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  1. Any Porcupine Tree fans here? I was just I was listening to Arriving somewhere but not here, and it arrives at 6:30 and I think:

    '' Woah! This guitar riff is incredible, it would be fantastic to hear a MIDI version on Doom. ''
    Haha, great band.

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    2. Endless


      You should search more! They are worth the try, really special. Try some Open Car for some good heavy rock-metal style and Mellotron Scratch for something cool and different.

    3. [McD] James

      [McD] James

      I've heard a fair bit of their stuff here and there. Just never really clicked with me for some reason. 

    4. Nevander


      I'm a HUGE Opeth fan and some said they were similar but for some reason I didn't like them too much. It may have been the vocalist, it's always the vocals that can ruin music for me.