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  1. Whats the point of cats? Such useless creatures. 

    1. Myst.Haruko


      You can say same about every creature, including humans. 

    2. Anidrex_1009


      Nihilism at his best.

    3. FantasmeDel'Esprit54


      Always fucking scratching me 

  2. I envy users with a lot of followers, but then I remember I am a super boring dude lmao

    1. Anidrex_1009


      I am unlucky that I am not that fun or joker, but I think a user is worth following when he publishes really interesting things more then funny things. Of course, both things would be the best. :D

    2. Memfis


      Eh, do you really want people monitoring everything you do?

    3. Myst.Haruko


      Followers come with time and patience. If people likes your content/personality or you post something worth and good, people most likely notice you without any problems. 

    4. bzzrak


      you registered a month ago ffs

      your account's age converted into human age is like 4th month of pregnancy

      how do you expect anyone to know you, let alone follow you

    5. FantasmeDel'Esprit54
  3. Bethesda already has a pretty bad reputation among the vidya community and they know it. The farthest they have gone with anything is Creation Club and they know people dont like it. Forcible monetization would be a 100% terrible move on Bethesda's part. That is the reason they have not done it yet. Also, because Doom 4 is super well recived in the gameplay community on youtube, having that monetization would mean less Youtubers playing which equals less exposure. That would equal less sales.
  5. Here is some more screenshots if you guys want. (I just posted the interesting parts)
  6. Eyyy I posted that on reddit
  7. The amount of times teachers have lost my work and the amount of times I have to redo said work is outrageous. 

  8. If it's more then 10, its excessive. Especially for doom.
  9. Industrial, people over hype how metal the soundtrack was.
  10. I'm so fucking confused on the Wolfenstein storyline. New Order takes place after RtCW and Wolfenstein(2009) respectively. Put the Old Blood is also a prequel to New Order. If these 4 games are canon, that would mean that B.J would have been thrown into the prison in Castle Wolfenstein twice. Some people have been saying that all the games are canon. If that was so, that would mean that he has been thrown into the prison at Castle Wolfenstein 3 times. There is evidence of this because in one of the letters in Old Blood, it mentions that Hitler smelled terrible. Implying that he was resurrected. Put other people have been saying that Old blood is a REMAKE of RtCW, but that does not make any sense because B.J has mentioned the Xlabs in the Old Blood. WTF?
  11. baited
  12. Rip and tear 24/7, everyday of the week
  13. red
  14. oh okay I misunderstood