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  1. I'm starting to get interested in the hobby of writing reviews, they look incredibly interesting and fun to do, and because I think I'm not that bad at writing and translating my ideas so I'd like to know:

    Some recommendations for me? Of course, those who know about this.

    PS: Although I think it would be somewhat complicated, English is not my main language, but I think I can overcome it.

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      I have written a few reviews so far and I can tell you that it's great fun indeed. :]

      I recommend you to keep demos of your playthroughs, so that you could refresh your memory with their help later, when you get to the writing.

      Also, play in a high (BUT NOT TOO HIGH FFS) resolution. We ought to be able to see something on othose screenshots you know!

      Take your time, esp with longer wads.

      Try not to make them too short. The mapper guy spent months making that, he deserves a few more paragraphs, dammit.

      Show off your sense of humour somewhat, they spice the review up OR are its very backbone. Among the frequent wad reviewers, Csonicgo has a style I like a lot, he actually motivated me to start doing all that.

      About language: you seem pretty fine. If me and my barbaric English is accepted and even sometimes understood, you'll have no issues.


      PHEW I'm off

    3. galileo31dos01


      Think about the most important stuff that more experienced players usually mention, such as supply balance (this includes ammo/health/items/weapons, their placement and utilities), monster placement (which types, how many for this or that occasion, traps, usage of hitscanners, what options do they give you, threat balance, etc), environment (not only the visuals but how it affects gameplay, advantages and disadvantages, etc), music (for example, a bad track can affect your gameplay), specifics of the wad (custom monsters, sounds, story, etc), secrets (type of secrets, their value, if they are mandatory or not, etc). Not that you have to talk about all of these things, but select what you think stands out more, and avoid falling into over-subjective comments like "this was sooo annoying/that was AwEsOmE/too many stupid archviles", but explain what you liked and disliked in a respectful way. Oh and bugs/glitches, if there are any. This is how I would review a wad, for source ports, music/texture packs or anything else, you can read other opinions to know what to talk about. I hope this helps.


      I feel smart.

    4. Misty


      This reminds me that I need finish one review for newstuff chronicles and stop being lazy and tired as heck, because I already have all required things, except proper review.