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  1. I wonder, will there be players here who have dedicated more than 1000 hours to Doom? Or even more unique, to Doom 3? At least I in Doom I and II believe I have 200 hours.


    1. MrGlide


      for doom 2, no question. there are many here that have over 1k hours in doom.

    2. SOSU


      Well many make maps here, and that requires a lot of play testing so most here probably have achieved that.Even the 1K isn't that large considering that many play doom for over 20 years now.let's say you played 1 hour of doom for 20 years now,1 year is 365 days long so 365 hours a year,bow multiply that with 20 and you get 7300 hours,also if you count the extra day every 4 years you get 10 extra hours so around 7500 hours of playtime.considering that some play more than 1 hours its safe to assume that some already reached the 10K mark.