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  1. If we do decide to make a hub I guess I would make the hub map since 94 has been doing basically everything else :D
  2. Could You Please Stop Typing Like This, It Is Pretty Annoying. Also If You Want Help About Scripting You Should Read The Section Of The ZDoom Wiki On ACS Or Zscript
  3. Well recently I started working on a crappy metal-ish remix of The Imp's Song which I was going to use in my 4800 hell knights map but I think I am going to stop working on that and make a new one, it doesn't sound all that great and doesn't really fit the theme of the map either (i am making a nighttime techbase/military base themed map so I want something kind of dark and suspenseful yet kind of upbeat as well)
  4. That's what I have been doing, you don't have to tell me twice about that :D
  5. Just tried to start the map about 30 minutes ago, wow it is definitely pretty hard, I have certainly not got gud enough for this level of slaughter difficulty, yeah I guess I could play at a lower difficulty but wheres the fun in that? :)
  6. You said you did a stream of making the map? Could you link to the VODs? I love watching other people make maps :)
  7. Here is a really crappy UV max demo recorded on prboom+ complevel 9, it took me a while to find the secret berserk because I didn't see the switch texture on the side of the platform between the two pits in the rev room at first (my vision is not that great btw) so I figured they were probably inescapable which is why i didn't go down there at first. Then I saw that i only had 14 of 15 items so I went running around looking at things a little more closely and found it :D Also I agree with @TheOrganGrinder about the sector with the berserk being a secret
  8. I am working on some possible music for my map atm (even though the map itself isn't done yet of course lol), at first I didn't know what to make so I just went with the first thing that popped into my head as I usually do and so now I am working on a crappy metal remix of The Imp's Song :D Here is what I have on that right now so far, it is in xm format btw since my map will be doom in hexen format
  9. For mods I like to use milkytracker since I like the interface and I've never had the need for another format other than .xm so MT is all I really need, if we are talking about non-mod trackers then I like Deflemask and Famitracker, I have tried Vortex Tracker but i'm not a huge fan of the ui
  10. Huh? How did you use Gimp to install debian on a tablet -_-
  11. I wish there was even a basic map editor for mobile too friend. But I'm sure that would be a pretty difficult undertaking considering the aforementioned limits of touch controls. A full port of say GZDB is definitely out of the question for example. Personally though I would be just fine with a simple Boom/vanilla compatible editor that just let you do really basic shit shot as long as it can successfully compile maps I probably wouldn't care too much
  12. I imagine it is supposed to be a tool that let's lets you import Doom maps into Unity for if you are making a game with retro styled maps but don't want to actually use a source port. Of course being able to make changes and export back to a normal wad or PK3 would be a great addition as well but that is for later on down the road I guess
  13. Yeah there is a problem with Bonnies map, some of the switches don't work properly (it looks like there are platforms which are supposed to rise up to help you get to the library area but it doesn't work, also the switch that raises the platforms is a press button but there isn't any way to get up there unless the area in front of it is supposed to be a lift
  14. Actually I had made a map for this session but I wasn't too fond of it so I decided not to release it, so I technically didn't "miss out" on this time :)
  15. <Myself of course ;) Not really though, I haven't even released any maps outside of some short speedmaps yet and those aren't exactly the greatest quality, I had a couple of hours earlier to make a map for todays eagle session but I basically decided to scrap it because it felt too similar to another map I made a couple of sessions ago, well that and it wasn't even all the way done yet and I am kind of getting annoyed with not being able to put out initial versions of maps that are in a demoable state... I am making maps for Nova 3 and 4800 hell knights and I am feeling pretty good about those though so we will see how those will turn out, maybe I should redevote some of the limited time I have to devote to mapping from speedmapping to the making of my "full" maps now that I feel like my mapping abilities have gotten a little bit better (though my map *design* abilities definitely haven't :D) As far as people who are actually good go, I definitely have to agree about a2rob and Nine Inch Heels