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  1. Endless

    Best Doom TCs

    Total Chaos is pretty damn impressive.
  2. Endless

    Looking for map ideas/gimmicks...

    I dont know if its a gimmick, but it def is an idea: I've always liked the ''going up or going down'' style in maps. By this I mean maps that have an ascending or descending progression.
  3. Endless

    Do you think Plutonia is hard or unfair

    Unfairly hard.
  4. Endless

    Which difficulty do you usually play on?

    It's actually not that clear. That's some broke-ass engrish even for me.
  5. I dont use it that much, because its been inactive for quite some time now, buuut the problem is that I cant review stuff on the /idgames page anymore, you have to do it here and the search feature its not very intuitive. It used to.
  6. Endless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    MAP07: Carnage Facility UV, LZDoom and Brutal Doom. Fuck Revenants. Anyway. This map is one of those cases where we find a map clearly designed with a plan in mind and a good-skilled author, but that ends up being slightly ruined by the fact of becoming an incredibly combobulated map. The first areas are pretty straightforward and unforgiving. The difficulty is probably the highest of all the maps so far, having multiple encounters with Archies and several tight areas with Barons and Mancubus that if we don't have good practice with those succulent circle-strifing skills, we'll probably have a hard time. The map design is quite attractive to the eye and has colorful areas compared to other maps, and this is where I have my concerns. The theme of the megawad is supposed to be recreating a vanilla experience, but in my humble opinion, I think this is the least vanilla map there has been so far. Even the ''exit'' isn't vanilla, (although it's my favorite kind of exit.) Still, it's a good map that gets stuck within its own ambition. Much more difficult, of course, but my biggest problem is losing 15 minutes walking around the map, as opposed to having to spend 15 minutes in an intense fight. PS: Holy shit the author loves chaingunners.
  7. Endless

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    AV MAP20.
  8. Endless

    Favorite Duke Nukem Game?

    Duke3D. It was one of my first ''90s'' shooters, along Doom and Unreal. I really liked for what it was; a pretty fun and chaotic ride. Btw, anybody remembers Manhattan Projec ?
  9. One of my favorite Text Screen songs.


  10. Endless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    Reading this is giving me PTSD. I've been on a masochistic streak, playing AV, JCP and CC1, I think my body can't oh god. Why the hell did I choose UV D:
  11. Endless

    Monuments of Mars

    With only 7 maps, this WAD delivers excellent quality and at least 1 hour of top notch quality in terms of gameplay, design and presentation. Intense, fast and fun. The challenge it presents is complicated enough to spice it up without being extremely tedious/difficult. It's not easy, but it's not extreme either, and in that balance you find quite a lot of fun. Considering that the WAD is themed on Mars, this is probably one of the best I've seen in terms of adhering to its theme. Great and fantastic. I would like to thank the Cacoawards for introducing me to this beautiful collection of maps that are on my roster of exciting and fantastic WADs.
  12. Endless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    MAP06: Insurrection UV, LZDoom + Brutal Doom. Long enough to be an initial map, (but after playing AV, JCP and CC1, I don't really feel anything in me anymore.) Despite being longer than the rest, the map doesn't feel ''dragged'', it is more direct, with a simple path despite having the 3 keys, you don't get lost, except that you don't really pay any attention. From the beginning we are bombarded kamikaze style, increasing slightly the challenge compared to the rest of the maps, but after that, it does not become so complicated, except for the Revenants, I hate them. Fun and simple, as well as slightly long but not exuberant. I quite appreciated the feeling of progression on this map and the good level of design, meaning that I didn't feel like I was in a ''maze'' at any time despite the size. And for the next map... Ohio? That's interesting.
  13. Endless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    I blame the baron, lol
  14. Endless

    What are you listening to?

    That twin guitar tho.
  15. Endless

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Now go for Thy Flesh Consumed, TNT and Plutonia. You'll have a lot of fun, oh yes.
  16. Endless

    How to kill a hell knight by blood punch?

    1 Missile + Flame Hook and close SSG + 2 to 1 Bloodpunch does the trick. Tho I recommend saving bloodpunch for Mancubus and Pinkies.
  17. Endless

    Outer Base (DOOM II)

    Haha I love that keyboard clicking clickity click. Also, dont know if you know this, but: Pro BD tip, with the shotgun, you can reload right after you shoot and actually increase the firing speed. Click and R right away. I'm a heretic, I know.
  18. Endless

    Post your Doom textures!

    Looks unreal. Pretty cool, would be awesome if the ''vortex'' was animated. Skyboxes have always givin me great vibes.
  19. Endless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    MAP05: Bunker Hill «UV» «BD» «LZDoom» Goddamn it, I hate Revenants. You can guess my favorite iwad this way. Anyway. We started the map straight to the action, unlike the others we now have more intense confrontations and in more closed areas, while facing our first Revenants ambushes; as happy as ever. I should make a rant about the revenants... ahem, moving on. The map manages to represent their title in an excellent way. The theme of the bunker is quite well designed and we can feel it from the first moment, you could even say it gave me some airs of WW2. Always set in a winter theme, but with a twist of metal and dirt. It's an entertaining map from start to finish that places us in tighter battles, making use of corridors and sniper nest where there are... You guessed it, Revenants. I'm quite enjoying the project so far, it really manages to deliver its vanilla quality in terms of design and architecture, being detailed without being too complex. I'm sure that maps 10 and upwards will double the quality and possibly increase the difficulty. We have a busy month ahead of us.
  20. Endless

    Do you use texture filtering? Why or why not?

    It feels like if the textures where replaced with chewed gun. So no. I still wonder why is the default option on GZDoom.
  21. Endless

    Doom: Dissension [WIP]

    Well that looks really impressive! Good luck on your work, altough, you prob dont need it ;)
  22. Endless

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    MAP04: Chillwell UV - LZDoom - Brutal Doom This gives me The Thing vibes, and thats good. Anyway, I'm quite fond of the winter theme, it's something I haven't seen much of in Doom (I mean I haven't played too many winter maps) but it seems to fit very well thanks to the possibilities of texture work and design. The map idea is pretty cool, a kind of structure in the middle of nowhere (well-dam?) full of demons and snow, a dichotomy that I never thought would combine so well. I must say that I like to admire the landscapes from time to time, and this megawad has offered a good amount of admiration for me. There is something very appealing about watching a blue waterfall on a white background. The music was quite chill, relaxing as I ventured inside. The difficulty seems to be increasing progressively, although this map is equal to the previous one, it offers a huge amount of secrets that I barely managed to find one (I suck at secrets) but even so, the patients will probably be very well rewarded. Very good map, cute. An outpost? a dam? A scientific base? Idk, I just like it.
  23. Endless

    Outer Base (DOOM II)

    Really damn good wad mate! The starting are is pretty well done and calls a lot for attention. The whole layout is so simple is good, without the need to make roads on excess or just fucktons or rooms. The difficulty is probably medium, it seems doable in NM, but UV it's just perfect. I quite enjoyed the architecture and design in the ''Quake'' style, as well as the incredible lighting and good use of detail without going overboard. It took you 6 months and I can see why, but if you improve your speed I think you could make an excellent quality wad episode. Pretty fast and intense, very well done. Although, in the endes theres a little mistake, in the Intermission screen the name of the map doesn't appear but it's nothing serious I guess.