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Status Updates posted by Endless

  1. I just thought I'd let you know that issue #2 of the Doom Master Wadazine is practically ready and will soon see the light of day.   :)

  2. Me after the 100th death on Scythe 2 map23.


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    2. Endless


      Hell no. Have you played it ? For a first time blind run, that map is nuts.

    3. Good-Old


      Not yet, but I am going to in a few days.

    4. Endless


      Oh boy. Godspeed. Its a great megawad, but that map will test your will to live.

  3. As somebody that spends a lot of time organizing wads in excel and other files with info, thank you for doing this. Its a pain in the ass trying to guess wich date format was used.




  4. Been thinking about a Doom 24 hours playthrough marathon! Would be cool, I've already done various 24 hour marathons before but never for Doom, maybe I'll do a thread to share my experiences and just have fun :D

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    2. Endless


      I wish I could, but unfortunately I don't have a good pc, I use a simple office laptop lol so I have never in my life used any livestreaming software or related.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      *literal Boom-er mode*: "ya know, without yer Jeezy Doom and Brutal mods you could probably livestream glboom-plus on a Pentium II"

    4. Endless


      Ayy I also play other mods u know

      I swear.


      No, but seriously, I'm not really that much into streaming anyway.

  5. Unreal Tournament 2004. A legendary fps with an amazing OST of over 3 hours. With extreme metal to the serene synth.

    One of my all-time-favorites.



  6. The magazine is out now! :D




  7. Self-add for a recent thread, hehe. Go check it out!



  8. Did Doomworld just went down for a few minutes or was it only me ?

    1. NuMetalManiak


      Nope, I had this issue too for a few minutes. In fact, a whole lot of sites seem to have had the same issue all across the web, which is very suspicious. I'm genuinely curious as to what's going on and how multiple known sites all went down at once.

      EDIT: Cloudflare went down. That's what happened.

    2. DuckReconMajor


      lol I was reading your reply and I was like 'sounds like when CloudFlare went down' and then yep

  9. Man, seeing the first seasons of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Friends makes me teary.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      It's the biggest market and as such the ones media companies throw the biggest fits about. 


      Friends and The Office leaving netflix (i guess only in US and maybe some other countries) was a pretty big story. Friends left the beginning of this year and The Office is leaving at the end of this year.

    3. Endless


      Weirdly enough, I still have Friends but I've never had the Office on netflix, and I do remember that the Fresh Prince went out of netflix for like a year and just recently came back.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      It's an absolute mess everywhere and I hope this nonsense streaming war isn't around for too much longer.

  10. lml Sigil MIDI is such a headbanging tune and this covers rocks.


    1. DuckReconMajor


      Making me choose between Buckethead and Jimmy was the cruelest part of Sigil.

  11. I miss being alone.



  12. Goodbye to this legend.



  13. One of my favorite Text Screen songs.


  14. My bestfriend made me this awesome book mark. So cool that it was handmade.


  15. 40 minutes of absolute insanity.




    1. Gothic


      The next map is not gonna be a walk in the park either.

  16. OMFG PLZ



  17. Holy heck. Nobody told me AV was such a freaking massacre.




    qJskHN9.png This map <3

  18. Look at this beauty, god I miss those classic magazines.



  19. I recently organized my ''history'' of wads played in Doom I and II, trying to give a little more order and flavor to my system. I quickly realized that, in one way or another, I have forgotten almost all the wads I have played. I barely have any memory of wads from 2018 or later, and I've been playing them since 2015 or 2016. This is really sad, on the one hand I am unable to remember the memories of those times and on the other hand I am worried about how forgetful I have become recently. Maybe that's what I get for playing too many wads in a short period of time and finishing them too quickly.


  20. I just introduced my best friend to Doom. She has never ever played any FPS game before, and she's loving it so far.


    Try to beat her record you neebws.


    1. LiT_gam3r


      she's still way better than me. 

  21. I think it would be really nice if there was a ''favorite'' option when saving topics. Theres some topics that I like and I follow because I want to know about the updates or something, but then theres some that I love and I want to have in a group apart from the rest. I think it would be nice if I could separte between ''followed topic'' and ''favorite topic''. Or maybe theres already that option and I haven't found it lol.


  22. Finally! JCP on UV. Geez, the first 20 so levels were amazing and unique, but fuck, the last levels were such a paaaain in the ass. I really dont care if the level is big and full of demons, but I do care that It makes sense. I spent half the time just trying to find the goddamn exit. From level 25 to 30, each level took me 40 min. Oof, I'm getting old.


  23. Wooah! I just found out about this.

    Why did I not heard it before ? Sounds like an awesome idea for many stuff here in the forums. Weird that it seems like its not that used, or maybe I'm just to enthusiast with everything I find lol.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Endless


      Looks like a very cool future that was prob done for the old mappers ''teams'' back in the day, or maybe just for something else. Kinda wish it was more active.

    3. Voltcom


      Where the hell did you discover that? I had no idea that people could start teams on the forum. I'm surprised more people haven't honestly.

    4. Endless


      @Voltcom By accident! It's not in the frontpage, nor in any other link or something, I was watching some vet Doomworld members and one of them had a ''Team'' section in their profile, so I check it: https://www.doomworld.com/teams/


      Pretty cool uh.

  24. Screenshot_Doom_20200618_002321.png.ec8cb614bdc158f5498ae4ea6838d17f.png

    Map 26 of the Japanese Community Project. An ABSOLUTE UNIT of a map, huge and fucking full of details. BUT HOLY HELL IT TOOK ME ALMOST 30 MIN TO FINISH IT. I just dont like this style, it's not the size the problem (woah there) it's just the sheer time that I lost by just finding switches and looking for keys, theres some switches that are done in such a way that it even looks like it's made just to be annoying. Maybe I'm gettin old, but map 25 and 26 left me sore (wooah there.) Still, fantastic megawad, but its gettin tired.