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  1. 8Bit Shocker


    PC and PS2
  2. 8Bit Shocker


    Do you have any recommendations for split screen games then?
  3. 8Bit Shocker

    The Master; Text Adventure

    Hi there, About six months ago I finished writing a fantasy text adventure game from scratch in C++. I abandoned it for some time after short testing, but well... I finally decided to upload it, maybe someone will enjoy it. It's a single .exe file (1,45MB) which runs in windows' cmd. Link: https://gamejolt.com/games/themasterta/344338
  4. 8Bit Shocker

    Philosophical proposal: Purposeful hypocrisy

    Oh, now Your perspective is much more clear to me. Yup, it can be useful while "figuring things out", though it seems quite useless while convincing.
  5. 8Bit Shocker

    Philosophical proposal: Purposeful hypocrisy

    What is the point of stating an argument that counter another of your arguments? It is either a mistake or it only complicates a debate or it is a try of manipulation. And it is really important to remember that argumets are not just drifting rafts, they refer to thesis. One should keep the logical sequence of those arguments which refer to one selected thesis. If they are countering there is no longer a sequence of arguments, if they do not refer to thesis there is no discussion, there are just some separeted statments, ideas, thoughts. It has nothing to do with whom is speaking. Using "countering arguments", while for example chatting with a friend is totally okay, sometimes it is a natural process of figuring something out, but when it comes to defending or proving thesis in a debate it is usally not welcome.
  6. 8Bit Shocker

    Philosophical proposal: Purposeful hypocrisy

    Hypocrisy is neutral to any debate. If someone's arguments against something (for example killing) are strong enough it doesn't matter whether he personally does/like it. What he/she does is neither argument, nor counterargument. Using one's actions, beliefs, characteristics as arguments is known as "Argumentum ad personam" and "Argumentum ad hominem" - it is considered to be fallacious argumentative strategy. However, using conflicting arguments is also flawed. If your arguments counter each other it makes them invalid and it also make it impossible for your opponent to answer them jointly. Some may call it hypocrisy.
  7. 8Bit Shocker


    Well, I made those so yep, I have midis and tabs for guitar as well. And here's the link to all midis from this Wad (some of them didn't make it to the final version) and every other doom midi/mp3 I created, enjoy. http://www.mediafire.com/file/44y4d5mevey57pd/MIDISandMP3S8BitShockerComplete.zip
  8. 8Bit Shocker


    Thanks, you can download it here if you want to. link
  9. 8Bit Shocker

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    @HunoR Holy cacodemon! Awesome works
  10. 8Bit Shocker

    Terminals - Title Pic Needed!

    Maybe this could do?
  11. 8Bit Shocker

    What are you listening to?

    0:32 -> one of the best modern thrash metal riffs imo
  12. 8Bit Shocker

    R-Type Skybox

    Looks good, a bit shrunken in gameplay though.
  13. 8Bit Shocker

    Favorite Horror games or movies?

    My favorite horror movies: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) Scream City of Living Dead It! The Terror from Beyond Space @ZALGO What're your favorites?
  14. 8Bit Shocker

    Rebirth MIDI Pack - COMPLETE.

    @Jimmy Thanks for the feedback, I'm more kind of a guy who really likes "heavy metal safe zone" and listens to a lot of shit based on E, F and G like "Symphony of Destruction", but I understand criticism. New version of "Shoot to be violent" is ready. I don't fell strong or like too melodious stuff so I concentrated on building up the track and adding solo. I hope it gives the track more space and variate of melody it was lacking. At the end I used powerchords ("5 chords", whatever) instead of single notes to keep the track developing. I kept single note beginning to bass solo though. It's kind of a slowdown (I consider useful for this song), then bass starts really soloing when the kick from the drums comes. (yes, you're right bass solo introduces devilish triton, but also perfect fifth) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/oxd91l7cd9hb3g3/Shoot_to_be_violent_2_The_Rebirth_Map_07_by_8BITShocker.mid
  15. 8Bit Shocker

    Rebirth MIDI Pack - COMPLETE.

    Here's my contribution to this project: Title: "Shoot to be violent" Map: Map07 - "Cremation" Duration/size: 2:12/26KB Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/h6k7ycaz6kdkem2/Shoot_to_be_violent__The_Rebirth_Map_07_by_8BITShocker.mid