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  1. I just installed several copies of fairly old games, well maybe not so much, but from the 99s onwards. I just played Halo CE, enjoy the fascinating System Shock 2, deal with Deus Ex mechanics, destroy cities in Simcity 4 Deluxe, smash heads in Unreal Tournament and weep betrayals in San Andreas, lost hours walking admiring the beauty of Morrowind, asesine kings and destroyed castles in Age of Empires II, escape from Black Mesa in Half Life, I lived the madness of Fallout Tactics. What is this? Is it nostalgia? I feel that all these jewels, despite all this time, are still as fascinating and entertaining as ever, I even think ... because now most games are not so incredible anymore? Because I can not feel the excitement of discovering something new with the modern, but while playing the old, I feel immense joy.


    Maybe it's just nostalgia, maybe I'm too young and too old at the same time. Maybe I just love the times before.

    1. joepallai


      You are looking at the apex of the computer gaming era; games were amazing then.  (95 - 03)

    2. Endless


      I really dont know what it was, but for me, maybe, the imagination, all the special creations they did, things so original and so cool that you can now call them ''Legends''.