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  1. therektafire

    Neapolitan Doom v0.02

    So for the lua scripting I would personally recommend using luaJIT since it would be faster than normal lua so the game might not lag as much if someone decides to make a more complex mod, I mean not that doom is a particularly demanding game to begin with but it is something to consider
  2. therektafire

    Doomworld's Opinion On Blood?

    I started playing it a few days ago and I like what I've played so far, I wish the map editor was better though 😂 ultimate doom builder it is not, it gets the job done of course but you can tell its straight from the 90s, you even have no option but to run it in dosbox which doesnt help :P
  3. therektafire

    You draw it, I map it 2 : Electric boolagoo

    I made a part for B1, it's a storage area attached to the hangar with crates strewn around at random angles, you can shoot the big box to open it and get a weapon (ideally the SSG) but there is a chaingunner inside too (orange dot), theres also a chaingunner in the lower left hiding behind a box looking at a marine corpse (bluish dot) and some armor (green), obviously its meant to be kind of a trap :D. A couple of boxes are open and have ammo (yellow) and there are a couple of imps as well (red), oh yeah and you are meant to be able to shoot the box on the lower right too and an imp is in there as well :P
  4. therektafire

    Ports for Doom 64?

    What features does it have compared to doom64 EX
  5. therektafire

    PsyDoom 0.8.3 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    How about instead of "psyqdoom" the name could be "psyqoom", rolls off the tongue slightly better imo and matches up with the "replace the d with some other letter" trope of some ports like boom and vavoom
  6. therektafire

    Ultimate Doom Builder

    @cr0ma what error are you getting exactly
  7. therektafire

    Mapwich 2!! Come join the chaos

    @Walter confettiPretty sure camron means something like Nick Camron or other people with "camron| in their last name, can't think of anywhere else its used
  8. therektafire

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Oh does k8vavoom have support for rendertextures? interesting, also can these things (amount of camera textures available per frame and camera texture fps) be available in the console or via mapinfo or something? Also is there any good vavoomc documentation yet?
  9. therektafire

    Half-Life: Alyx - Valve flagship VR game

    Considering that only 1% of steam users even own a VR headset apparently, the game is probably going to flop simply out of a lack of any actual playerbase unless they release some sort of non VR version
  10. therektafire

    Should I ditch Zdoom/Hexen and just map for UDMF?

    Well unless you're stuck with a system that you can't run gzdoom builder on for whatever reason then yes I would say you should use udmf, it has all the features that hexen format has and more and some things that you do in hexen format are easier to do in udmf like slopes, sector light colors/fog etc
  11. therektafire

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    hey @ketmar have you seen this yet?
  12. therektafire

    Is it possible to create space above space?

    You don't really need 3d floors for that sort of thing, unless you want the player to be able to see over the top of the structure as well, you could do something like this in basically any format, just put a sky texture on the ceiling of all the areas you want to have the skybox then for the actual structure give every sector of it a lower ceiling height and apply the appropriate texturing. If you want certain sides of the structure to look lower then draw a separate sky sector around them and make it lower, but make sure that if you do it this way the player's eye height is never level with it or they won't be able to see around it which could look weird
  13. Yeah pk3 and uDMF support are the 2 big things Eureka is missing, of course adding UDMF would probably require rewriting some parts of the editor, like for one thing you would probably need to add a hardware renderer considering that I believe eureka uses a software renderer currently, which while that allows it to run on basically any pc regardless of what gpu it has or whether or not you have admin on the account you are using because you don't need to install a particular version of directx or opengl unlike GZDB, it also means that a lot of the more advanced udmf features aren't available since they need a hardware renderer to work
  14. therektafire

    Win 7 users, what's your plan come end of the year?

    @Rathori Well the upshot of this is that it might push at least a few developers over to linux which is always a good thing, though idk how many gamedevs release mac versions of their game but not also linux, compared to the vast amount of windows only games. I feel life if they were going through the effort of making a mac version they would probably already be maintaining a linux version too since the two platforms are more similar to each other than say mac and windows
  15. therektafire

    You have 30 minutes to make a map - post your results!

    Make sure you give reviews of the maps too ;)