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  1. MasterRhan

    A certain Doom 64 sprite sheet.

    It was one where the weapons had proper reload frames like many other fan made sheets (even frames for a pistol mag-swap) but the arms and gloves where in the style of Doom 64. (Big gloves, tan arms) I think I last saw it in the Zdoom editing forum, but I can't find it anymore. Does anyone have this weapon sprite sheet? Thanks!
  2. MasterRhan

    Anyone have a link to a specific skulltag announcer?

    Nevermind I found it, 'ZanACG.pk3' but thanks anyways.
  3. MasterRhan

    Anyone have a link to a specific skulltag announcer?

    No it's none of them, I think it was made a bit later, hence why it has not been "archived" like those.
  4. It was the one where the announcer was yelling "Soulsphere!" etc. in a normal human sounding voice rather than the other ones Quake/UT rip-offs.
  5. Having to redfine every frame seems mighty unnecessary, can't there be a something like "Spriteset = CPOS:play"
  6. How would I be able to change what sprite set a monster uses in decorate? For example Let's say I want to make a chaingunner that uses the doom marine sprites (you know sprites that already exist and are defined), is there any decorate code for that similair to changing palette trough translation? Marineminigunner : Chaingunner replaces Chaingunguy {
  7. If I have Duke's mighty boot as a melee attack (converted it to doom palette and such) so it's not a jpeg/png, but a sprite in Doom format. How could I make one? Think how in Duke 3d other players in multiplayer have diffrent colored pants that also change for the mighty boot
  8. I had to restart a couple of hours of gameplay in Fallout 1 after I decided to do the Gun Runners quest with the Deathclaws and The Brotherhood quest to storm the military base. I was around level 9 or so and was too weak to do it. My earliest save is right after I've returned the water chip and am now wondering on what the hell I should do. I want to get the best weapons and power armour and be at as a high level as possible before those quests. What quests should I do? Just got the Blade Runner gun and am at the Downtown of the Hub with Tycho, Dogmeat and Ian. Former two armed with 44. Desert Eagle's. Character stats: S.6 P.9 E.7 C.3 I.8 A.8 L.6 Traits and perks. Gifted and Fastshot. Awareness and Toughness. Level 7, 8615 caps. Tagged skills: Small guns 64%, Lockpick 63% and Speech at 101% 48 Skill points left to spend. Quests done: Rescue Tandi and Stop The Radscorpions Rescue Sinthia, Stop Gizmo and Bust the Skulz Fix the Necropolis water pump
  9. MasterRhan

    Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    Anyone know how to play Portal of Praevus on Hammer of Thyrion?
  10. MasterRhan

    Halo 6 revealed.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXQfVc3CTrQ Don't know if it's the final part of the Xbone trilogy or a spin-off/prequel like ODST or Reach
  11. MasterRhan

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just finished Bioshock Infinite, now playing the first game. Also planning to play Fallout 1 and later F2.
  12. MasterRhan

    Please critique my weapon designs (sketches)

    They're kinda like the GoldenEye weapons, fictional but based on real ones.
  13. MasterRhan

    Who was the most badass marine (npcs)?

    Where can I read this draft?