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  1. Y así como el fuego consume la carne de todo pecador, el agua purificara los pulmones de aquellos que buscan la redención. No son desgraciados aquellos ahogados, no son malditos ni destrozados, sus almas están intactas en su fe, pero su espíritu, raptado por la corrupción. 

    Yo soy Baridiel, yo vengo a ahogar a aquellos que buscan redención.

    Yo soy tu ultima oportunidad, yo seré tu ultimo pavor. Yo te guiare por el camino de las sombras mientras luchas contra tus propios monstruos, yo te llevare a las montañas de la locura mientras liberas tus insanas mentalidades, yo te romperé cada partícula de odio y corrupción, yo te haré sufrir. Pero debes de aprender, hermano. El dolor es bueno, siéntelo una ultima vez.


    Lmao, just some spanish from myself. 

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    2. Anidrex_1009


      I still think is truly nice. Dialect can be quite tricky, spanish has a lot of dialect from all countries.

      In Spain I believe they use the word Tio (Uncle) just like English uses ''Man'', like ''Hey man, how are you?''

      Meanwhile here in Guatemala, we use words like Patojo (Kid) Sho (Silence) Maje(A rude way to say Man)  and peaple tend to be really rude sometimes while using this dialects. I myself, speak spanish pretty normal, so I dont have much experiencie with those special words. But I love my lenguaje. 

    3. Anidrex_1009


      Thats is Latin Spanish, wich is also called Neutro.

      Spanish true form is called Castellano or Español Iberico. 

    4. SOSU


      Heh in albania people started using "plak" (old man) as their "hey man",i wonder where that came from but i believe its from german slang because they use "alter" (older,old person etc) just like americans use "man".
      Ahh we albanians use "djali" (kid) when we talk to one we don't know,a friend of mine did something funny in a school fest,a friend of us was selling different sweets meanwhile my other frined said "euu djali,po e kam me ty!ma jep mu njat aty" (oii kid,yes i am talking to you!,give me that there,) and them he said to me "hey i am calling him "djali" like if don't know who he is,it may not sound funny to you but we albanias love tto joke about the words we use all day.