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Everything posted by maga

  1. maga

    Your skills and stuff

    nah, i was just joking around. Lack of occupation, you see.
  2. maga

    Your skills and stuff

    it sure helps being Carmack's father !
  3. maga

    Your skills and stuff

    I started to play Doom since 1983.
  4. maga

    icon of sin

    nonononono, the correct answer is this: 1. get the railgun hidden in the ceiling 2. shoot the Beavis Head that's popping out every 30 seconds 3. change to the chicken launcher 4. fire it 3 times in the air you're done.
  5. maga

    Forum action figures

    anyone up for another Geforce4 review ?
  6. maga

    First Level

    what ?
  7. maga

    The Doom Movie, For Real This Time?

    jeah, Doom movie...it will never EVER be like the game, because it's a MOVIE, and not a GAME. 10 PRINT "HELLO WORLD !" 20 LET DOOM=GOOD MOVIE 30 IF DOOM = GOOD MOVIE THEN GOTO CINEMA 40 ELSE GO TO CINEMA ANYWAY 50 RUN iamtehfukinbasicking
  8. maga

    What's the best new game?

    i'm looking forward for motocross madness 2 to hit the shelves..
  9. maga

    What about good ol' Hell?

    fuuuuuuuuck ! I want more than one hell level ! ^^ Too hard to do, i think
  10. maga

    Doom 3 Cleans Up

    woo !
  11. maga

    Doom III: The Legacy Movie

    whoever made that 90 megs monstruosity should be shot in the eye with a shotgun from upclose.
  12. maga

    Doom III Officially Announced

    now to wait the 2 more years to release....
  13. maga

    Send your voice sample

  14. maga


    hoo, boy
  15. maga

    crime and punishment

  16. maga

    Favourite Demons

    no, they pop up
  17. maga

    Favourite Demons

    my favorite monster is Speedy Gonzalez
  18. maga

    Oh dear god.

    hey, deadnail, wtf are you talking about, man ?
  19. maga

    What MONITOR do you DooM on?

    update: I've upgraded to Sony 102" ..and, btw, if you tinker with doom2, you can actually get the 80x60 resolution ! ciao
  20. maga

    What MONITOR do you DooM on?

    mine is a 72" Panasonic wide screen plasma screen, but i play DOOM in classical 320x240 resolution. (if i stay really close to the screen, the monsters are life-sized !) woo-hoo barg, end.
  21. maga

    I think I have lost my love for doom!

    goddamit doomboy you are a lousy speller. It's "doomworld" not "doomword" ! got it ? word.
  22. maga


  23. maga

    Doomworld feature idea

    I think all possible question about doom were answered...