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  1. Industrial, people over hype how metal the soundtrack was.
  2. I'm so fucking confused on the Wolfenstein storyline. New Order takes place after RtCW and Wolfenstein(2009) respectively. Put the Old Blood is also a prequel to New Order. If these 4 games are canon, that would mean that B.J would have been thrown into the prison in Castle Wolfenstein twice. Some people have been saying that all the games are canon. If that was so, that would mean that he has been thrown into the prison at Castle Wolfenstein 3 times. There is evidence of this because in one of the letters in Old Blood, it mentions that Hitler smelled terrible. Implying that he was resurrected. Put other people have been saying that Old blood is a REMAKE of RtCW, but that does not make any sense because B.J has mentioned the Xlabs in the Old Blood. WTF?
  3. baited
  4. Rip and tear 24/7, everyday of the week
  5. red
  6. oh okay I misunderstood
  7. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Why not dude its great.
  8. Nintendo drifting away from there usual shenanigans? Are you asking for the impossible?
  9. I dont know how I feel about this. Are they going to censor them in any way?
  10. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
  11. Poor Doomguy :(
  12. Debatable.
  13. Are you sure about that.
  14. How rude!
  15. Death Foretold is definitely the most high quality in terms of game play mods. Smooth Doom is the best in terms of practicality.