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  1. Oh ok :) My Eagle 8 map is better than this one though I'm a bit unsure about the overall balancing of it (uv maxing should be fine thougn) since I got to thing placement last so some areas aren't as populated with enemies as I would like since I designed the areas for kind of large scale encounters (kind of like the final room of my map in this wad but way more fair :D) and there might be too little health again for some people, but @NoisyVelvet likes it and says it is an improvement so it must be better :) Also there is way less PE spam since there is only 1 in the whole map this time
  2. Mmm, do you mean the "pressure to progress" that my map creates? :D
  3. Actually I didn't technically start out mapping by speedmapping, I made 2 other maps before, my speedmaps are just my first publicly released ones. I had started on a GZDoom centric map which technically is my first but I stopped working on it (for now anyway) when I learned about the speedmapping sessions
  4. Oh just in case you were wondering naza those are screenshots from the map I made in the first session, I'm not able to participate in this one
  5. Well here is my map. There is some good news and bad news. The good news is that everything works like it should this time (I think), all the switches animate, the exit works, nothing gets stuck anywhere. The bad news is I got to thing placement last which is kind of an issue since A) there is very little ammo on the map, again, and B) I designed the areas for somewhat larger scale encounters and there aren't very many enemies in a couple of areas right now so you just get to look at a mostly flat cave room 😁 And of course I spent all the time I had to work on it today and can't update it tomorrow so if there are any problems they will just be stuck there for the time being... Basically I am just putting this up to show I did get through with it mostly lol Name: Winter's Timidity Build time: 2 hours Themes: no keys, 10 tags, will probably add birthday cake secret when I get the chance Cc4-tex is used in this map but as an external resource. Also no new music just yet
  6. Damn I thought was starting at 1pm cst, I need to get to work :/
  7. Well if you are experiencing blockage the obvious thing to do is to increase the number of teleport sectors in the destination area if there's enough space to and divide the main closet into little sub areas for each enemy or group of enemies to give them each a unique place to teleport to. Of course then you will probably need to add impassable monster block lines between each group so that they don't accidentally wonder into someone else's teleport if you don't want them to. My map is an example of this Edit: oh and also on the subject of monsters getting stuck behind teleport lines, that is why you need to make sure the area is as small as physically possible for the particular mob you're trying to teleport. Objects in doom only need to have their center point cross a walkover line to activate it (afaik) so you should only make the area behind the line slightly longer than half the objects length/width. That way monsters will be constantly walking back and forth over it
  8. Yeah won't an enemy only attack another enemy because of a barrel explosion only if the other enemy attacked the barrel first?
  9. Teleporting monsters into a map is pretty easy honestly, you have the monsters all nice and tightly packed (so they can't move around and screw up their positioning) in a little closet area outside the map then when you want the monsters to teleport in you either have the player step over a line or press a switch which lowers the floor or raises the ceiling of the monster enclosure such that they step on a teleport line on the moving sector that just raised/lowered, preferably on in the side touching the enemies so you have really good control of the delay of the teleport. And of course you need to have the containing area merged with a sector you know the player is likely to fight in so the enemies will get angry and want to walk towards the player causing them to step on the teleport when you need them to
  10. Hmm, looks like it may be a race to see who gets their maps done first :D
  11. Here are some screenshots of the map I mentioned earlier in the thread, there's still quite a bit of the map left to do but these areas are done for the most part
  12. I have no idea how to even give proper command line arguments to apps on Android devices even though I know for a fact you can start them from the command line :/ The main issue is that you can't call them directly, you have to go through a proxy service called the Activity Manager (you use it with "am" command) and I'm not sure if it can give the app any additional arguments other than what it normally starts with