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  1. thinking about changing name....


    1. rdwpa



    2. Voltcom9


      perhaps originalpainelemental

    3. genericpainelemental


      haha wow those are some good ideas!

  2. for some odd reason whenever i change the render settings to opengl instead of software my game lags insanely anyone know how to fix this? (also yes i do know that zandronum forums are a thing) (this is very strange since when i use gzdoom with opengl my pc is fine and i have been able to use opengl with zandronum on other computers and have no lag)
  3. wow i really messed up with this wad.
  4. fun fact: i intended to include a picture of a sticker on my fridge in the post but the file size was too large.
  5. my first deathmatch wad. it's very basic with all the spawns having a weapon in front of them thus causing each player to have a weapon right away the design of the areas range from more open wooden areas to small tight industrial areas. the level was made with doom builder 2 in the zdoom doom for doom format with the doom 2 wad and was tested with gzdoom and zandronum. also this map is pretty small so I'd recommend playing with 2 or 4 players. (also yes the name for this wad is weird but i couldn't think of anything else at the time) fridge
  6. thank you so much! i'll make sure to give you credit when i've finished the rest of the wad and upload it.
  7. in not sure if this is relevant but here's a screenshot of level 9 in version 3 of my wad called is this a wad yet? ( also yes the texture on the cover that im hiding behind is from nmn corp)
  8. like I've said previously i have made a custom line of exit text for map 6 in the wad im working on and have gotten it to work the only problem is that it doesn't scroll properly and only one of the lines of text appears but every answer I've gotten has told me to redo the text using map info (the level was made with doom builder 2 in the zdoom doom for doom format and Slade 3 was used to add the text which was made with whackED4) however im pretty sure that making a line of text that already works scroll properly is a lot easier than redoing the whole thing.
  9. i know this sounds stupid but i have no idea how to delete textures it just reloads the texture when i go to delete it.
  10. can someone just give me a simple answer instead of a link to a guide?
  11. okay cool thanks!
  12. really my only problem here is that only two or three of the lines i put in appear and the rest just get pushed out if i can fix that then i won't need to edit map info or anything else
  13. actually i did it's just that i had accidentally corrupted the file somehow and another user named dl_simc fixed it for me.
  14. it's just because i had no idea how to edit map info so i just used whackED4 since it was easier to understand.