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  1. therektafire

    Is it possible to create space above space?

    You don't really need 3d floors for that sort of thing, unless you want the player to be able to see over the top of the structure as well, you could do something like this in basically any format, just put a sky texture on the ceiling of all the areas you want to have the skybox then for the actual structure give every sector of it a lower ceiling height and apply the appropriate texturing. If you want certain sides of the structure to look lower then draw a separate sky sector around them and make it lower, but make sure that if you do it this way the player's eye height is never level with it or they won't be able to see around it which could look weird
  2. therektafire

    Zeureka: Eureka fork with ZetaBot pathnode support (ALPHA)

    Yeah pk3 and uDMF support are the 2 big things Eureka is missing, of course adding UDMF would probably require rewriting some parts of the editor, like for one thing you would probably need to add a hardware renderer considering that I believe eureka uses a software renderer currently, which while that allows it to run on basically any pc regardless of what gpu it has or whether or not you have admin on the account you are using because you don't need to install a particular version of directx or opengl unlike GZDB, it also means that a lot of the more advanced udmf features aren't available since they need a hardware renderer to work
  3. therektafire

    Win 7 users, what's your plan come end of the year?

    @Rathori Well the upshot of this is that it might push at least a few developers over to linux which is always a good thing, though idk how many gamedevs release mac versions of their game but not also linux, compared to the vast amount of windows only games. I feel life if they were going through the effort of making a mac version they would probably already be maintaining a linux version too since the two platforms are more similar to each other than say mac and windows
  4. therektafire

    You have 30 minutes to make a map - post your results!

    Make sure you give reviews of the maps too ;)
  5. And i'm assuming that on top of no tutorials there's no API documentation either (other than looking at the source code of course))?
  6. therektafire

    Win 7 users, what's your plan come end of the year?

    Not to mention their draconian behavior in regards to 3rd party repair shops as well, it isn't even just software they try to control, they also try to control who can even FIX your DEVICE if you are having a problem with/something on it is broken/etc. Something that DOESN'T happen with microsoft or google products (at least not that i'm aware of)
  7. @ketmaris there a tutorial on making custom enemies with VavoomC? Also are you able to add vavoomc enemies as separate wads or do you need to write them into the main game code and compile it as a separate "game" like you have to do with quake? edii: oh also do you know of any good k8vavoom vavoomc tutorials
  8. therektafire

    Win 7 users, what's your plan come end of the year?

    Yeah people who bitch about privacy on windows while unironically stanning Apple are hilariously hypocritical, I would never even consider buying a MacOS or iOS device even IF I had the money to do so unless i had no other choice, the only options I would consider are Windows or Linux, while I know there are more OSes than just those two their software support is usually far worse than other more popular options so they would probably just be relegated to something i might live boot intto and screw around with on occasion unless there was some specific program that i really wanted to use that the developers decided to *only* make for that specific platform for some reason
  9. therektafire

    What would you think could have a good crossover with Doom?

    Devil May Cry (especially the first 3), its an obvious choice :P
  10. therektafire

    You have 30 minutes to make a map - post your results!

    Ok here's a UV max demo of your map made in prboom plus @FanTazTiCxD 30min_fan.zip
  11. therektafire

    You have 30 minutes to make a map - post your results!

    @FanTazTiCxD I'm getting an "unknown demo format 70" error when trying to run your demo in prboom, what source port did you record it in? edit: never mind it was a gzdoom demo apparently
  12. therektafire

    You have 30 minutes to make a map - post your results!

    Well here is my attempt, unfortunately it took me longer than 30 minutes, it took me about 45 minutes to make the geometry then another 15 or so for enemy placement and testing so maybe later i'll post another one which was actually made in 30mins, its a Boom format short hell themed map, you start out in a large open area immediately having to contend with lots of shotgunners and imps then you go into a cave and have to do some platforming over a lava pit while being shot at by more imps and a couple of cacos then you fight a cyberdemon guarding a red skull key at the end (which you need to get in order to open the exit door) 30minsattempt.rar
  13. I received a map slot (map 29) from someone else recently and I started to work on a map, i've made some pretty good progress so far, maybe this will be the first time i actually get a map done for a CP that isn't a speedmapping session lol
  14. therektafire


    Yes, use Doom or Doom 2 format, not boom or UDMF edit: also if you want to make absolutely sure its fully vanilla compatible you might want to download the visplane explorer plugin as well
  15. therektafire


    @memes4lyfe you should really be using GZDoom Builder Bugfix, its like doombuilder 2 except it is still being updated, ha way more features, and most importantly crashes way less often. So basically its better in every way