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  1. Playing a lot of wads, getting a ton of new ideas for my own. As a new mapper my first wad will be simple looking, but I will make up for the architecture with monster placement, map layout and some cool interactive stuff. Also, it will feel story driven, you will obtain weapons as you go and feel the build up, until your teleport to hell.. Let's see, I hope everything runs smoothly.

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    2. DOOMmarine918


      Thanks brother, it will feel story driven, small and fun. Like, you will understand what you've just did, are doing and have done. The introduction to the enemies and item pickup placement will make the gameplay godly. I've noticed a lot of wads are fun and beautiful, but I feel like there's no plot. But I suppose doom isn't about plot lol

    3. Endless


      Yes, Doom is not that good for story, but If you actually manage to get some really good story that would be really special, also, I think for that the best thing is a Megawad. 

      About ''Beautiful''. Pls, make wads great to look again. There is a lot of fun gameplay wads, but I have this obssession with looking at the landscapes for minutes. Skyboxes, more details, some distant terrain, I just think that makes things a lot more attractive. But anything you do, I wish a lot of luck and fun! 

      PS: Sorry for the bad english. 

    4. DOOMmarine918


      Yeah, a mega wad. I hope to make it look nice, I will try to make it believable. The jump through the main portal to the first hell site, once you arrive there I want you to feel like you're not supposed to be in that place. And I want the UAC base to be more exploration, while the hell will be a little more linear and slaughter-ish maybe, I don't know yet.