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  1. Question for those creators of WADs, it is not enough for my school year to end, I will finally have vacations and I will be able to start in the world of the WADs, just wanted to know if you do some kind of test or sketch of your maps before? For example, I have a notebook where I point data or concepts of Doom, there I also put the concepts for future creations or projects, including schemes of how I would like the map to appear, any advice?

    1. Marlamir
    2. MrGlide


      I'm exhausted. comment back on this and I'll link you to some really nice threads later.

    3. Memfis


      I tried it a few times, but it just feels boring to recreate what I drew earlier. If I already have an image of what I'm trying to do, it's kind of like there is no excitement since I know what I'll get in the end. I find it much more fun to improvise so that I can surprise myself by whatever I come up with on the spot. Not sure if it will be the same for you, just something to think about.