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  1. Anidrex_1009

    REKKR - V1.11

    Wow! This actually looks delightful! Gotta give it a try right now, nice job! Reminds me a lot to Lot and TES IV. I like that.
  2. Anidrex_1009

    Wonderful Doom, v.1.3

    This feels like a very well done remake or somethint like that, its pure vanilla and has an amazing layout based on the original Doom, I also enjoy vanilla a lot like some other Doomers so overall, this is a great megawad.
  3. Anidrex_1009

    Doom Streams

    Damn, keep going and you may become a legend.
  4. Anidrex_1009

    Post your Gamer Throne®

    You all need plastic in your lives!

  6. Years and years, yet this game is still one of the best in the world.



  7. Anidrex_1009

    Unreal Gold is currently free on GOG

    Such an underrated gem, pure awesome, a perfect fps for its time.
  8. Space and music, perfect. 

    1. TFK


      I have always been a Hans Zimmer fan.

  9. Serious Sam vs Duke Nukem?


    How about that?

    1. SOSU


      The strongest of the two wins ;)

    2. Anidrex_1009


      Umm... that would be Sam, probably.

  10. Anidrex_1009

    Finally, I own it!!!

    Look at that beautiful physical edition! Fantastic collection you have! Congratz.
  11. Anidrex_1009

    NEW Favorite Source Port thread (Multiple Choice Poll)

    GZDoom master race.
  12. Anidrex_1009

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    7 Computers?Holy crackers, thats nasa stuff right there. Haha.
  13. Anidrex_1009

    How did you come up with your username?

    Mine is the simple combination of my second name with the second name of my girlfriend, and the X is because I like how it sounds, it reminds me of a T rex, however I have the disadvantage that in multiplayer, people usually call me with'' Ani ''... and it does not sound very masculine to be said. Haha. Oh, and the 1009 is a totally random number.
  14. Anidrex_1009

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    I love all Dead Space, I have finished all multiple times, DS2 being my favorite, I've finished it about 20 times, to such an extent that I'm able to do a decent 2 hour and a half speedrun. DS1 is much slower, much creepy and tense, but still great; Hardcore mode in DS2 was something really special, did it in two days with zero deaths after 80 hours of pure practice and memorization, such a great moment.