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  1. You probably confused that one because of the original thread which hasn't been updated! I did MAP29: Chaos At Big Palace. The correct maplist is on the .txt with the zipped file ;)
  2. Logo by @Nikoxenos So, what is Wadarcheology? Wadarcheology, from WAD (Where is All the Data?) and Archeology (To dig up, hehe) is a discipline that specializes in the exploration of old archives, websites and forums, for the purpose or rediscovering classic WADs that have been either forgotten to time or completely lost among an ocean of content. In other words: To dig up for lost maps that have a relevant value and/or historic background. First, we must stablish some factors as to what we would consider relevant and classic. Same way a real archeologist doesn’t go looking for dingo bones from 2019, a wadarcheologist don’t go looking for shitty autogenerated maps or Cacoward winners. For a WAD to be considered, reviewed and studied, the wadarcheologist must consider this: 1. It must be from 1994 (year that PWADs came to life) to 2004. 2. It must have a low popularity or relatively unknown origin. 3. A not so well-known author or obscure maker. 4. Mostly forgotten or with very little citations, or just hard to find. 5. And it must have some sort of relevancy that is worth its rediscovery: It must be fun and/or; Innovative; Visually pleasing for its age; Worth playing or; All of the above. If a WAD meets these prerequisites, then is more than worth it and should be dig up immediately. That’s wadarcheologist slang for reviewed. The purpose of this is in a similar path to that of the ER/iWA, to explore, discover and enjoy these Doom works, but in this case, with a special focus on particularly obscure and old WADs that have been mostly left to dust during all these years. The 1994 to 2004 range gives us an entire decade to rediscover, with the 1994-1999 era being one particularly obscure one, as there was no such a thing as a central repository of reviews, or a public roundup of writers (like the /Newstuff Chronicles that only came into being in 2000), so chances are, we’ll find some good, worthy and fun pieces of work from those times. And who knows, maybe the author is still active and would smile greatly as he sees his or her work being rediscovered. Especial thanks to @Arrowhead for joining me in this amazing enterprise! How can I become a Wadarcheologist? Easy, go and participate by following the rules stated above when digging up for WADs. Now, when it comes to reviewing, here’s some guidelines that I would strongly advice to follow correctly: 1. Use at least 100 words. 2. Use at least 2 screenshots for each review. 3. State year. 4. State the name of the author. 5. State the source-port you used. As for some optional things you can also employ: If you know more about the context or background of the WAD and/or author, please share it. You can use videos if you want. Or a demo. Keep your own archive or spreadsheet of your discoveries to keep track of your work done. So, if you’re interested in becoming a wadarcheologist, be my guest and join this enterprise! » /// The Wadarcheology Museum /// « Some places to look for old WADs: /idgames Doomshack WAD Archive Doom Level CD Collection Doomwiki PWADs by year /newstuff Chronicles Doom WAD Station Russian Community WAD List by @Dexiaz Multiple Old WADs Lists by @Catpho BIG Vanilla WAD Pack by @Doomkid Doom Shovelware CD Compilation by @xvertigox Wadmodder's Shovelware Compilation CD PWAD by @Wadmodder Shalton
  3. Hey everyone. I've been recently scouring through some of the shovelware discs of yore, and I've found myself discovering some highly obscure WADs that aren't even part of the /idgames archive. Granted, most of them are absolute trash but I still find it curious how there's actually a considerable amount of content out there that's very hard or near impossible to access. So that got me thinking, what are some ''lost WADs'' that we know of ? By this I mean: A WAD that we have some proof that, at some point in time, existed in someones PC. Either screenshots, threads, .txt mentions or incomplete alpha versions. It's currently unavailable for download and there's no traces or files to be found in the internet. I'm trying to create a list of such enigmatic WADs. Some of these have an urban-legend like status. I personally know of: WADs with visual proof: Waters of Lethe by Dr. Sleep. Supposedly the last WAD in the Cantos series, and with a building time of around 7 years but never saw the light of day, sadly. The original Chiron by Dr. Sleep. Initially, it was E4M7: And Hell Followed. Was part of the Inferno series, and was known as Chiron, but Dr. Sleep got to work for the id guys and Chiron was replaced, so we can only wonder if this Chiron WAD was either a whole level, or perhaps a more primitive version of E4M7. This particular area looks a lot like the one from MAP03: Virgil's Lead (Master Levels) so maybe they were both born out of Chiron? Knee-Deep in KDiZD by esselfortium. A re(de)make of the original KDiZD. It showed some incredible potential for the vanilla lovers. It seems the project just stopped without notice, as far as I'm aware. The dev thread was pretty active and the maps seemed to be nearly complete from the screenshots . Joe Anderson WADs, found this one thanks to a thread that pointed how all of his WADs started being removed from the archives suddenly. Even trying to look up the author's name is hard. Some of the WADs did exist and where even reviewed on the ONEMANDOOM Blogpost. There's still some randomly preserved zip files, but I couldn't find more info as to why the sudden disappearance of the WADs and how many there actually are. NSFW: Alien Vindicta by @Andy Johnsen . Early 90s version of Alien Vendetta. Full 32-level megawad that never saw the light of day! The WIP - WADs in Progress website is probably full of lost WADs, so that's also a good place to search for, well, nothing I guess, other than vapor memories. Here's some of the WADs I couldn't find in any other place. While the website is preserved in the internet archive, the details and comments were lost. Grasp of Fresh Air by worrior The Lost World by Beth Untitled - Episode 1,2 and 3 by @Zemini (3 WADs in total, none to be found. Zemini name also doesn't show up on /idgames, but the author is around Doomworld, so perhaps there's hope?) Outpost 69 by Lorenzo Back to DooM - Unlimited Deathmatch Megawad by UnlimitedStar23 Elemental by GMan Retribution by Pebble Doom on Hell by Yamato Technobabel by sirtimberwolf Uac Base 51 by ShadowRunner Heretic: The battle of the Damned by Apocsoft Lonely Meadows by Lobo Doom X, a planned MegaWAD designed for Zdoom (and later GZDoom) that started off under the title The Last Marine. Supposedly 32 levels that never got released. Hellstorm: Dark Ascension, was one of these very ambitious partial conversions from the late nineties. ZD3K: The Conspiracy, The project was started in 2003/2004, and even back then purported to have over 50 levels, with all kinds of custom features and even a custom engine based on ZDoom. It promised the moon, and in mid-2004 was supposedly 95% complete. The Shores of ZDoom, the supposed sequel to Knee-Deep in ZDoom. Kama Sutra 2, the sequel to the iconic megawad, it had 10 completed maps out of 32, but was never finished nor released. Deimos: Anomaly Unleashed, by Christopher Lutz. It seems at least one level was finished, but the project never came to be. Other lost WADs: BEYOND - it's mentioned in description of another wad by it's author. I can't find BEYOND anywhere. Vile-Lab - mentioned in the KILL!Zone II .TXT but which I wasn't able to track down. DK.ZIP - Fortress level by Malcolm Sailor. Could be CHORD2. Compuserve files - Bob Evans teased having a backup of a bunch of Compuserve files around the time that he uploaded his holy grail ODESSA maps. 4play4.wad - is mentioned by the 90s author Harq - in many of his readmes, going back to '97. Doom Resurrection - an early ZDoom megawad, started around March/April 1998. Doom Episode 5 - started somewhere around September 1999, and died a death in September 2001 It looks like only 1 complete map was ever made for this, by Martin Schultz. Perfect - started around March 1999 as a project loosely inspired by the Darkening, and later morphed into an unofficial Darkening Episode 3 when Ola Bjorling joined the team to provide a brand new texture .wad Ultimate Invasion - total conversion by Paul "Moe" Fleschute under TeamTNT umbrella. Vile-Lab - Don Howard of Kill! Zone and Daedalus: Alien Defence fame released a single level Doom II level called Vile-Lab, mentioned in the KILL!Zone II The Deathmatch '95/UK Tournament WADs - Two of the PWADs mentioned on the DoomWiki's page, those are SEMFINAL.WAD and SEATLLE.WAD. Lost and Found: Risen Egypt by sitters DOOM 2.5 by Vegeta Mausoleum by Alberto Barsella Original Betray from Doom 3 Limited Collector's Edition /// /// /// What other lost WADs do you guys know? Perhaps we can tagged them here, and maybe even find them (the archivists at The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread are gods at this!) but, even if the files themselves are never to be found, at least this gallery can work as a wall of solace to those lost.
  4. Endless

    Closing Wad Archive

    One of my favorite features of the Wad Archive was the screenshots taken and all map views. It displayed a lot of useful information before playing. Sad to see it go. Hopefully, we'll get some sort of WAD IMDb in the future, near or far.
  5. Endless

    DoomWiki Month in Review (Issue #41)

    A commendable job finishing those DSDA records and broken links.
  6. Endless

    Plasma Rifle sound: let's discuss our favorites

    If it weren't for the bad loop of the original classic plasma, then it would be my favorite. Other than that, I really enjoy how smooth the Doom 3 plasma sounds. It's great for constant firing.
  7. In my honest opinion, the boxer motor is the best. Oh, wrong motor
  8. Endless

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Now this is just unacceptable. Sir, I'm gonna ask you to drop the WAD and put your hands in the air.
  9. Endless

    The DWIronman League dies to: Vigor!

    I played this WAD fully in like a single session back when it came out, so I guess that means prepared?. Granted, I remember shit. Only thing I remember is that it has some nasty traps, but didn't matter because I died on MAP01 lol EndlessIronmanVigor.zip Off-topic: Every time I try to record a demo with DSDA it has the worst mouse sens. It stutters a lot, especially when moving it slowly. Anyone has any idea what this might be? Perhaps some in game option? I pretty much have everything to default with vsync off. This only happens when recording demos.
  10. Endless

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    A good example of this is Legend of the Galactic Heroes. While not really ''lost'', per se, it was originally sell as an OVA in 1988 only in Japan, yet it never saw a release on the west until 2015. Unless you knew Japanese and had some sort of connection that would smuggle you exclusive titles, there was no way of watching it legally. Now it's considered one of the greatest anime of all time on most western anime sites. Makes you think about how many other ''gems'' are lost to the English-speaking part of the world. I guess Silent Hills PT now also counts as lost media, and probably the single biggest lost videogame in history... fuck you Konami.
  11. Endless

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    Another lost WAD that I think we never saw any levels released but does exist: Deimos: Anomaly Unleashed, by @Lutz. I'm not sure but perhaps it was a project from the Chaos Crew. Pictures of it exist, and the last updated was in 2004, with Lutz expressing some concern regarding the slow progression of it. Well, I'd love to see even if it's only the finished levels someday! What happened, Lutz?
  12. I saw the first chess-like floor and was like ''Hey, that doesn't look so bad'', but then the 3rd screenshot hit me like a swinging door.
  13. Endless

    Megalyth Brendt Pantley R.I.P

    It always hits like a truck whenever we lose a veteran member. My condolences. Rest in peace, Megalyth.
  14. Endless

    What's so special about /idgames?

    I've started, along several others, various projects to try and find all those lost gems in the ocean of WADs. Thousands and thousands of WADs that have probably never been played by more than 5-10 people out there, with no ratings or reviews of any kind. It's one of those realities that come when a market becomes quite saturated. There's WADs released daily, and, on average, 50-80 WADs are released each month on Doomworld alone, and there's been super active months when more than a hundred are released, including various megawads. Even those that manage to get uploaded to /idgames, sometimes may pass quietly into oblivion. It is quite the competitive field!
  15. Cover made by @4MaTC Aaaand here we are, once again, some months later! But the Wadazine has been finished and it's time to publish, but not only that, this issue is also here to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! Woho! Two years of Wadazine already, since I published the very first issue back in July 19, 2020. Time sure does fly? Well, for some at least. This issue comes packed with a bunch of fascinating articles, magnificent WAD reviews, lovely artwork and pure Doom beauty, the best thing to quench your thirst for a 90s game! Happy birthday, Wadazine! » » Wadazine #18 « « » » Wadazine.com And you can also find us on:  The Doomshack --» https://doomshack.org/wadazine/ Chris Hansen's DOOM page --» https://windward.dk/TDR/?page_id=991 Ryath's web digitaleidoscope --» https://www.digitaleidoscope.com/wadazine/ Lovely thanks to our graphic designers: @4MaTC and @Nikoxenos Special thanks to our writers, contributors & helpers: @LadyMistDragon @Eric Claus @Immorpher @Roebloz @TheEvilGrin @JakeTheVoice @kmxexii @meleemario @Gaia74 @PasokonDeacon @Dynamo @Quasar @Xymph @Lutz And to our hosts: @Doomkid, @Chris Hansen and @scwiba And special thanks to all the community for supporting us. And as usual, remember: » Join our Discord Server for the Doom Master Wadazine: https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J The central HUB for everything and anything Wadazine related and Doom WADs! A great community to hang out with! » Contributions and help are always, always welcome! Especially regarding graphic design.   » If you want to participate, either by writing an article or creating a review, PM me or join the Discord, you are most welcome! » Any questions, ask them and I'll try to answer them. » Leave a comment and share! » And have a good day, doomer! :D 
  16. Thanks mate! You can check out all our issues on the website, plus some other extra projects. Plenty of material to read, hope you like it :D
  17. The Wadazine now has its own cool podcast: the WadaCast! This is the very first time I try anything like this and it's quite the exciting project. This podcast is meant to discuss anything and everything related to the wonders of this fantastic saga and it's near 3 decades of amazing official and community content. In this pilot episode, I explain the gist of it and how it's going to work. Apologies for my English and accent, it is also the first time I talk in English like this. If you guys have ideas, tips, recommendations and comments, please, leave them below se we can read them, and if you'd like to participate with your own cool Doom stories, do say so! I'd love to have a chat with you doomers :) » » The Doom Master Wadazine « « Join our Discord for more info and a cool Doom addict gazebo ----» https://discord.com/invite/Q2RKn4J
  18. Endless

    A new Doom podcast: The WadaCast

    A massive pleasure to be in this feature with you guys! And huge thanks for inviting me.
  19. Endless

    The game you want to make/be made, that can't

    An Elder Scrolls-like singpleplayer RPG but with Unreal engine and gameplay similar to Skyrim, but depth and size similar to Daggerfall. EDIT: Unreal engine 1 baby. Love it.
  20. The original idea was to make an entire mini issue celebrating the anniversary, but due to time constraints and tight space, we settled with a single feature where I tried to cram in as much as I could without going to overboard, so it's not the best retelling of the entire history of the Wadazine, but it's mostly a tribute in general to the project and all the people behind it, named or not.
  21. Celebrating two years of Wadazine adventures, I'm going live, soon, on Twitch! My very first livestream too. Going to do a live reading and also answering any questions you guys have, or just chatting
  22. Happy 2nd anniversary to the Wadazine! Thanks to our awesome community and fans for keeping the dream alive!


  23. Hey man! Sorry for the bump, I was wondering what happened with the project? The release day says Apri - May, and we are already at July. Hope the project sees the light soon, and everything is okey!
  24. Endless

    What Makes Screenshots Enticing: Theory Thread

    Base Ganymide, E1M8