And interesting it was.
    09:09[ <toxicfluff> No, he ran a pub.
    09:09[ <iori_> and your not making this up?
    09:09[ <toxicfluff> heh
    09:09[ <toxicfluff> I'm not
    09:09[ <toxicfluff> His daughter was the biggest fuck-up ever
    09:09[ <toxicfluff> Anyway
    09:09[ <toxicfluff> and so I took a walk with him
    09:09[ <toxicfluff> and he started telling me about how the planets were having sex all the time.
    09:09[ <toxicfluff> And all this witchy stuff
    09:10[ <toxicfluff> And then he just kinda paused out of the blue, and turned to look at me.
    09:10[ <xiO_> I think someone has poisoned your crumpets
    09:11[ <toxicfluff> I'M FUCKING SERIOUS
    09:11[ <iori_> i believe ya
    09:11[ <toxicfluff> And he just stood there for ages, silently.
    09:11[ <toxicfluff> And I was getting fucking creeped out at this point.
    09:11[ <toxicfluff> Especially by the silence, and the unwavering stare.
    09:11[ <toxicfluff> And so, I figured I'd better start talking.
    09:11[ <toxicfluff> So I asked him about the planets.
    09:12[ <toxicfluff> And he said not to talk or ask about it again, with this menacing tone.
    09:12[ <toxicfluff> And then he continued talking.
    09:12[ <toxicfluff> And we started walking again.
    09:13[ <toxicfluff> And so we went further into the woods
    09:13[ <toxicfluff> , cue another stare, and more silence.
    09:13[ <toxicfluff> He then tells me he found me very attractive, and that I'd better go now.
    09:13[ <toxicfluff> Ok, now the next bit is gonna sound a bit weird, but I can't explain why I do the things I do.
    09:14[ * xiO_ continues to furiously masturbate to the story
    09:14[ <toxicfluff> So I kneeled down on the grass, and reached towards his zip....
    09:14[ <toxicfluff> kidding
    09:14[ <toxicfluff> But I did kiss him before walking away.
    09:14[ <toxicfluff> 09:13[ <toxicfluff> Ok, now the next bit is gonna sound a bit weird, but I can't explain why I do the things I do.
    09:14[ <toxicfluff> [/disclaimer]
    09:15[ <xiO_> an odd story
    09:15[ <xiO_> cowabunga!
    09:15[ <xiO_> so that actually happened?
    09:16[ <toxicfluff> yeah
    09:17[ <toxicfluff> Goddamn that town was full of weird people.
    09:17[ <iori_> you dont know why you kissed him?
    09:17[ <toxicfluff> no
    09:17[ <toxicfluff> Occasionally I do irrational things.
    09:17[ <toxicfluff> It's like a compulsion. Also combined with a what-the-hell kind of attitude
    09:17[ <iori_> Well what you did has always been my nightmare
    09:17[ <toxicfluff> This is probably gonna be posted all over Doomworld.

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