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  1. Meanwhile, me:
  2. I'm going to try to play all the cacowards of this year, oh yeah.

    1. SOSU


      0_o; and what if you already played them all?

    2. Anidrex_1009


      I was thinking about that, but I have hopes that they would surprise me with something new !! And if not ... REPLAY ALL DAY.


      I kinda like Doom.

    3. SOSU


      heh,we guys who made HUMP hope if it will be a runner up.And i want Serious Sidhe to be one too.

  3. I start to realize that I do not play a lot of recent games and I usually go back a lot to old games, although I am actively playing RE7 and GTA V (I just finished Wolfestein 2, but I think I will not play it again in a while, even though it was great.) However, in the last few nights, I'm playing FEAR again.
  4. Feeding the beast.
  5. I started playing in the 2000 lates and even so I consider it fantastic, I have never been very fond of graphics.
  6. Quite late, but I was 13 years old so... it was about the right time for a kid to get super excited.
  7. And also, why would you eat right next to your computer? Have some respect man. jk
  8. My first version, for me, it was love at first sight. Sadly at the time I had no way to save the file, so the only old version I have is the v19 :T
  9. The BIOS froze completely once, it was my first PC error, I almost cried.
  10. A hidden jewel.



  11. The epic pose of victory after the bloody combat. This pic remastered would be really cool.
  12. Ahh, I remember that, we are at our peak of evolution...
  13. Hotline Miami has some epic music.
  14. I remeber it for its huge size when it came out, 25 gb was a lot for me back then.
  15. What a beautiful list.