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  1. FreeDaemon, although some might confuse it with ZDaemon.
  2. Resident Abortion 6
  3. S.6. P.6 Tend to notice small things and hear them. E.7 I have a good immune system, also ran my morning jog (around 7km.) without my asthma medicine, my lungs felt like shit but I went on. C.4 I.5 Did an I.Q test got 107. Default as fuck. A.5 L. -9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
  4. I use the realistic weapons mod, which makes the weapons sound beefier and more realistic in combat, without making them op. Trent Reznor monster sounds. Self-explanatory, took only the monster sounds to avoid interference with the realistic weapons mod. Alpha Shotgun mod. It just looks so much better than the actual one. Having just finished Doom 3 I'm now playing the Event Horizon mod.
  5. I become really aggresive towards my enemies when I play Doom like games. I grunt when my character takes alot of damage. I basically get too immersed.
  6. Thanks alot! Can you notify me about it later?
  7. Hi I'm new to the forums and I would like to ask for help with this. When I attempt to play splitscreen, everything is fine, except for one thing. And that is that when one player does something the other also does it. (Example. If player 1 fires a gun/switches weapons player 2 also does it) I'm using the setup up of player 1 using keyboard and mouse and player 2 using a joystick. Is there anyway I could seperate the two player inputs? Thanks!