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  1. Haha, that FPS scene in the movie of Doom is quite entertaining, although, well ... is the only thing that is saved from the movie, and even so I think the scene could be made much better.

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    2. Nevander


      I love that whole sequence. Definitely the best part of the movie, and when Reaper and Sarge are fighting. It was like a one life deathmatch game.

    3. Marlamir


      one of the first think that i thought was: who the hell direct this, this has nothing to do with doom but after that i realized it was made nearly at  the same time like doom 3 so the movie was something like (bad) commercial for the game :/

      and don't remind me super mario movie, what a ... movie

    4. Marlamir


      really srry for double post but wasn't the last fight something like tribute to deathmatch?