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  1. Just wait, as soon as the holidays come here, I'll finally have time to get into the Map Makers world. Oh yeah.

    Well I hope, it really looks complicated and well ... I'm not very good keeping up with high morale, but hey! I'll try, it would be great to be able to contribute something special to the world of Doom.

    1. Misty


      Mapping is easy to learn(if you'll use vanilla or boom format), but hard to master. It took one year for me until I could create something more complicated (like greymood). Anyway, good luck ;)

    2. Endless


      Thank you a lot ! I love the work of people like you, so much effort and some really FANTASTIC wads out there, I know, some day, I would like to be part of this awesome mappers community :D 

    3. Misty


      Also, if you'll ever need help with mapping(when you'll start) just ask ;)