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  1. Crap I did not set it as repeatable LOL. There's the problem right there
  2. Help :/ I tried adding some basic logic to the script to only make it open when you punch it 3 times but it is not working... Here is the code i am using: #include "zcommon.acs" bool alreadyopened = false; int timespunched = 0; script 1 (void)//gate punch open script { if (CheckWeapon("Fist") && timespunched < 3) //gate is not punched open yet { timespunched = timespunched++; } if (CheckWeapon("Fist") && timespunched >= 3) //gate has been punched 3 or more times, check if already opened { if (alreadyopened == true) //already opened, do nothing { terminate; } //gate has not been opened yet, so do that alreadyopened = true; SetLineTexture(21, SIDE_FRONT, TEXTURE_MIDDLE, "-"); SetLineTexture(21, SIDE_BACK, TEXTURE_MIDDLE, "-"); SetLineBlocking(21, BLOCK_NOTHING); } } For some reason when I try to do it this way it won't work and idk why unless the fist isn't actually called "Fist" in the inventory or something? The wiki entry for CheckWeapon is almost exactly the same thing i'm trying to do and I'm assuming it is correct...
  3. Last night I was listening to Jogeir Lijedehal tracker songs, does that count? :D And right now I am scouring mod archive looking for a good "e1m1/map01" type of song for my wad, I had picked one out but it has weird voice samples at the end so im not gonna use it
  4. I use middle mouse for use and space to jump. And of course wasd to move
  5. If I was using UDMF I would probably care more about using the most up to date code but I'm already only using Hexen format which is pretty old as it is, plus the code has already been compiled and put in :D though I probably will patch over/replace the current behavior lump with new scripts when I need them which I know I will so I'll probably just change it then
  6. Well I got it to work but I had to do a bit of fiddling around with the area around the gate since I didn't realize those functions required line IDs and eureka doesnt support UDMF meaning i have to place the line id as a special and then put the trigger in a really thin sector in front of the gate which works well :)
  7. Thanks, I figured it out :) I placed a really thin sector in front of the gate with the script trigger on it and replaced the script call on the gate with the identification and it works! Its not too big of a hassle, its just something i really need to keep in mind in the future until i can move to an editor with proper UDMF support so i dont have to worry about it :D
  8. Andrew, help! How do I edit line IDs? I am trying to make a script that causes a gate to disappear when you punch it and I realized that setLineTexture and setLineBlocking work based on the line tag not the linedef number itself :(
  9. Which one is that, G? Also when I go to import the script should all the scripts i write all be in the same behavior lump or can they/should they be in multiple ones?
  10. Speaking of army men, when I was younger I had one of the 3DO army men games for the N64, Army Men Sarge's Heroes to be precise, it is ok but it isn't the greatest 3rd person shooter ever that's for sure. It does have some decent music though. Some of the songs on the PS1 version sound kind of like the music from the 3DO doom port which I guess isn't particularly surprising. An example:
  11. Huh, I'd have figured kids block based building games like Roblox and Minecraft would have cut into Legos profits at least a little. After all why potentially pay large amounts of money on lego sets (not to mention lose some physical space) when you can pretty much build anything you want on pc for either free or really cheap? I tried out roblox when I was younger and there are actually a couple of games on there I can still tolerate, though if I had known about Doom and Doom Builder back then I would have ditched that cancerous shithole ASAP, especially since the main reason why I started playing on there to begin with is because of game dev...
  12. At first I was thinking about using the iwad resources but I decided to use freedoom and graphtallica instead (and whatever good skybox resource I can find) :) I wish there was a version of freedoom with only the textures though, it is causing my wad to be a little bloated and I'm not sure if I will even be using any of its enemy replacements and I definitely am not going to use any maps since I'm obviously making my own. Also about the rectangles, I am trying to make it as non rectangular as possible :D Except In places where being rectangular would make sense of course
  13. Thank you :) That is super simple lol, maybe if I had taken the couple of minutes required to look up those functions I woyodnt have even had to ask about that! Another question, what linedef type would I use if I wanted the script to only activate when it is punched as opposed to say shot? I know g is for guns, P is for running into it, S is for pressing use on it and W is for walking over it but what do M and X do?
  14. Hello :) I have started work on my first serious map, in eureka builder (cant use gzdoom builder atm, yes I know that i should use it but what you should do and what you can do are different sometimes lol) but I am running into a bit of an issue. Basically the player starts out in front of the entrance to what will be a primarily zombie-filled derelict military base (it will be a multi level wad, the demons will come later :D). Here is what I have so far, you can see a hell sky but the level in question will be on earth, its just a placeholder until i can find a better nighttime skybox: When you try to open the main gate you find that you need the red key. The path to the aforementioned red key is supposed to be behind a fence near the gate which you are supposed to punch through to open: The problem is i dont know how to do that :/ The main issue is i don't know how to renove the midtex from the linedef and make it passable, i only know how to make basic noob doors lol. Do i have to use a script or is there some other way that can be done without scripting?
  15. Lol your eyesight must be worse than mine then (and I don't have that great of sight either) because I can easily see the difference between this gen and 2 gens ago graphics, and slightly less so this gen and last gen. Of course the only real difference is that two gens ago we had shittier 3d and now we have better 3d :)