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  1. DOOMmarine918

    What do you think are the best mods for Doom?

    Smooth doom w/ doom 3 sfx. I made the most redefined way to play the game for my taste.
  2. Lmao! One day I looked side to side and raised my eyebrows when my friend was talking to me. He stopped talking and was like "Wtf? Nigga saw something" Lmao, he didn't understand
  3. Yeah, I've noticed I want to get more into technology now
  4. Arlene has more confidence because of her work and videos, but I suppose a lot of the content is for doom so yeah, it's true.
  5. Like, I used to play battlefield non-stop. Battlefield modern combat for the ps2 up to bad company, battlefield 3-4, and doom just took over my mind, it became my favorite game. Like, even if I do play battlefield I play with shotguns and stuff now, it changed my style very much. For some reason, doom has a certain feel to it.. Like you can smell and taste the 90's
  6. Doom has been out for a long time yeah, but I was born 1995 and no one I ever knew mentioned doom to me except for a friend that let me borrow doom 3 bfg edition back then, I've been on a doom binge playing every one, anyway I could ever since. I love doom 2 mostly, but I've played hours of doom 1,2,64,3,4 lol I can't find doom rpg...
  7. I Mean yeah, we grow and naturally change. But I feel it altered the way I did change, listening to rock music more and maybe also because it's burned in my head lol I think about it too much I'd say. How often do you think about doom?
  8. I feel different. Things like the cross and stuff stand out to me more. I don't know man... How about you?
  9. DOOMmarine918

    Your dumb Doom habits

    My stupid ass backing up from a fireball instead of strafing. Happens often