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  1. In the house of my uncle, in xmas, in a family meeting, I was there, playing.
  2. A good Newstuff Chronicles a day makes the heart shine again.
  3. Brutal Doom plus Nuts.wad .
    Fantastic for a first try, the combat its decente, sometimes a little bit boring, but overall, its worth the time.
    It feels like a trip to a circus of terror, at first you are confused and scared, but in the same way you are having fun. Nothing special, a decent attempt to create a map with a large number of rooms and enemies, to kill time was good.
  4. I would watch it just because of the Lolz, I mean. ''... And Im all outta of gum. ''
  5. HOOOOW, can I organize my Doom wads or folder? Its just a mess

    1. KVELLER


      That seems like something that could be solved relatively easily if you have patience.

  6. Spy Hunter, a PS2 gem.
  7. Doom could also be a quite unique horror movie. I mean, ''Demon Invansion'', thats scary.
  8. Getting ready for a big cool trip in some days, Tajumulco volcano is going to be amazing.




    Why I'm posting this on Doomworld ...

    1. Myst.Haruko


      I hope it will be good trip ;)

  9. Arch-Vile. You know why.
  10. This year they did not give me anything ... which makes me feel a little bad because I'm not too old either.
    Play this map a while ago and then I will make this clear with a few simple words: It's unique, I've never tasted anything so exotic and fantastic. Incredible and outstanding, a masterpiece.