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About Me

Hey there bud. I'm Endless, a Doom enthusiast that loves the game with passion but still has got lots of stuff to learn.




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This was done in 2017, and I gonna leave it here just for memories sake lol.

My super professional non-broken-english description that I did when I was an edgy boy.

I may change it some day.



''Feel the pain one last time.''


And then the fire rose through his fingers, the burning was something unbearable an incredible pain, something that simply could not be described with anything but screams and tears. But though the flesh was consumed, the bones reduced to ashes and memories imprisoned. His legend can not be forgotten.

'' Feel it ... suffer it once more, and run. They will not stop me. ''

And though there were bullets and blood from the skies, and demons and monsters emerged from the ground, his will was unstoppable.

He was the man.


16 yo, born 2001, playing videogames since.. well... 2009 or 2007.

First game was Spy Hunter for PS2 (Lovely game and perfect console, bes times.)

Multiple hobbies, but I specially love reading, playing, music and movies. I have depth knowledge about those last 3.

I am latin american, live in Guatemala, so my main lenguaje is Spanish but I understan English about 7/10.

I also love poetry, but not about a false romance or a sweet tragedy, I love to listen to those words that translate feelings into letters.


A Brief Story about my Life and Videogames: 


Everything started in the year 2006 ... or 2007. Out there. I was a young boy, with joy and full of enthusiasm to explore the world in all its dimensions, the artistic, the theoretical and the tangible. With osadia and tremendous curiosity, I saw a rare black box with small dots of colors that emphasized its presence underneath the TV. I did not know it was, but it filled me with incredible curiosity. Was it a movie player? At the top of the box was written:
My fascination and curiosity became uncontrollable, the desire to discover that power contained such a technological magnitude invaded my body and my mind. With my little experience and some memories of using dvds, I had a vague idea how to turn it on.

And I did it.
It was something magical, in a few words and simple expression, with my young vocabulary and growing curiosity, I could only describe it with a simple and resounding expression. Magical. I discovered the world of video games for the first time in an unknown box I would now call ... PS2. I turned on the TV and heard an angelic sound coming from the heavens. I saw crystal pillars surrounded by a stupefying blue haze. Apparently there was a disk inside, the box led me directly to what I would later know as: Videogame. And how was this video game? Well, with the simplicity of the early 2000s and the increasing technology of an everlasting love for technology, I can tell you with my present mind that it was a beautiful game. Spy Hunter for PS2. An experience that I can never forget, use a control to control an indestructible vehicle capable of firing all kinds of weapons, even a technology so incredible for my mind, that I was left with my mouth open every time the vehicle became a boat or a motorcycle.

This was my first game, my welcome to the world of virtual entertainment, to a world full of art of all kinds of colors, full of joy and bright, or deep and dark colors. It was a boy, a little boy who stuck with the most amazing technology of the moment for my eyes.

And the nostalgia is great now, and I'm proud to say that I had a fascinating start thanks to the incredible Playstation 2. Over time, my passion was not reduced, on the contrary, it grew more and more. One year later, I was already an expert on Spy Hunter and now I had a dozen more video games, remembering my first jewels, my honorable mentions are: Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 2, Twisted Metal Black, Bloody Roar 3, Star Wars Starfigher, 4x4 Evo, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, SOCOM US Navy Seals, God of War, Onimusha: Warlords, Gran Turismo 3. I could say a dozen more, but only mention my first big steps. And of course, the love for video games grew more and more, and the technological demands too.

That was how I evolved into a kind of technology that would tear me apart. Computer.

And start playing with the PC, and here begins a story much bigger but equally fascinating and complete. My first PC game was Unreal Tournamente 2004. And oh yeah, this is epic.


But I'll leave you here, since the story and the story must have their own spaces, I can not get very far, because a simple description of how a passion begins with enough words will be enough for the curious. I can only say, I love video games, I do not look at them as simple entertainment, but as an art.

My name is Andre, and this was my description.