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  1. Plutonia: Revisited Community Project (2011) By various authors Remember Plutonia? It was a nice megawad released together with Final Doom in 1996. A small thing, nothing more, not that it was a revolutionary example of the violent transition of difficulty and synergy between maps and enemies. Or that it created probably the best IWAD ever and one of the few mapsets of the 90s that still maintain a stable glory more than two decades later. Of course, it's only 32 maps made in less than a couple of months by two brothers. Nothing more, nothing less. Leaving aside the sad attempt at sarcastic comments by my pretentious ass, Plutonia: Revisited Community Project is a megawad inspired, clearly, by the classic Plutonia Experiment. As the name suggests, the project revisits the classic early Plutonia maps and gives them a new name, a new geometry and new massacres to enjoy. While not following a totally strict set of rules stating that each map must be an exact re-interpretation of the originals, PRCP does its own thing but always following a clear path of inspiration; the classic Caribbean jungle textures, the floating bridges and of course, an absurd amount of Chaingunners and Revenants. A combination as classic as it is fatal. After a few years, you can expect to see maps that feel so fresh they make you want to put them in frescos, but at the same time they also bring with it a classic Casali-inspired design that provokes you to move quickly through huge violent battlefields among vines and wastes. And, as you would expect, it can be quite tough. Just like the classic Plutonia, PRCP has some teeth and it’s going to be more than willing to bite you hard if you stumble blindly into it expecting it to be another WAD. While not fully slaughter-ish, it has a fair share of giant maps with over 300 demons, most of them scattered in tight groups more than willing to give you a fisting, boy. Just as before, the combat is quite contentious and you will need patience and good skills to be able to survive in this UV world. Turn the difficulty down a bit and you still have a megawad that offers entertaining and solid challenges around its full length. And oh boy, this is a big one. 32 maps of pure carnage that will take you by surprise more than once. Expect, easily, a minimum of 4 hours of playtime as you throw yourself into this beast. Expect to get UV Max? Double it. But one thing's for sure, if you're a Plutonia fan or just looking for a challenging but stable megawad on its own terms, you'll find it here and more. While some maps seem to expand just for the benefit of being bigger, the problem sometimes lies in certain confusion and distress factors that can generate tremendous sizes without a real sense of progress. Some maps are painfully confusing while others are painfully short, which creates some discordance in terms of the average length of each map, however, it is a minor problem that really depends on the player's patience. That said, if you like non-linear maps, there are a good handful of those here. Plutonia: Revisited Community Project is a fascinating example of a megawad inspired by a classic done right. It doesn't copy directly from the original and doesn't reference it to death, but it takes the original theme and gives it a modern upgrade that includes an expansion of limits while also delivering more brutal challenges. While the overall project can be broken down map by map, it is the whole conceptual idea that makes PRCP a success, as it seeks to bring Plutonia back to a new point of view in a new life. And it succeeds. » Full review? «
  2. Hello! Hey everyone, first, welcome to my little reviewing-corner on Doomworld! Lately I have been playing quite a lot of maps, in a great amount and variety. This is mainly to have content to contribute to the Wadazine, a community project that I run, where I mainly recommend WADs. Because of that, not only I've been playing several great and not-so-great maps, but also I've been writing quite a lot about them, so I ended up concluding that at the end, maybe starting a new project based on that would be interesting. Introducing, my review repository. This works both as a practice mechanism for me and as a good way to be able to contribute a little to the community itself. I have always been a fan of the literary aspect of Doom, especially when combined with WADs, which I am a big fan of. Not only is it a project that I specialize in, but it's also something that I enjoy a lot and it ends up giving me a great sense of satisfaction. In this thread I will be publishing reviews of different WADs that I have found fun, entertaining, beautiful or fascinating. This means that I will try to offer positive reviews that at the same time work as recommendations for you guys to check out. A kind of buyers-guide, or in this case, Doomers-guide for all of you. Apart from that, I would also like to mention two people in particular who have been a great inspiration for this project. @kmxexii and @Not Jabba, both prolific reviewers, Doom connoisseurs and great enthusiasts in general. @kmxexii is my main inspiration behind the creation of the Doom Master Wadazine, with his great ONEMANDOOM reviews, he has contributed enormously to fill me with inspiration for each of my projects. On the other hand, @Not Jabba also hosts his own thread of Doom reviews (and some other Doom engine WADs), another great source of reviews filled with deep analysis and full of great screenshots. So, this thread also works, in a way, as a inspired-monument to two of my favorite reviewers, thanks guys! 63 WAD Reviews & 62,739 words... and counting!
  3. Endless

    Most recent movie you saw

    Gone With the Wind. 4 hours of Civil War melodrama and some fascinating technical shots and scenarios, but overall, a very boring plot and just way too fucking long. But I loved the ending. Frankly, I didn't gave a damn.
  4. Endless

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #009

    Phobus really has a way of making explosive maps with amazing vanilla-visuals. I'll put this WAD on my to-play list.
  5. Cover by @4MaTC The Doom Master Wadazine... ... proudly presents.... ... The Wadazine Master Collection A mapping project created by members of the Doom Master Wadazine community. The WMC is an upcoming mapping community and team-made Doom project focused on delivering different sporadic themed WADs that follow a certain selected visual and presentation theme. Today, I'd like you to introduce our second project! WMC02: Thy Flesh Vored: Everyone trembles at the sound of his name. Everyone remembers those distant memories of sleepless nights trying to achieve victory. Countless deaths are forgotten in ancient corners. Rivers of blood overflow to give way to oceans of curse. Your flesh is consumed by sin itself. Trapped in marble fortresses, surrounded by hellish castles, deep in gothic hells and exiled in a world of gore. This is Thy Flesh Vored, a project inspired by the dreaded E4 of Ultimate Doom, and one that is coming for your flesh. Hand it over. DOWNLOAD PENDING MAP LIST | MIDIs: MAP01: Marble Hell by @Endless | Eris Falling - Darkest Hour MAP02: Ssensseldne by @4MaTC | Primeval - The Dark Hours MAP03: In The First Age by @TheEvilGrin | Stewboy - Garden of The Lost Souls MAP04: Circle of Pain by @Doom_Dude | Mark Klem - Reason for Nothing MAP05: My Heart May Fail by @Death Bear | James Paddock - Riot Squadron MAP06: Wealth is Worthless by @yakfak aka Zan-zan-zawa-veia | Zan-zan-zawa-veia - Residue MAP07: Blinded Minds by @GratefulName | James Paddock - Blood Teller MAP08: American Nightmare by @Walter confetti | AD_79 - Abysswalker MAP09: Otsegolation by @4MaTC | Static-X - I Am MAP10: Purged By Blood by @VanaheimRanger | Eris Falling - Infinite Labyrinth MAP11: Reviled Fortress by @Doom_Dude | Doomkid - Lost Cause MAP12: They Shall Devour by @Remilia Scarlet | Jeff Lawson - Systematic Protocol MAP13: Mind Soul Terror by @Danlex | Mark Klem – The Wind Misc. Info: * Skill level balanced. HNTR and ITYTD is medium, but some maps are still killers. HMP feels pretty standard, moderately challenging. UV is very hard, requires careful movement and ammo saving. It will devour you. Depending on your playstyle, this should take you 1.5 to 3 hours. * Pistol-Start balanced. * Some maps may not work well on Crispy Doom. * DSDA-Doom seems to brake the WAD so far. Not really sure why. Want to be part of this? Join our Wadazine community! --- » https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J And check out our previous project: WMC01: The Rising Screenshots:
  6. Welcome to another edition of the Doom Master Wadazine, your favorite (and only) online magazine fully dedicated to the best FPS ever, Doom! Here you will find all kinds of articles, recommendations and different stories, as well as fascinating reviews and fun sections. This time we bring you a few interviews as well as a bunch of recommendations. Unfortunately, this month has been a slow one and this magazine won't have as much content as the previous ones, but we still hope you enjoy it. We have worked hard and have thrown as much effort as passion into this issue. Things get hot but we're still just as cool! We hope you enjoy it and that this guide becomes your #1 companion in your experience through the world of Doom. » Doom Master Wadazine #12 Or read it in your browser! And you can also find us on: The Doomshack --» https://doomshack.org/wadazine/ Chris Hansen's DOOM page --» https://windward.dk/TDR/?page_id=991 Ryath's web digitaleidoscope --» https://www.digitaleidoscope.com/wadazine/ Massive thanks to our editors and graphic designers for keeping up with my shit! @Nikoxenos & @4MaTC Special thanks to our writers, contributors & helpers: @taufan99 @Gaia74 @Major Arlene @Bridgeburner56 @elend @Roebloz @Nikoxenos @4MaTC @Immorpher @Remilia Scarlet @LadyMistDragon @TheNoob_Gamer @Insane_Gazebo @skillsaw And to our hosts: @Doomkid, @Chris Hansen & @Ryath (aka scwiba) And as usual, remember: » Join our Discord Server for the Doom Master Wadazine: https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J The central HUB for everything and anything Wadazine related and Doom WADs! A great community to hang out with! » Contributions and help are always, always welcome! Especially regarding graphic design.   » If you want to participate, either by writing an article or creating a review, PM me or join the Discord, you are most welcome! » Any questions, ask them and I'll try to answer them. » Leave a comment and share! » And have a good day, doomer! :D » » Wadazine Projects & Events « « ⫸ ⫸ Previous Issues ⫷ ⫷ 
  7. We're gonna take some days to fix all bugs and bring a more stable version! If you want to keep up with the dev, or even help us with playtesting, consider join the dev channel in our server: https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J WAD Under work and more proper PrBoom+ playtesting. :P
  8. I will do my best to contact you early next time. I've been slacking a bit lately, but working on getting everything on track. I believe you don't have Discord, but I usually answer and talk there pretty much instantly, still, I'll send you an DM on DW next time.
  9. It's actually Saturn Devouring his Son by Goya.
  10. Currently working on the fixes so it's down for the time being! But It'll be up soon.
  11. Currently updating those fixes. Should be ready soon for my maps and some other maps. We still aren't exactly sure as to why DSDA-Doom has missing textures and pretty much breaks the WAD.
  12. I really don't understand what's happening there. I removed the corpses and did the linedefs fixes, testing with PrBoom+ and seems to be going fine. NOTE: The previous version with the corpses also didn't have that trouble. Apart from the infinite height, textures worked fine.
  13. Hi everyone. I have decided to create this thread as a centralized focus where everything related to general issues regarding Wadazine will go. From opinions, critics, feedback, comments or anything else in general that is not related to a particular issue. Although we also have a nice server on Discord, I think it is appropriate to create a general thread about everything Wadazine-related for those users on Doomworld who do not use Discord, and the web users in general. Apart from functioning as a central for everything related to our monthly magazine, I will also use it as a repository for all our issues and related projects. Like the new DWMaster Endurance Tournaments and the recently released, weekly co-op MP events, the Wadazine Survival Sessions. Feel completely free to leave a comment, opinion, criticism, feedback or even ideas/suggestions for the future! I will be happy to read them and try to answer them as well as I can. Doom Master Wadazine directory: The Doom Master Wadazine Prototype The Doom Master Wadazine #1 Premiere The Doom Master Wadazine #2 The Doom Master Wadazine #3 The Doom Master Wadazine #4 The Doom Master Wadazine #5 The Doom Master Wadazine #6 The Doom Master Wadazine #7 Halloween Special The Doom Master Wadazine #8 The Wadazine Awards The Doom Master Wadazine #9 The Doom Master Wadazine #10 The Doom Master Wadazine #11 The Doom Master Wadazine #12 DWMaster Endurance Tournaments: Endurance Tournament #1: DOOM Endurance Tournament #2: Kama Sutra Endurance Tournament #3: Doom Core Delta Endurance Tournament #4: Stardate 20X6 Endurance Tournament #5: Dimension of the Boomed Wadazine Survival Sessions: WSS #1: Operation: Biowar WSS #2: NOVA: The Birth WSS #3: Jiffy Bag WSS #4: Stardate 20X6 WSS #5: Zone 300 WSS #6: Hadephobia WSS #7: Sacrament WSS #8: Hellcore WSS #9: Scimitar WSS #10: Doom Barracks Zone WSS #11: Jenesis WSS #12: Realm of Chaos WSS #13: Crimson Canyon WSS #14: Vile Flesh WSS #15: Epic 2 WSS #16: Doom 2 in Name Only Wadazine Deathmatch Madness: WDM #1: Aeon DM WDM #2: Bourgeois DM WDM #3: Dwango 20th Anniversary WAD WDM #4: Blackened DM WDM #5: Championship 1: TWANGO 1 WDM #6: Fragfest V3 WDM #7: 32in24-13 A Thanksgiving Without Burgers WDM #8: Gothic DM WDM #9: Championship 2: 32in24-5 Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures Series: ERIWA #001 ERIWA #002 ERIWA #003 ERIWA #004 ERIWA #005 ERIWA #006 ERIWA #007 ERIWA #008 ERIWA #009 Wadazine Master Collection: WMC01: The Rising WMC02: Thy Flesh Vored Other related stuff: Wadazine Discord The Ultimate Master WAD Guide Endless's WAD Reviews WAD Reviewers Thread Wadazine Doom Masters: These doomers are part of the Wadazine team of contributors & helpful people. @Endless @InDOOMnesia @Bridgeburner56 @4MaTC @Nikoxenos @elend @Major Arlene @Immorpher @TheEvilGrin @Gaia74 @Clueless @UndeadRyker @Doomkid @Chris Hansen @Ryath (aka scwiba)
  14. RC1 IS OUT! » » THY FLESH VORED « « Loosely inspired by Thy Flesh Consumed, this project brings you 14 fascinating maps full of marble, hell, demons and shotguns ready to devastate hell. The hunger for sin is great, are you ready to devour it?
  15. Endless, what the hell is this now ? Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures is a small project of exploration, interaction, entertainment and reviews where we meet once every 2 weeeks to select random WADs in search of hidden treasures, lost promises or our worst nightmares! In case you didn't know, /idgames archive has a special feature where we can search for random files, of course, sometimes they are resources or unplayable stuff, so we will focus on looking for WADs!   So, what are we going have to do ? We/I try to play at least 5 (or more if you can) random WADs on /idgames. For that, I use the Random File feature. We comment/review the WADs for the duration of the event. There's no set time, but one WAD every 2 days is a good measure, or 1 every day in case there's plenty. Try to take screenshots of your adventures. Play however you want, on any skill-level, as long as you play the WAD as intended/in working shape. Avoid shitting on people's work, try to review in a respectful manner, but of course, let's all have a good laugh in case we find something odd.  What kind of WADs are we looking for ? Mostly singleplayer WADs that work in your source-port of choice. You can skip DM WADs in case you don't have anyone to play with. Heretic WADs are also allowed. I will look for at least 4 random WADs for the event and add them here. Feel free to play them with me, or if you wish, look for your own! The point of this is to encourage you to explore this vast, random world.  Tips/recommendations for commenting/reviewing: Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures of this event: Map 1 of Duke3D Stardate 20X6 (oh no) Pitfall La Tortura Justice - Infernal Mechanics Mortiser 1 Lovinger Outpost for Doom 2 or MBF Join the Doom Master Wadazine community for more events like this! » https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J » Previous adventures:
  16. It has been a hard, difficult and somewhat irritating few days for me. From personal issues to the idealized destruction of what I believed in many concepts. I guess I could categorize it as ''part growing up'', or maybe not. Starting with the fact that personal issues have completely turned my life upside down, my motivation and desire to do anything has dropped drastically. You could say that I'm going through a stage of dysphoria, where nothing makes me feel good. At the same time that I lose the desire to make the slightest effort, I also feel a terrible sense of failure if I do nothing. The curse of productivity. I need to do something constantly in order to feel validated by myself, otherwise I see myself as mediocre and useless. This is not helped by the fact that half of my family also thinks that of me. Even though I try to do multiple creative projects, none of them make me any money, so by simple antonomasia, my family labels me as a failure. I guess breaking your back being a slave to your work is better for them. I guess that's what they want from me. Their intentions aren't bad, of course, but it's their execution of it and the lack of support they give me that makes me feel... broken.


    On the other hand, Doom has started to... annoying me. Maybe that's a strong word, maybe what I mean is that he's tired me out. I don't know, honestly. I remember that for a while, I was able to play it all day long, even playing multiple WADs per day without stopping. Now, if I'm lucky, I can play 5 maps in a row.

    Part of this is due to the multitude of projects I've been handling these days, but honestly, it's also due to a lack of personal support and my own insecurities attacking myself. The Wadazine, as great and fantastic as it is, is a very tiring project, especially when I have to do 50% of the written content due to lack of submissions. Luckily, I can always count on a team that takes the work off my shoulders and continues despite the difficulties. A recent member just took over the Endless Random /Idgames WAD Adventures and that gave me some hope. When once I was more than capable of handling a multitude of projects, writing multiple articles, reviews and playing the game with constant joy, now even the slightest effort tires, bores and irritates me. Why? I wish I could point exactly to a specific cause to remove it, but I think it is the final conglomeration of multiple things.


    To my recent burn-out I can also mention the huge storm of dramas and discussions that have drowned the community in this month. Probably the one that stands out the most is the BoA one, which ended up even affecting me. Personally, the political, sensitive, moral or ethical issues are not what really affect me, but it is the terrible aggressiveness, condescension and constant conflict between all sides of the community that has, well, disappointed me. Here and there, there seems to be only conflict. In part this is natural, as it is practically an unwritten law that wherever there is a community of people, there will be conflict, but even so I can't help but feel that they are mistreating something I once believed to be more pristine, free and cooperative. Is this proof of the burning passion of doomers to maintain a status quo and defend the integrity of a group, or is it proof of the deep divergence between multiple sides sharing the same hobby divided by ideological pressures? Perhaps it is both.


    But not everything is black and dark in the picture. I recently learned to use UDB, and thanks to the excellent guidance of an incredible tutor, I have managed to create my first map for the second WMC02 community project. I can say that I felt a little satisfaction at the idea of finishing it, but like water between my fingers, the satisfaction has escaped. Now I'm trying to make another map for the RAMP project, but I have to push myself to do it because otherwise, my mind only thinks ''stop, stop, stop''.


    Anyway. Maybe I give too much importance to emotions and I should concentrate on a more pragmatic aspect of my life, but even there there are mistakes. The future is approaching and it seems grey to me, like a distant thunderstorm about to throw a lightning bolt at me. Soon I will return to the university after a sabbatical year, to study law, the most exciting, moral, ethical and beautiful career you can practice in a third world country, full of freedom of expression, achievable dreams and equality for all. I dream of being a writer someday, but just like a lot of other drowned dreams around the world, I am geographically and socially paralyzed in order to fulfill them. Here dreams only serve to depress you.


    Coming full circle, I think this is why it hurts so much that Doom doesn't feel like it used to. It was, to put it simply, a nice escape. Sure, there are still plenty of positive stuff and activity going on, but where I once smelled the scent of satisfaction and the freshness of newness, now I just smell the same, and sometimes a little shit here and there. Now, it seems to be part of everyday life. Something I don't enjoy, everyday life.


    Welp. I'll just keep playing this game of life.

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    2. Teo Slayer

      Teo Slayer

      Don't listen to your family Endless, you're not a failure just because your projects don't make any money. You're special for us in the Doom Community

    3. Phobus


      Unfortunately I know this feeling all too well. It’s been most of the last 10 years or so, where Doom is concerned, for me. You’ve overstretched yourself and are now feeling burnout in a big way, and soon real life obligations will eat into your hobby time, so you’ll probably find those new limitations frustrating as well.


       It’s not all bad, though. You’ve achieved tons in such a short amount of time with so much hard work, and Doom isn’t going anywhere. You don’t owe the community anything, and you can dip in and out when the mood takes you. Once you’re used to it no longer dominating your life, you’ll probably find lots of little moments of the old joy.


      Don’t worry about venting, by the way. Doomworld has seen a lot of this sort of thing over the years, and people are usually pretty good about it. You’re liked here - however you deal with how you’re feeling, we’ll understand and you’ll get support.

    4. Soulless


      I really hope you overcome every obstacle.

      Love your work in the Wadazine, Its a piece of art for most of us.

      Stay strong!

  17. Endless

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #009

    @ICID Thanks a lot for joining the ranks ! This is a big help, I might actually have time to play now :P Hope you guys have fun with it!
  18. Niceee. Abysm 2 was fucking awesome. An expansion is the cherry on the top!
  19. Endless

    The DWIronman League dies to: Firebox

    Another short run by me. CAT 1 Deat at 4:20 Nice.
  20. Endless

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #008

    Sorry for the lack of recent activity. Some life changes going on and I'm getting chocked with time. I was actually wondering if someone would like to help me with managing these events. It's pretty easy actually, I just don't have the time anymore to even participate on them. The only requirements are to participate in the events and to take note of the players to add up their points in the scoreboard. Nothing out of this world, really. I would appreciate it very much. So, if anyone wanna be part of this, just DM here or at Discord! I tend to be way faster at answering at Discord tho.