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  1. Impromptu Minidido

    I guess I will do 2000-2099, I will have to do it tomorrow or something since I am working on 4800 hell knights hub today (you can see the current progress in my pictures I just posted in the thread :])
  2. 4800 Hell Knights resurrection! Absolute deadline: April 1st

    Some progress pictures of the hub map, I am going with @94's the best style's bunker idea for the actual hub but first you start out in a foresty area that has been overrun and destroyed by the HKs :)
  3. Fucking .net Framework 3.5

    Well why can't you install It? What problems are you having exactly? Maybe you can use another editor that doesn't require .net like Eureka in the meantime?
  4. The 65 prBooming 3DGEs (Community Project)

    Just tried out 3dge, looks like a pretty decent port. I LOLed at the wolf3d map emulation :D
  5. Spooky's House of Jump Scares TC DEMO 2 UP(10-10-2018)

    Lol when I saw that game for the first time a year or so ago I thought "wow that looks like a doom wad" :D I'm surprised this hasn't been done sooner
  6. Thoughts on Ken Silverman's BUILD2 engine/editor?

    I noticed in the text file there is apparently a map in the "games" folder called "traffic.kc" but there is no "games" folder in the zip? Hm where could that file have gone
  7. Any way to port the DOOM 1/UD MIDIs to DOOM II?

    Oh I thought you weren't allowed to have umodified iwad contents in a wad, guess that is only enemies or textures?
  8. Any way to port the DOOM 1/UD MIDIs to DOOM II?

    Just know that you probably won't be able to upload the wad to idgames if it has the iwad midis in it

    I sent him an email with a bug fix version of my map a couple of hours after the deadline because there was a problem with the final area where the wall blocking the exit didn't lower all the way and the revenant horde didn't teleport in because I was an idiot and rushing and combined the closet walls with the exit one on accident :/ I hope he saw it and decides to use it instead...
  10. Thoughts on Ken Silverman's BUILD2 engine/editor?

    How do you play the map? I don't see a button for it in the help, do you need eduke32 to play it
  11. Thoughts on Ken Silverman's BUILD2 engine/editor?

    Ew how do I disable it
  12. Midi music.

    Good suggestion of vgmusic @Alfonzo. If you ever want to look for Mod or XM music then I would suggest visiting https://modland.com/ or https://modarchive.org/ as well. Those 3 sites are basically all you need for custom music (assuming you don't want to make your own of course :])
  13. AnDoomEdit WIP (Android Doom Level Editor)

    It's a shame, all the (good) PC based editors would require some serious recoding and redesign to be remotely viable on a mobile form factor. And the only other option is Dosbox and old deprecated DOS wad editors from years ago :(
  14. What do you think comes after death?

    Personally I think the possibility (or, as far as my own beliefs are concerned, the likelihood) of nonexistence gets too much negative hype. I mean, you didn't exist before you were born and surely you didn't think that was such a terrible time? Probably not because you didn't exist. Dying and ceasing to exist would be the exact same way. Sure you may not like the idea now but once you are there you obviously won't because, well, there would not be a "you" to care anymore. So no one could actually be "punished" by nonexistence because nonexistent people can't be punished.
  15. Hellscreen - Doom clone

    At first I thought he was trying to go for a VGA palette look which would make sense considering the game is trying to be "retro" but imo it doesn't really blend that well with the 3d model enemies and weapons and the high quality bump/specular map on the surfaces which really stick out despite the limited colorspace. I mean it looks good but doesn't really look like a "retro" game more like a stylized modern one