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  1. Just thinking, those any goood ''Story'' wads exist out there? Like, with actual plot? Haha I know how Doom works, but getting out of the box is fun. 

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    2. Anidrex_1009


      Thank you a lot! I am trying some wads right now but I wont some special like those Plot Wads, gonna have a good time right now haha. 

    3. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      Really wishing I'd held off for a bit on posting, now. The Massmouth series is silly and has a plot. ZEN DYNAMICS! Winter's Fury! Ultimate Torment and Torture has a plot, not super detailed but there's voice acting. The City of the Damned: Apocalypse has a plot you sort of piece together. Daedalus, I would say is certainly more plotty then most.

    4. Doomkid


      Well I mean it's something I made so beware, but UAC Rebellion does have some sort of plot. There are story screens every 3 maps or so.