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Status Updates posted by FantasmeDel'Esprit54

  1. Whats the point of cats? Such useless creatures. 

    1. Misty


      You can say same about every creature, including humans. 

    2. Endless


      Nihilism at his best.

    3. FantasmeDel'Esprit54


      Always fucking scratching me 

  2. I envy users with a lot of followers, but then I remember I am a super boring dude lmao

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Misty


      Followers come with time and patience. If people likes your content/personality or you post something worth and good, people most likely notice you without any problems. 

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      you registered a month ago ffs

      your account's age converted into human age is like 4th month of pregnancy

      how do you expect anyone to know you, let alone follow you

    4. FantasmeDel'Esprit54
  3. The amount of times teachers have lost my work and the amount of times I have to redo said work is outrageous. 

  4. Waiting for the next Fallout game hurts me.

    1. Nevander


      I still haven't played Fallout 4.

    2. Avoozl


      I played FO4 but I really didn't enjoy it, I pretty much went back to playing New Vegas.

    3. FantasmeDel'Esprit54


      New Vegas is pretty good. Used to play it a lot because it could play on my old laptop.

  5. I am the lord of the harvest.

    1. Chickensoup101


      And i'm the prince of all Saiyans! ..... And stop shaking you goddamn rocket launching skeleton! 

    2. Battle_Korbi


      -MA LORD!


      -It's almost harvesting season!



      -Away with you vile beggar.

  6. Gotta try that juicy D4T