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Status Updates posted by Endless

  1. Just finished uploading the first 4 WADs from Maximum Doom. Surprisingly, not that bad, and had a lot of fun as a matter of fact. Sorry for the shitty audio, still figuring out audio mixing.






    1. taufan99


      Oh hey, 1-on-1! Someone also made a PsyDoom conversion of it a while ago.


  2. So, here it is. My journey begins, today!



  3. Been thinking a lot about shovelware CDs lately. I think it is time I finally take the plunge and play all of Maximum Doom. Not a true doomer if I haven't swallowed all of it!


    And this might also be a nice opportunity to finally record some videos and archive/preserve playthroughs of these rare maps that will most likely make me go insane. And yet, I still have the itch to go through all of it. It is a kind of guilty-pleasure, I guess. I enjoy their rare and ominous quality. In a way, it feels like going back to 1995 and enjoying the simplicity sadism of golden years.


    Already worked a awesome thumbnail with the help of @4MaTC too!



    1. Andromeda


      Good luck soldier, you'll need it! :P

    2. Searcher


      Awesome thumbnail.  I hope you are up to the brain damage with those.  Some have no exit because of the editing tools of the day and editing inexperience.  Others are three cybers in a small room.

      Good luck.  Do what you can.For historical purposes. Very commendable.  Soldier on!

  4. Here's the latest posts at my blog. Some reviews and the last part of the 90s WADs articles. I wasn't really able to do much these last weeks, but here it is.

    1. Geniraul


      I was impressed with the 99 Ways to Die review — it's balanced and contains many good and valuable points. I'm also glad the part 2 of the article about 90s WADs came out, posted a link to it on my Telegram channel ;) It was cool to read other people expreiences and thoughts too!

    2. Endless


      Happy to hear that! And thanks for sharing. I finished the Why Play 90s WADs? article a few weeks ago, but hadn't posted it here yet, so glad to see you like it.

  5. Hey people! Don't forget to check out our latest Wadazine issue, and, if you wish to contribute to the next one, I welcome you to our Discord where we manage and organize all our work :)


  6. Next Wadazine issue is almost done! Here's a look at the cover:



    1. taufan99


      Lookin' sweet already!

    2. Chipper35



  7. Just finished a review here on my blog, here's what's new. Three fantastical WADs to quickly blast through and enjoy.



    Playing modern WADs isn't so bad after all, wink wink.

  8. Here's what's new on my blog, including an article on why I love playing 90s WADs:

    First part, next part, I'll be adding some commentary from fellow old-school appreciators :) Hope you guys enjoy the reads.

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    2. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress

      All good. I figured it was something as simple as having the siderbar on the left and getting loaded first, and something as dumb as it being baked in. Don't stress too much on it - you got a guaranteed reader here.

    3. Geniraul



      But let’s say you are a Mexican WW2 history buff. <...> Well, unless you have a lot of money to make a trip to Europe, you are probably not going to actually be able to have the feel of being in a place that was, once, a clash of titans and nations.


      <...> As a Doom fan, I can actually live and breathe that history. I can go to the /idgames archive and just look for a random WAD from 1994, and here I am, touching the bricks of Alexandria.



      This is actually a very interesting point, I never thought about it that way! Posted a link to the article on my Telegram channel ;)

    4. Endless


      Thanks for sharing!

  9. So, I decided to re-ignite my old-school blog with some cool Doom stuff and I've been publishing a little material to give it some weight. So, all you Doomers here that like to follow my project and articles, can now go check it out to get your daily dose of Doom :)


    For now, here's what I published:


    Feel free to check it out, and I would love to read some comments or opinions. And thanks to everyone that has made my stay in the worlds of Doom, so much cooler and enjoyable.


    As for the future, you can expect more reviews, status updates, and essays about Doom. Some of the material might be old stuff that I only published on the Wadazine, so there's likely to be a few recycles here and there. I prefer it this way since now, with the glacial-pace that the Wadazine has taken, this is my little way to release all that Doom itch.

    1. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress

      As much as I love and appreciate the Wadazine and all the effort that goes into it, intricate and detailed pdf's are probably my least favourite thing to attempt to read on my phone, so bite-sized blogpost reviews and essays really tickle my taint.


      Best of luck on the book project, too. Roots is hands-down the most impressive thing I have ever read on the subject of videogames, so seeing how someone with your experience approaches similar themes and expands on others is bound to be a treat.

    2. Endless


      Oh I can understand that. We design them to be read on PCs in single-page mode (most of the time) so it can get quite tricky on phone.


      And thanks a lot! Tackling such an undertaking is quite the challenge, especially considering there's some bits of info and history that you wouldn't really know unless you were there, but I will do the best I can :)

    3. Zylinderkatze


      Required reading for my Sunday evening!

  10. Who here still reads blogs or follows some topic-related blogposter? I find it a little bit sad how the blog scene seems to be have dipped down in popularity and relevancy. I imagine the main reason behind this is probably the prevalence and accessibility of video vlogs, which seem to be more attractive to the modern user.


    I enjoy videos, but I seem to lack the attention span to properly finish them. Even a 10-long video becomes quite the annoyance after a while. Reading tends to capture my attention more, and it is one of my main sources of entertainment nowadays. Blogs like ONEMANDOOM are gems that I really wish were more common and active.


    I still have a semi-active blog myself, but it is mostly related to Warhammer 40k and Dungeons & Dragons stuff, but I been a little behind it lately because I haven't played none of those games for a while now due to lack of group/players, so I was thinking about resurrecting it with some personal Doom content. Maybe someone here would be interesting in what this endless man has to say? But then again, I fear it might just get dusted into the wind in quiet silence. I would love to have more interaction, but it seems videos are the ones that get the most and I don't really find myself enjoying video creation and editing.


    But who knows, might do something someday :)

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    2. Endless


      Essays is something I've been thinking about lately. Mostly my ramblings and thoughts about the art of WAD making, and also general things I like and would like to see more in Doom, as well as going a little more deep into the insights of certain facets of the game. Most likely, the thing I would write the most is WAD reviews. It's been a while since I last did and I would love to return to it.


      And I was only aware of Goblin Punch, the rest are quite new to me. Thanks a lot, they look great.

    3. PhoxFyre007


      Honestly, your writing has inspired me in the past to start writing my own stuff. But I've not dedicated to anything in a long time. I honestly need to again.

    4. Endless


      Thanks a lot for the kind words! :)


      If you do ever feel like writing some Doom stuff, consider joining the Wadazine to have a little platform to share your write-ups.

  11. Just released a new single-level PWAD! Hell Under, an E4M1 tribute. Created this level after feeling inspired and also as a little practice for a future project I'd like to do.


    Go check it out ! :D




  12. Happy 25th anniversary to Unreal! One of my favorite games of all time, and my 2nd favorite FPS game (after Call of Dute, obviously) ever! Unreal is a precious gem that holds a dear value to me. As celebration, we'll be creating an special one-shot issue with the Wadazine team! If there's any Unreal fans here, feel free to join us.


    As such, I'm opening a contribution window to any Unreal fan out there that wishes to join us in this new celebration!


    • You can find our submission guidelines in our Discord, or here: https://wadazine.com/contact/
    • Anything that's Unreal related is welcome
    • Send me via DM the submissions once they are done @[WZ] 𝕰𝖓𝖉𝖑𝖊𝖘𝖘 on Discord.
    • Deadline for submissions: June 5




  13. Ohhhh shiiiiit, it's happening! The MonsterVerse lives!



  14. It's been a while since you last visited. Hope you are doing well! Miss your work, one of the best vanilla mappers out there.

  15. @Arrowhead and I just released a 6-level DM WAD for those frag lovers out there. Pretty great for duel and 2-4 FF, go check it out:


  16. Well, haven't played Doom in a long while now, at least since December which is probably one of my biggest hiatus in years hah. This year is also going to be Doom's 30th birthday, and I hope to be ready when the time comes. I'm already starting a heavy finals week at college, again, so I really haven't had that much time to check out the forums.


    I do miss writing. We are still working on the Wadazine Awards, but, sadly, most of the work force has stopped and playing dozens and dozens of WADs with only a few busy doomers is quite the challenge nowadays. Still, it will come, at some point.


    Oh, Unreal is also celebrating its 25th year in May, another special game that I also wish to celebrate with some special contributions, so, Unreal Master Magazine?


    I've also come to lament the lack of updates and progress in the Wadazine, but truth be told, most of us are tired, and there is already very few of us that are still actively working on it, and it has been a long while since anyone with the energy and enthusiasm to work and write has joined us. The discord, while still growing, seems as if most of the new faces are there just to watch or complain about pings, so there's that. Those few active contributors that are still with us are amazing, and I wish I could whip out InDesign and finish issues like there's no tomorrow, but alas, do too much and you end up spreading thin. While I don't have any plans to leave the project or abandon it, I am starting to worry and wonder if I could leave it in the hands of someone else, worse comes...


    I guess it lies in my fault for choosing such a platform. Magazines are already a dying breed in this part of the world, and making one for an old school game is like making your hobby a niche of the niche. Of course there's not going to be a lot of contributors, as the sheer demographic population is quite small compared to, say, a modern MOBA or some other current shit. Still, I'm a big fan of making my life a living challenge by doing things that are hard, rare, and have no popular presence and little suport. I am, of course, partially joking. Partially, for it is a challenge.


    Anyway, I might try to do something else as a Wadazine-side project that doesn't require as much effort as a full issue. I was thinking perhaps a newsletter, but then the question comes, is the effort, time and production worth it? Would people like it? Read it? I have come to a point in life when I wonder if what I do is worth doing, since most of my hobbies don't really entertain me as they used to, and I find myself feeling isolated and self-deflected from activities or interaction. I guess that's what I miss. Interaction. The idea that you do something that generates discussion, growth and entertainment, that's what I would like to do. And yet, I still keep doing it. I probably came a few decades to late to get into the fanzine field, and I have never been quite that excited to create videos, which seem to be the go-to form of passive entertainment nowadays.


    So, the question that lingers across my lips like a sour drop of blood remains, is it all worth doing?

    1. taufan99


      Endless, my dear friend, here's something I've thought up about since I read your status back on Sunday.


      I see that you're in a contemplation phase regarding the Wadazine. Nothing wrong with that, as everyone will eventually contemplate about their life decision(s) at one point. That's not to say you should definitely call it quits, though. Everyone else who has been involved in the project, including the likes of Immorpher, Roebloz, and me, is grateful for being able to contribute to the Wadazine. It has helped us hone our skills, be they writing, graphics editing, or even anything else.


      In fact, I still consider it a good replacement for /newstuff Chronicles, what with Bloodshedder being only very sporadically active as of now. People often consider browsing through the Doomworld forums (or even other Doom-based forums) a chore of an activity just to discover worthy stuff, particularly the most recent releases out there. This is where the Wadazine shines. It gives a fast glimpse of noteworthy, or even at least playable WADs for those who don't want to browse through over a bunch of threads, comments, etc.


      As for the magazine/fanzine format, yeah, I'm aware of it attracting even less attention as time goes by. However, have you ever noticed other retro FPS fanzines? From E1M1 Magazine (yeah, I know the latest publication has been over 7 months ago due to an internal strife) to the most recent Reload Magazine. Perhaps it's not all fun and *cough* games, but it's certainly not all doom *cough cough* and gloom, either way, despite the waning interest to a large extent. You keeping the Wadazine free and accessible for virtually everyone might be, in fact, a detrimental factor in making it very acceptable among the Doom fandom across all sections.


      Of course, this is all just my own rambling. The ultimate decision goes back to you and yourself. That said, I hope we can keep on going in the future. Let's keep rocking!

    2. Endless


      I'm a little confused and troubled at your "keeping the Wadazine free and accessible for virtually everyone might be, in fact, a detrimental factor in making it very acceptable among the Doom fandom across all sections".


      The whole idea is to welcome Doom fans, the community on its own, and as far as I can tell, we haven't really blocked that? Not sure what you mean.


      As for the rest of it. I do wish to keep going, but, as I said, it has become increasingly difficult and decreasingly satisfactory to do so. Other ideas have come and go, but the Wadazine still remains and I do want to keep it that way. My only concern is what will happen when I either can't or don't want to keep doing it? Will it just die? Or will someone else take the reins? At this point, it feels mighty quiet around these parts to even find someone willing to, and I can understand that in a way.

    3. taufan99


      What I meant is that whereas other zines can only be wholly read by purchasing them, the DMW is available in entirety for free, which is more than enough to loosen the barrier with the audience.

      As of now, while we have yet to find someone who might want to continue the DMW, I doubt it'll just rot away like some of us fear about.

  17. New year, new me. Ladies, don't rush ;)



    1. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress

      Gettin' swole, brah!

  18. Since the thread is still locked... GOG will be delisting the Unreal franchise in December 23.


    1. Biodegradable


      If the original Unreal titles don't late appear on The Epic Store, I will be convinced that they seriously think nobody cares about their old games anymore.

    2. taufan99


      Welp... No other affordable legal option after that I guess. RIP Unreal franchise.

  19. Shout out to those communities and game devs that still support their games despite not having a fraction of the revenue and popularity Fotrnite produces:


    - Doom

    - Quake

    - Counter-Strike (pretty much any Valve game gets patches/updates to this day, no matter how old)

    - EverQuest

    - Ultima Online

    - Age of Empires

    - The Lord of the Rings Online

    - The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

    - Command and Conquer

    - EVE Online

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Thelokk


      @taufan99I tried my hand ar TRLE a while ago... didn't go too well XD might give it another shot. I do really like that one channel that does playthroughs of all custom community levels. 

    3. taufan99


      @Thelokk Yeah, I've heard it's rather complicated, especially since it has geometric limitations.

      Also, which channel? I'm aware of at least two active ones; Steven3517 and DoggettTV.

    4. Thelokk


      (So sorry for the hijack @Endless, last one I promise XD) Steven3517! I like their showcases.

  20. Happy birthday to the greatest FPS game of all time, and one of the most legendary series in history! 29 years of Doom, it is hard to believe that such an old bone is still kicking, and probably now more than ever. It is a good day to be a Doom fan.



  21. Was thinking about some of the pros and cons of digital media, and suddenly I remembered some old argument about how digital is more clean for the ambient, yet in recent days it has come to my attention the enormous amount of contamination and warming that servers produce around the world to store data.


    Another point in favor of physical?


    I do wonder if videogame boxes actually produce a lot of contamination. Unlike, let's say a milk boxes, most people don't tend to throw away their videogame boxes, and most people don't buy 3-4 boxes a week, lol.


    Conclusion: You are fucking up the world by just existing.




    I also miss big boxes.

    1. Thelokk


      If it messes up Spock, imagine me. 

    2. thelamp




      This interview is somewhat related, but has more to do with the failings of digital as an archival storage medium. Really interesting to consider how the ways we create, share and store media is still changing rapidly and far from perfect!

  22. I just realized it's been 5 years (Sept 1, 2017) since I joined the community. Nice. The early years, I remember I still couldn't speak English quite well and was just getting started into the world of Doom. It actually took me a while to get the gears finally moving and I became quite addicted during my 2019-2020 season. I've been playing on and off since 2013, according to Steam, and well, since then, a lot of shit has happened, some bad, some good, some great, some terrible. Doom has being quite the companion to me. The early years were full of awe and amazement. Discovering new WADs to play, source ports to try, mods to boot up and so many other things to try out from the massive galleries of custom content that the community produced, it was, well, pretty damn addictive.


    While I now feel a little bit off of steam (tired), I still play at least once a week. Perhaps it's the nature of things, to get burnout of the our favorite hobbies, or perhaps it's just a dent in the road, anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm not going anywhere for a long, long while. Doom is a great game, my favorite game, yet, the community is what really made it for me. The creation of the Wadazine has been one of my greatest achievements. A niche internet magazine, for a game that's almost 30 years old. I like to think that my efforts will leave a good mark in the history of this community. While I felt tired and disappointed at times, I'm always coming back for more. I actually had planned to celebrate my 5 years of Dooming with a megawad community project some months ago. Something Alien Vendetta and/or Eviternity inspired, limit-removing, perhaps. Sadly, I believe I'm not a good mapper, and I still struggle with anything that has to do with SLADE, but who knows? Maybe next year. For now, I just want to play, and perhaps write for Doom. Writing is my little corner of peace, the place I can be, and the place that lets me be. I'm happy to know that people read what I write, at least for Doom, even if only a few. I started like that, reading the reviews of many from the /newstuff Chronicles, and then reading the Cacowards features, and the awesome articles/essays created for the 25 years anniversary. Now that was really fucking awesome. I hope I can create something similar someday. I hope.


    Anyway, happy 5 years of Doom to me! And thanks to all the people that have helped me around anything, and made me some company in the solitude of the shores of hell!



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    2. Biodegradable


      You've done so much in such little time, lad. Be proud of your accomplishments and contributions to the community. ;^)

    3. Naarok0fkor
    4. Steve D

      Steve D

      A great thing about the Doom community is that cool people like you keep showing up. :)  By all means, stick around!

  23. Is it me, or did the Doomworld profile Activity feed stopped working since August 12? I can't see my activity feed or others latest activity. Odd.

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    2. Naarok0fkor


      Check to "see my activity" button, then click on "Status updates", then try this patch...


    3. Biodegradable


      Yeah I discovered the bug a while back. Some software update broke it. Hopefully, Ling will fix it soon. The "Unread Content" function is how I prefer to browse the forum.

    4. Searcher
  24. Happy 2nd anniversary to the Wadazine! Thanks to our awesome community and fans for keeping the dream alive!