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  1. Altima

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    This sucks. His maps in Master Levels were among some of my favorites. Rest well, Dr. Sleep.
  2. Thank you for clearing up any doubts. Good run. Congratulations. I concede any further questions.
  3. Unless someone has some sort of better idea or a more convenient solution, it probably won't. The speedrunning scene in Doom is too broad to really "enforce" camera shit but not big enough where there has to be some sort of "super secretive" council that evaluates every run with a fine-toothed comb. So realistically? I don't think anything will change.
  4. When someone has given me a good answer, I've stopped pressing it as an issue. I personally found nothing funny about your post and feel it offered 0 to any discussion. Also, let's not forget Winterfeldt's cheated run that was scrutinized. Maybe not to this extreme levels and maybe not to a legit run, but it did happen. Winterfeldt's was obviously cheated, but all I'm doing is looking for good, solid answers.
  5. This sort of bitter, biting sarcasm (and presumed to be aimed my way) doesn't do anyone any good. I also get that you're throwing shit my way but it's whatever. All I'm doing is stating my thoughts and getting some rather good, thought out replies. Sarcasm contributes nothing. It's discussion and that's where it's been on my end from the start.
  6. Thank you for all of the valid points, Archi. These are the types of responses I'm looking for. Considering the ridiculous things ZM has done, I guess it just personally strikes me as odd that a 90-minute run can show a bit of fatigue but a 4+ hour run doesn't really show any signs of it. Not saying long speedruns don't exist (Final Fantasy 7 Any% No Slots is usually 8+ hours) but I don't know of a game that has runs that can theoretically go on for hours and hours where the intensity doesn't let up a whole lot. At least with an RPG you get moments where you're text mashing which is a bit of a breather, or cutscenes where you can walk away for a moment.
  7. I do remember the segmented Super Meat Boy run. Got a lot of attention. I think there was also a cheated Yoshi's Island run recently as well but I could be mistaken on the date, and this player did it on camera during a stream. He only got caught because his finger presses on camera didn't match the streamed game footage and someone with a keen eye spotted it. By "no" verification I'm obviously referring to someone who watches runs and verifies them with human eyes. That's all I'm referring to here. Even if we did, it's easy to make a convincing looking run that would pass a human's check. I don't disagree that the .lmp is great but as with all things, it has it's draw backs. That's why I mentioned it being a double-edged sword when it comes to "no verification". Given enough time and creativity though, anyone can cheat at any particular thing so I guess in the end maybe it makes the whole concept irrelevant? Nothing is fool-proof.
  8. I guess I'm just of the mindset that people are downplaying his aggressive playstyle for a full 32 maps/4+ hours. My biggest point of questioning at this moment is that Zero Master's 30av run starts to slow down a bit toward the end and you can see a decline in the play whereas Ancalagon's run here is as fresh going into Map01 as going into Map29, there's no sign of wear or tear anywhere. You can only combat RNG in Doom for so long before it's going to do whatever it wants to do no matter how skilled you are. If someone can disprove these points then I will have no further questions. Again, since it's been a bit, I want to reiterate that I do indeed feel Ancalagon's run is legitimate. That doesn't mean I am without concerns. One thing I do want to bring up though, Vorpal has a point. We *are* the only speedrunning community that has no verification system or anything of the sort. I speedrun other games and there's always a person on the other end that watches and verifies that the run through the game is a legal run. I realize that this game isn't your Super Metroid, Mario 64, Mega Man, or other high-profile game, but I feel that the point here remains the same. Whether we need something like that or not is questionable. The .lmp format is both great and potentially bad. It's great in the fact that it's a verification system of it's own since it's literally raw game actions dumped into a file format that can be read. However, the fact people can simply *write* a .lmp file can be seen as something that could detract from the legitimacy of the format in itself. Maybe that's what Vorpal is trying to get at in his OTHER point, which I can see being a fair thing to pick out. I realize this is a community of trust but sometimes trust can only go so far before one person ruins it for everyone.
  9. I find it funny no one bothered to point out I did indeed say "this is not always the case" as this is clearly an example of that. Maybe his time is "20% slower" but there's still no hesitation, no damn brakes on the train even all the way up to Maps 25/26/28. But you do agree that it's easy to do, which is the point I was getting at. Not that he did it.
  10. You. I like your answer. Cheeky :P
  11. It's not about him using PRBoom+ (I've used it myself on a few runs), it's about him using PRBoom+ for a run like this because of the circumstances behind it, plus PRBoom+'s general ability to easily be cheated with. This whole thing is just a perfect storm of things that happened. Anc has a run where it's 4+ hours of super aggressive play without any signs of fatigue at all in the run (when a similarly skilled player, Zero Master, was showing a little fatigue and wasn't looking as fresh going into the later maps of his av30 run), never once does he put safety before efficiency, and while there have been signs he did practice it, there weren't any obvious signs he was building up to it. There's no Episode 2 or 3 UV Max movie runs for AV by him. That's typically the normal sequence of events. Runner does E1 UV-Max > Runner does E2 UV-Max > Runner does E3 UV-Max > Runner does full-game UV-Max. Not saying this is always the case but usually when they go for the full game, they at least post up their work of the individual 3 episodes. I'm not trying to discredit Anc here. He obviously had great route planning, he has spectacular BFG usage, great timings, all of that. There's just things that make me skeptical of it's full legitimacy. As I previously stated, I *do* believe his run is legitimate but I am still going to ask these questions and see what sort of answers I get that might help me personally fill in the gaps as to how this run came to be. One thing I will ask though, this is more of a curiosity than any sort of accusations. Which is truly the more legitimate way of doing a 30AV Max run? Vanilla where you're forced to use AVMOVFIX.wad which removes a portion of Map20, or through a source port (PRBoom+ in this case) where you don't need AVMOVFIX.wad and can do the portion of Map20 that is removed? Some food for thought I'd love to hear opinions on. Editing just to clarify that I am only speaking about this run. I have 0 doubt of any of Ancalagon's achievements in other wad files. This is solely about this and I'm merely seeking answers to my own suspicions.
  12. Altima

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    It's nice to see it's doable but the question is, is it *practical* to get 100% secrets in Map15? I'm personally of the mindset that 90% should still be the required standard as corralling a Pain Elemental and then doing some pixel-precision bullshit looks *completely* unfun.
  13. tl;dr: Ancalagon's 30AV Max run was pointed to being suspiciously cheated and so there's discussion of it. The general consensus is that the run is legitimate.
  14. Having watched the run myself numerous times over and looking at a few scenarios with a fine-toothed comb, I have my own suspicions about the legitimacy of the run. HOWEVER, I want to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR I am not saying Ancalagon is in any way shape or form cheating (there's a reason I never made a thread making this claim). The PRBoom+ issue that was mentioned by the original poster was one of the things I was curious about, but my suspicions come from elsewhere. I'm only posting these to put my own words out into the open and for people to digest them as they will. Furthermore, I want to emphasize that I would like to believe Ancalagon's run is legitimate and as of right now, I do. I only have questions and suspicions. I guess I'm only playing Devil's Advocate here. Firstly is the question of how much practice has he had on Alien Vendetta? I do realize he has achieved some incredible things on significantly harder maps and mapsets. The only thing submitted by him before this was a D2EP1 run of it in 37:58. It's an impressive time but this is only 10 maps. Was there streaming practice on this wad or was it all offline practice? Second, reiterating the mention of PRBoom+, it's very easy to connect runs. Considering that AV is a vanilla-compatible megawad (and also the fact he didn't use the AVMOVFIX.wad file which I'm assuming is because he used a source port), why not use vanilla for legitimacy's sake? Here's probably my biggest reasons of suspicion, though. The question of some of the decision making throughout the run. AV is hard, yes, but not hard by today's standards in a world where Sunder, Sunlust, Toilet of the Gods, Swim with the Whales, etc. is considered difficult, but it is balanced in such a way where certain situations, when rushed face-first into, can equate to a 50/50 life-or-death scenario. When you've played considerable amounts of Doom UV-Max, you realize there can only be so much fortune in one long setting. At some point you're going to have to sacrifice safety for efficiency, especially the further into a run you get. Especially in some of the volatile, close calls that happen throughout the run. You can only control Doom's randomness so much before it will still do whatever it wants to do. In a typical long UV-Max, there's the occasional fuck up at least somewhere in the run, if it's taking a wrong turn or having some sort of encounter go haywire. Sometimes you have to check for leftover monsters (with PRBoom+ this is negated through the HUD), sometimes by design, and especially 3 hours in. Ancalagon's run looks just as fresh going from Map01 to Map02 as he does going from Map28 to Map29. Not even Zero Master with his AV30 UV-speed keeps up with that sort of nerves and you can see a slight decline in the quality of speed over the course of a longer run. Speaking of nerves, the only place where there even seems to be any sort of nerves showing is on Map30? That seems a little suspicious to me, personally. Speaking of these nerves, Maps 13 and onward, particularly 32, 25, and 28, (there's more but these all have a key moment), the way they are so hyper-aggressively played, and yet not one showing of any shakiness or nervousness? No mistakes? Map32 really makes me question because the approach used would make me believe he'd be resetting around 100 minutes into the run frequently. You can only control Doom's RNG so much, as I previously mentioned. You'd be stacking an insane amount of fortune on top of high-skill play that doesn't show any signs of declining for safety-over-efficiency or forgetfulness or nervousness for an intense 3-4 hour run like this. Every map is just superb, high-risk gameplay, all strung together into a single run. Map28, who would honestly want to risk their entire 4-hour godlike run at the Cyberdemon in the small room with that sort of aggressive play? Again, I want to emphasize I am not saying he is or isn't fabricating that 30AV-Max run, and I personally feel it is legitimate until proven without a shadow of a doubt otherwise, I'm merely pointing out my observations why I was suspicious of the run. I do want to hear other people's opinions, though. However, outright calling Ancalagon (or most speedrunners in general) a cheater is an incredibly bold thing and can put your own reputation on the line if it comes back that it is legitimate, since it only appears you are stirring the pot fishing for drama or trying to minimize someone else's hard work. On that note, congrats Ancalagon on the run. Edit: Yes, I am aware of some ZDaemon stuff with Anc and AV. I'm asking it regardless.