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  1. therektafire

    GZDoom Error

    Maybe try running the Windows build in Wine? I don't have Linux on any computer I can use at the moment (I do have an android phone but obviously that foesn't really count in this case), but from what I understand Wine is fairly decent at running Windows games so it can probably handle GZDB as well
  2. therektafire

    4800 Hell Knights. 94's and Therektafire's adventures in Quake. Alpha 3

    @Major Arlene I know that, I already did that, what I mean is I would have preferred to use an MD3 model instead of a sprite (or whatever model type gzdoom lets you use)
  3. therektafire

    4800 Hell Knights. 94's and Therektafire's adventures in Quake. Alpha 3

    Ok so here is what I have had on the hub for a while, I haven't been able to work on it for a while but it is mostly done, all that is really needed to be added are map name popups when you walk into each of the little rooms (where the map entrances are) and a midi. There's also a place in the back of the main room to add a teleport to the final boss map but it isn't there yet. Also it uses some textures from cc4-tex.wad which I haven't put in with the map itself. And it has a Cyberbaron in it (I wanted a 3d model hell knight statue but I couldn't find one :( ) so you will need to load it up with that as well 4800hk_hub.rar
  4. Also @MegaZzZeux don't pull a me, make sure you actually get your maps done :) Maybe don't focus entirely on details when first making the map, make the basic layout first then add gje finer details later
  5. Heh I bought a new laptop recently and moved my doom dev folder to it and have been trying to learn the ins and outs of gzdoom builder bugfix, I am fine with using a laptop keyboard personally, then again i wanted to buy a pretty big one because I greatly benefit from a bigger screen since my vision is relatively poor, so it has a bigger keyboard as well.
  6. therektafire

    Phoenix Speedmusic Session 4- Fresh Out of Bird Puns

    That awkward moment a few minutes ago when you realize you posted the themes on the discord but forgot to put them in the main thread again... oh well I guess it's a bit late for that now. Here they are anyway though for posterity's sake: 1. only use odd numbered notes, like 1st note, 3rd, 5th, etc, starting from A0 and ending at C8 (standard keyboard\piano note range) 2. Use at least 3 tempo changes 3. The song never goes above 100BPM Anyway this time we had quite a few submissions which is nice including our first .ogg submission from @NuclearPotato. So luckily things went well despite my ineptitude. Hopefully we get the same turnout or maybe even better next month, (wink wink nudge nudge) ;)
  7. therektafire

    Phoenix Speedmusic Session 4- Fresh Out of Bird Puns

    @Jimmy Correct, I was waiting for people to suggest other times that might be better for them so they could actually show up this time since I have a little more flexibility in the time I can host the sessions now, but I guess everyone is OK with the normal time, so that's when it will be, 1:00pm to 3:00pm as usual
  8. therektafire

    rise of hell/base of the uac remake

    In UDMF and ZDoom Hexen format you don't need to make the line completely impassable, you can make it a "3d midtex" which means that only the textured part of the middle is solid, the rest isn't. As for the map itself, imo it looks pretty flat and square/orthogonal. Also there are several texture misalignments and misfits, that door should be inset into the wall a little bit and the area in front and behind it should have a ceiling height of 64, or whatever the height of that door texture is. Also maybe consider changing the texture on those pillars in the 3rd screenshot. And add more light and height variations.
  9. I think Trenchbrom 2 might get Q3 support, eventually. I think it already supports quake 2 and half life 1 (half life 1 is only partial support though i think, only the valve texture format is there)
  10. No you can't. There was an old thread about a level editor for Android but it never happened :(
  11. therektafire

    Can modern FPS titles be considered as Doom clones?

    I guess technically if it goes out of it's way to try and act like Doom then maybe? But I definitely wouldn't call almost any modern FPS that because they have extremely different gameplay than the original Doom games
  12. Yes it's that time again, a little later than last time but better late than never right? :) So some good news, i was able to buy a new laptop, so now not only can I use the (un)holy coupling of GZDoom Builder + Slade 3 to map at last I can also be a little more flexible in the session timings! This months session will be on Saturday the 18th, maybe at the same time as usual, maybe not, it depends on what time you guys would find convenient. Preferably not anything before 1:00pm though. As for the rules, they're the same as usual, nothing new here. Here they are: *You will have 2 hours to write your song + a few minutes to submit it. *You will get 3 themes to use when writing your song, you can use any number of the themes but You *have* to use at least 1. *The song must be Boom compatible, so allowed formats are MID, MP3, OGG, MOD, XM, S3M, IT (and any other formats prboom+ might play that i cant think of right now). Tracked formats (.mid/.mod and similar) are preferred over sample ones like mp3 or ogg for size reasons but not required *When you submit your song make sure you include some basic information like the track name, composition time, daw you used to make the song in, etc. You can submit tracks to either the Discord or on the thread itself, I personally would prefer if you put it in the thread though if possible. Or both places at once, that would be ok too. Here is the discord link for the sessions as always https://discord.gg/CsTSjr8
  13. therektafire

    Eureka 1.21 Released

    In 3d view you can toggle lighting and textures, I believe it's t for textures and L for lighting
  14. Ok everybody, the time for writing and submitting is up. Unless someone submits something while I write this it looks like we only got 2 submissions this time one from me and from Jimmy :( But oh well 2 is greater than 0 so that's ok, better luck next time I guess.
  15. Ok guys here are the themes for this session: 1 the song sounds like it is being played backsards 2 the song uses a max of 4 instruments 3 every note is used at least once (by "every note" i mean the standard piano range of notes from A0 to C8