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  1. ''And oh, brother, if I had 4 wings, I'd give you all. I am not greedy, I am not violent, I am only a simple Samaritan in search of a good sustenance. But ... forgive me brother, my intentions this time are not directed to your pleasure, I have a task, a violent task. I do not seek home or bed where to rest, neither wine nor water to drink. I want your weapons, your strength and your power. I want the fire you use to burn the living and the lash to punish those already dead. I am a liberator, I am an exterminator, I am in search of the passion to see the glow of the last goodbye. You see brother, war and murder are the same. You call yourself a warrior with honor, but you are only obeying the orders of a superior hand. Killing your neighbor is nothing more than that, a murder. You see, the difference between you and me falls into something simple, I am the upper hand that orders, and with my right hand, I am the hand that fulfills. So now, help me brother, you will not want me to fulfill my task with you.'' 


    ''The Dream of a Madman.''

    by, me.