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Everything posted by JBerg

  1. JBerg

    Popularity of Pistol Starts

    I don't know about the elitism part, but I enjoy pistol starting. It makes finding the weapons exciting again.
  2. JBerg

    Performance of GZDoom on new iMac 2021?

    But you can disable mouse acceleration in the OS though
  3. JBerg

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    +1 Doom 2 in Spain Only
  4. JBerg

    [Megawad] Doom 2 In Spain Only [Now on idgames]

    Well I managed it :) I just finished map30 and yeah: Me gusto mucho el WAD. Que maravilla
  5. JBerg

    [Megawad] Doom 2 In Spain Only [Now on idgames]

    i have to say that the hell knight trap on map26 is a real mood killer.
  6. do it, it is very fun. some source ports have a -pistolstart parameter to make things easier for you.
  7. I use both. The regular shotgun is far more accurate and helps save ammo
  8. JBerg

    [Megawad] Doom 2 In Spain Only [Now on idgames]

    Map20 suffers a bit of the trial and error type gameplay but it's not so bad once you know where to go. I do agree with your sentiment though. Feels like the wad switches gears halfway through.
  9. As someone who knows Spanish, I don't agree that the grammar rules are dumber than the English ones.
  10. I think he's talking about inconsistencies of English and not how hard it is to learn.
  11. JBerg

    What browser do you use?

    Pretty good levels overall but some of the episode 4 ones are a bit unbalanced. Having a bunch of barons of hell spawn right behind you at a dead end feels sort of cheap. The two extra secret maps from the 10th anniversary edition (E5M1 and E5M2) are only accessible using ZDoom and feel inferior to their quality compared with the rest.
  12. JBerg

    why do we love this so much?

    I like Doom for a lot of the reasons you guys mentioned but I also want to add that the game is fast. The time it takes for me to start having fun with Doom is near 0 minutes whereas other games can have cutscenes, scripted events, matchmaking and all this stuff that kind of gets in the way.
  13. JBerg

    Heretic 2 - Source code recreation part 2

    This looks amazing
  14. JBerg

    The Darkening

    I just played this for the first time in 2021 and I enjoyed it a lot! The maps are sort of old school but play very well.
  15. What about some pays you 2 million dollars but you can only play bad slaughter maps for the rest of your life.
  16. JBerg

    Eternity Engine 4.01.00 Tyrfing

    I feel like comp levels would make this engine soar.
  17. Personally, I honestly don’t know how they could ever make a new doom game worse than Eternal.
  18. The guy was a bit too much for me with his anti-sjw comments he’d sparkle in his reviews. Stopped watching his stuff after that the racist FPS games episode.
  19. JBerg

    Classic Doom Better Than The New Ones Or Vice Versa?

    The old ones are better.
  20. I love 90s style wads so I'll be sure to give this one a go once it gets a full release
  21. JBerg


    Pistol started every map on UV and had a blast. Some parts were tough but overall it was pretty good. I only played version 1.0 though. I'll revisit it again soon.
  22. oh wow! Sigil was pretty cool. Looking forwards to what he makes next.
  23. How is the idgames archive submission coming along?