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  1. Do you guys ever felt like... letdown out of nowhere? Like, just without enthusiasm to get through the day, like a gloomy mood without any reason at all, just out of nowhere, a hanging shadow.

    It kinda sucks...

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    2. Chip


      Same thing with me! I have felt weird this entire week. Maybe because I went back to school, and knowing that the rest of the year will be this uncomfortable makes me so gloomy. I got to write more poetry, more of my feelings. 

    3. DuckReconMajor


      I mean we're still in one of the most psychologically trying times in recent history for just about everyone.
      it's double frustrating now as the usual things that make those moods less frequent, like being around people and exercise, are more difficult these days. 

    4. Endless


      I do miss exercise. Training back at home is so boring and repetitve. Funny how much the gym can change your mood for good.